Young Pups | Puppy Playcare | Puppy Dog Pals | Disney Junior

♪ One, two, three, it’s… ♪♪ Playtime with
your Puppy Dog Pals ♪
♪ Playtime with your
Puppy Dog Pals ♪
-I’m Bingo!
-I’m Rolly! -Both: And we like to play!
-♪ In the yard ♪
♪ In the doghouse
every single day ♪
♪ It’s Playtime with ♪♪ Your Puppy Dog Pals ♪Bingo/Rolly:
“Young Pups!”
Rolly: Nom, nom, nom,
nom, nom, nom! Guys! You know
how we’re starting
puppy playcare next week? I just found out, we can bring
a toy to share from home! I’m bringing my favorite toy,
Bunny Monkey! That’s pup-tastic! Then I’ll bring
my Bark Knight
action figure! And I’ll take
this stick! Ooh, I can’t wait
to share this with the baby puppies
at playcare! They’ll love
chewing on this! Wait, wait, back up. There are gonna be
itty-bitty baby puppies
at playcare? Yeah. Bob told us the other day. But baby puppies? What if they won’t
give him back? Maybe Rolly and I can help
you practice sharing. Hmm… Okay, guys. Let’s do it. Let’s pretend Rolly’s
a baby puppy and you
have to share with him. Goo-goo, ga-ga! (barking) (giggles, growls) Oh hi,
cute baby puppy! You wanna play
with my most special,
most favorite toy? Here you go! -(barks)
-(toy squeaks) I… I… (cackles) -I can’t.
-Aw! (sighs) What if
I don’t get it back? Okay, okay.
Let’s try that again. Remember, Keia,
we’re just sharing. The baby will give it back.
It’s not for keeps. (sighs) All right.
Let’s try again. Here you go,
baby puppy! (giggles) -(toy squeaks)
-(giggles) -(growling)
-(squeaking) -Aah!
-I’m sorry, Keia. I was just playing like
a real baby puppy would. I know! But if baby puppies
play rough like that, they might break
Bunny Monkey. (gasps) Aah! How can I go to playcare
and share Bunny Monkey? Maybe you don’t have to! Keia, I have an idea! Bingo:
If you’re worried
about Bunny Monkey,
it’s okay to
leave her at home
where she’ll be safe. And then you can
bring another toy! -(toy squeaks)
-One you don’t mind sharing. Yes! I don’t have to worry
about Bunny Monkey… and I can bring this! But can we still
practice? Yep! Baby Rolly
coming right up! (giggles) Goo-goo, ga-ga!
Toy, toy! -(growls)
-(toy squeaks) -(giggles)
-Thanks, guys. Sharing that toy
feels great! I think baby Keia
wants to play, too. And make room for baby Bingo! (laughing)

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