Yodle Reviews – Advanced Pest Control

I’ve been in the Pest Control business for
about twenty five years and I’ve been the owner of Advance Pest Control for the last
eleven years. Yodle is getting us very good results on the internet. About 90% of our
bedbug business that we are concentrating on through Yodle comes through our Yodle advertising
and we have seen that increase by thirty percent in the last month alone. We feel that it’s
very important for our customers to find us not only in the sponsored link section, but
also the organic section because it gives our company more credibility and makes us
looks larger than we really are. One of the things that I like about Yodle is the user
platform that they provide. I can look up the calls we gotten in the last two days;
the last thirty days; the last ninety days. One of the best things that I like about Yodle
is the people that work for them. They’ve always been a pleasure to work with. They
always follow up. If I have any questions they are more than willing to help me with
anything that I have.

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