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locked everybody okay sergeant isn't waking up I shall come around here just raise your head shake her a little bit what fresh hell is this feeding time oh great I'm sorry what's on the menu what is that dog food I love dog food good not even stale and two chicken subtle nuts of corn and fortifies that's puppy chow mmm healthy child my dog ma'am I remember in Kansas when we were so starved we couldn't even walk don't when we found that 50 pound bag of gravy train man I can taste it now add little water warm it up in the Sun to get that gravy going that's the next best thing to home cooking hey pal why are they just milling around like that they keep them well-fed step out of the cage and I'll attack what do they feed though not dog food massages wait too low where am i easy to go B apocalypse oh and we save you some puppy chow Oh bird bird bird hmm got it mister that bird right if a bird can get in then there must be your way out of here that's all sound like Murphy mm-hm did you eat the bird ah never mind that look she saw daylight which means we have a chance I think you can fire your way back there again better map all right so we know the stairwell leads to the surface yeah I think I saw an emergency exit door off that hallway with hell's plumbing well either that or was an actual door to hell okay so uh can you show me where well I think it was like maybe like here right there maybe here no I think it was more over here go around three times yeah it's right stay away from this gate over here pourcel zombie all right that's a good start anybody else have any other landmarks there's a long hallway here and then two sets of revolving doors yeah the hallway that led to the stairwell seems longer than the others all right then that's the plan you all know what to do memorize this map and find your way to the rendezvous point there you are all right we got a rope a bowling pin and the blowtorch hey YouTube thanks for watching just subscribe to our channel click here and for everything znation related you can go to scifi.com and click here [Applause]

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  1. When did warden dye her hair when she’s used to have black hair they should keep her with black hair if she dyed it in real life


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