Your pet rabbit – How to pick up your pet rabbit

so you got a new roommate and you want
to pick up here rabbit to give him a cuddle how should you pick him up this
way or that way confusing enough hello rabbits of the interweb and their
humans this is Ky’s family and in today’s video we’ll show you how to pick
up with care your pet rabbit follow the tips and you will be able to have long
cuddling sessions in no time yes you’re welcome stay tuned till the end though we
will show you the don’ts of handling your bunny and a bonus tip on how to
calm your pet rabbit if you are new to the rabbit world or if you have just
adopted a new rabbit the first thing before trying to pick up and hold your
rabbit is to make sure that you’re both very comfortable with each other as a
prey animal in a new environment your rabbit will be cautious around you and
probably very scared remember you are a natural predator for your rabbit and a
to quick demonstration of love might frighten your bunny take it slow
learn about each other the best way to do this first sit next to him or her on
the floor again no brisk or rapid movements be gentle and be considerate make sure before attempting to pick up
your bunny that they are used to to fill up your hands put them gently and
reassuringly you want to make sure that they
understand that you have the most honorable intentions towards them yes
your bunny is very old-fashioned that you need to follow courtship etiquette your rabbit will start to get used to
you to size you up and to get used to your smell continue to build trust by
petting him or her gently and talking to him or her in a calm and reassuring
voice added bonus give them some treats such as a small piece of a banana or
some cilantro they love it or little pieces of dried cranberries remember
everything in moderation as sugar is not good for them yes make sure that you are
showing the white flag and that your body knows that you come in peace okay here we go this is the real deal
this is now happening this is your move human slowly place one hand on his side
pick him up and now slide the other hand underneath his real legs for support now
this is very important make sure that your rabbit is properly supported to
avoid spine injury even more important if in the first occasions your rabbit
panics and starts struggling do not force the interaction and really seem
gently to the ground as you could break his spine by trying to hold him and in
particular if he starts twisting his body once you have managed successfully
to pick him up pull him swiftly towards your chest yes you know he’s not a cat
obviously what this means is that you should never pick up your body by
grabbing his ears or by the cuff of his neck you could injure him it might take
you some time to learn how to pick up a lift and hold your rabbit but what
seemed impossible at first will become incredibly easy in second nature and
once you have developed this indescribable bond with your bunny you
will learn that he will help you hold him and position himself to be carried
easily when you bunny show some signs of
agitation plays gentle your hands in front of his
eyes this will calm him down instantaneously so there you have it two
steps on how to pick up and carry your rabbit enjoy the long cuddling sessions
that are sure to be there for you in the near future thanks for watching please
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22 thoughts on “Your pet rabbit – How to pick up your pet rabbit

  1. Awww 🙂 I used to have a pet rabbit, but after having watched this there's no way I could pick a singular rabbit they all look so cute 😀

  2. Oh your rabbits are so cute! Such a helpful video. I hate to admit that I hadn't been doing it exactly right until I saw this 🙂

  3. Wow, I loved learning how to pick up a pet rabbit. This can be a tough thing to do. I'm so glad to know the proper procedure.

  4. I love the awareness you have for your animal's needs. Teaching others how to interact respectfully is great work. Thank you ??

  5. Just like humans, the bunny just needs love and attention!!  Love the cuddling.  Thanks for sharing.

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