We heard about the new
addition to your family! We can’t wait to meet them in person. Before you head our way, ensure the car ride is comfortable and safe taking precautions to avoid anything that might cause anxiety. Once you’ve arrived,
we’ll go out of our way to make the experience a pleasant one. A positive first visit will lead to more comfortable and enjoyable future visits. After you get settled, we’ll
perform a comprehensive exam, and run tests to check for any parasites that might already be
in your pet’s system. We encourage you to bring a stool sample from your pet collected
within 24 hours of the exam, which can be less stressful than collecting stool during the exam. Next, we’ll vaccinate your pet against several dangerous diseases and discuss strategies
for ongoing parasite and disease prevention, based
on their lifestyle and age. If your new friend isn’t
spayed or neutered, or isn’t microchipped yet, we’ll help you make an informed decision about the options available. We’ll also discuss your new pet’s diet, what they’re being fed, how much you should be
feeding, and how often. Maintaining a healthy weight
through diet and exercise are some of the easiest ways to help your pet live a long and healthy life. Finally, we’ll discuss your pet’s roadmap of future vaccinations and
wellness care at our practice. Having a plan for
socialization and training is also important for
your pet’s wellbeing. We’ll provide some general recommendations and also discuss any behavioral
or training challenges that you may already be facing. If needed, we can also
discuss the socialization and training programs
available at our practice.


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