Yoga for Lower Back Pain : Cat Cow Yoga Pose for Lower Back Pain

This next pose is actually a progression from
cat cow into child’s pose and a low cobra. It is working on bringing just more movement
into the lower part of the spine, sort of breaking up tension in the soas and a little
bit in the hamstrings. As we go through this just remember to flow with your breath. Let
your breath be the impetus for every movement that you make. So we start out on our hands
and knees with the wrists directly under the shoulders and the knees directly under the
hips with a neutral spine which means that you are going to try to engage your abs just
enough to pull a little bit of the curve out of the lumbar spine instead of being here
for our neutral spine or here so that the crown of my head and my tail bone are actually
in more of the same plane. From here we start our cat cows. You are going to inhale and
drop the belly toward the floor, raise the heart, think of it as raising the heart, not
as necessarily looking up and you are going to spin the sits bones towards the ceiling
all at the same time so this is your inhale which is cow and then on your exhale you are
going to use the belly, you are going to pull the naval up toward the spine, bring the head
and the pelvis closer together and you are going to lift the space between your shoulder
blades as you exhale so inhale, cow, lifting the heart, dropping the belly, exhale, cat,
engaging the belly and lifting the space between the shoulder blades, inhaling and exhaling,
inhaling and exhaling. So you are going to stick with these for about one minute and
then when you are ready you are going to start to come into a child’s pose from your cat
so if we go inhale, cow, exhale, cat, leave the fingers right where they are and just
sit back on your heels to come into child’s pose, bring your forehead to the floor, keep
reaching the fingertips forward as you sit your tail bone back. So this would be your
full exhale all the way to this child’s pose with the arms extended and then as you inhale
you’re going to just lift your gaze, look between the thumbs, keep your elbows in, don’t
let them come out and scoop along the floor so lay your hips down and just gently using
the strength of your back, not pushing up with your arms you are going to lift the heart
and then from here again keeping your elbows in you push back up to your neutral position
so the whole exercise from your cat cow you are moving here and then when you are comfortable
you are going exhale all the way to child’s pose, inhale all the way to cobra and come
back to your neutral spot as you exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale. When you are done
there just come back to hero’s pose and come back to center for your next posture.

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  1. Thanks for your demo. This routine cured a severe lower back pain I had endured for a number of days.

  2. very good video – turn on 'allow comments on approval' feature – lot of sexually frustrated people out here

  3. I actually did come here to learn the cow/cat progression because I couldn't see my instructor when she was doing it. Thanks for posting this, and forget all these jerks who are creeping your videos. Namaste!


  5. I'm just saying but guys can do this too right? looks to girly, she makes it look to sexy and it makes me look gay doing it.

  6. beautifully explsained – thank you. appreciateyour walking through the leper colony for the sake of assisting people with their health…!

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    Dumbo!! Even I'm Indian…. Infact I replied to your post so that it comes up again and people read the correct thing!! U r sooooo Silly :/

  9. And I also tried to unspam your post You dumbo!!

    And… They call that particular asana as Cat Cow pose…. Coz people will understand it better and then, they tell the name…. And Btw, they told it is YOGA!! This simply means it comes from India :/

  10. Can you just specify the name of the Asana from your next video onwads?
    Thank you. I mean like… Bhujangasana, vajrasana…. Etc, etc….

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  19. Thank you for the video. How often do I have to practice this? I can see that you have other videos for the lower back pain, too. Which of those should I use more? I am asking you this because I use to train very often at home. Vibes.

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  22. Excellent gentle back strengthening sequence! I am so happy I found this practice and will incorporate it into my daily routine ( ) You will be so missed when you make the big move!

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