Zoo Med ReptiBreeze® Chameleon Kit

Hey, Zoo fans. Ashley here from Zoo Med.
Today we’re going to go over how to set up Zoo Med’s ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit. This starter kit includes a medium ReptiBreeze open-air screen terrarium and all the basics for keeping a variety
of chameleon species. Before we start, let’s go over what comes
in the kit. Eco Carpet is made of all recycled
materials and provides a safe, easy-to-clean substrate for the bottom
of your pet’s terrarium. Zoo Med’s Flexible Hanging Vine provides
climbing opportunities for chameleons. The Natural Bush Plant provides naturalistic cover and additional climbing opportunities. The Tropical UVB and Heat Lighting Kit contains a Daylight Blue heat lamp to
help maintain warm, tropical temperatures in your terrarium, a ReptiSun 5.0 Mini Compact Fluorescent
to provide essential UVB for your pet, and a Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture to house the Daylight Blue and ReptiSun lamps. A Digital Terrarium Thermometer allows keepers to accurately monitor terrarium temperatures. ReptiSafe should be added to tap water
to remove chlorine and chloramines and add electrolytes making tap water
safe for your pets. ReptiVite is a complete multivitamin that’s been
specifically formulated for reptiles. Repti Calcium is an ultra-fine, precipitated calcium carbonate supplement for your pet. Now that we’ve
gone over what comes in the kit, let’s set it up. Start by building the
ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Terrarium. After that, place both pieces of Eco Carpet in the bottom of the terrarium. Next add the Flexible Hanging Vine and Natural Bush Plant. Install the Daylight Blue and ReptiSun 5.0 Lamps into the Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture. and place it on top of the enclosure. Plug the lamps into an accessible GFCI protected outlet, and turn the lamps on. Finally, install the thermometer by placing the
probe inside the terrarium leaving the digital readout on the
outside of the enclosure. The probe can be moved around as needed to monitor
temperatures in the basking site and cooler areas of the habitat. This kit provides the basic essentials
for keeping chameleons, but there are other items that can be used to enhance your chameleon’s habitat. Sandblasted grapevine adds a natural
look to your pet’s habitat and provides more opportunity for
climbing. Additional Bush plants may be added for extra cover and security. The Repti Rain is an automatic misting
machine that can help increase beneficial humidity and provide drinking water droplets for
pet chameleons. A ReptiCare Terrarium Controller can be used to turn lights on
and off automatically to create a regular day and night cycle for your pets. That’s all for now. See you next time!

100 thoughts on “Zoo Med ReptiBreeze® Chameleon Kit

  1. So the plants and vines mentioned in the beginning of the video are included in the kit? Also, do I have to buy the lighting separate?

  2. Hello zoo med is this cage big enough for a veiled chameleon I want to get one and also what is a mature size to buy a veiled chameleon at.

  3. Is this in closure going to stress my 4 inch Vieled chameleon. I'm getting one soon and I've heard big enclosures stress them out, also, how do you clean the poop and or perhaps?

  4. I personally have bought one and living in the desert this terrarium is not good for low humidity environment I recommend a glass terrarium for better control of humidity you'll have better environment for your chameleon.

  5. could you keep an adult male veiled chameleon in this? other sources say you need a 24x24x48, but all cages I've seen with that size doesnt come with all the lights and calcium and stuff like yours does.

  6. I have used this for about 2 months and it works GREAT ,my chameleon Luna is loving it! She has an Instagram zoo med if you would follow it @lunathechameleon

  7. Thanks! However I hear that you should use natural plants. Why is that? (On the topic, would I need more climbing options for a Jackson chameleon?)

  8. The carpet is useless. They're a tropical species and need high humidity levels. You need something like eco earth to help with humidity. Also, having an enclosure like that is going to make it hard to keep humidity up.

  9. This Cham Kit is a pretty good buy, but if you get a Veiled Chameleon, you NEED a stronger UVB lamp than the dome can provide. It needs to be a T5HO (Reptisun makes a hood) Hood with a 10.0 UVB HO (High Output) Bulb placed 8 inches above the basking spot. You can still use the dual fixture provided for your heat lamp. I replaced both bulbs that came with it with two 40watt Appliance bulbs. Together they provide the proper basking temp. Get a dripper, veiled dont need a mister, just spray the cage twice a day. Veiled chameleons are a desert chameleon that will get ill if over-misted.

  10. Could I possibly keep an adult male in here thinking of getting a chameleon and do not want to buy two different enclosures

  11. Can you not feed your chameleon crickets? If you start young will they eat freezer dried crickets or meal worms?

  12. this kit is not even close to being acceptable for a chameleon. Why don't you put together a proper kit and charge the extra for it. all you are doing is giving people the wrong tools for the job and making their chameleons unhealthy

  13. awesome!!! im thinking about getting a chameleon. but I have a couple questions, how often do we feed our chameleon? how much do we give them? what food do they eat? how do we clean there cage? and how often do we take them out to bond and tame them? if you know the answers please respond.

  14. For your chameleon you need more leaves and some more branches, good for a starter but make sure to add more leaves and stuff.

  15. Why isn't it mentioned that the daylight blue bulb potentially emits dangerous levels of UVA for chameleons, especially young ones?

  16. I heard many answers before, but I want to get a professional's answer:Do you keep any of the lights on at night?

  17. What other items do you need for your chameleon besides a dripper and sprayer thatarent included

  18. How come this kit comes with decor unlike most kits for other reptiles?! The starter kits are good but if it came with some decor it would be perfect. Can you do one for a Chinese water dragon?!

  19. How long is that sandblasted grapevine ? There’s various options to buy from including 18 Inch and 22 inch ?

  20. hi i was wondering if i can but a chameleon near a window, it is not going to be infront of but when it gets cold can the lamps do the heating near the window? Because i am going to buy the kit.

  21. Excuse me sorry i have a other question at night here in Texas it get cold in the winter what do i do a night for my new vailed chameleon.

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