YIKES! Quilled by a Porcupine!

I'm coyote Peterson and that is the North American porcupine as you can see he's covered in quills get ready we're about to enter the spike zone this morning the crew and I filled up and set off down rugged mountain roads into the high country of Montana where we would get the chance to work with one of the most common and probably the second-largest Road in North America the porcupine this is true porcupine territory right here all these tall pines hillsides perfect places enemy and rummaging around and all this loose soil for roots and berries and all sorts of delicious porcupine treats these black and white forest dwellers may look adorable and cuddly but as we all know and I was about to experience they're equipped with nature's reactive armor just beneath the layer of sensitive guard hairs you will find thousands of barbed quills that will make any would-be predator think twice about considering the porcupine for an entree now I have never seen a porcupine before in the wild I had never worked with a porcupine and so for me this is gonna be a really unique experience the reason that I'm able to get so close to this porcupine is because it was actually raised in captivity so this little guy is used to being around humans and sometimes cameras now this is the second largest rodent that lives in North America chomp – only by its aquatic cousin the beaver now porcupines have incredible claws they got four claws on the front and actually a vestigial thumb which allows them to quickly climb up trees to evade predators if you can't get to a tree in time what they do is exactly this show the rump side and all those quills you get you knows close to that and it's going to be a face full of spikes today my goal is to intentionally get quilled by a porcupine yes you heard me right I'm going to get quilled by a porcupine I'm going to show you the right way to remove these painful barbed quills from either yourself or in most cases from the snout of you're curious pet now I'm being told that when I perform this example I'm gonna get close to 40 or 50 quills in the back of my hand I hope you guys enjoy this at home this will no way cause any harm to the pork on their quills are nothing more than modified hairs and they continually grow over the life of the animal the only one who's going to experience any discomfort is me tell you where you don't want to get quills in the face that would be pretty bad alright what I want to do is majid ate those guard hairs and then he should thrust this tail off into my hand are you ready I love how I get myself into these things one two yep there we go that's a handful of quills now the ones on the top of my hand really aren't that bad it's those ones right there can you see how deep those are into my finger it hurts to move my finger right now I mean I think they touch a bone it hurts a lot I think most of them are gonna be pretty easy to get out those two are gonna be extremely painful well I got a handful of quills here from my little friend the porcupine right there I'm gonna show you guys how to get these out if you throw your hand or your dog I have a feeling this is going to be pretty painful come on let's go the one in my finger hurts so bad right now now it's most likely that your dog is going to get cooled by a porcupine and you know you might think I'm just gonna pull that quill straight out it's not gonna work these have microscopic barbs on the end and one of the cool techniques of the porcupine quill is that once it's in there it works deeper and deeper and deeper so you want to get these out as quick as you possibly can I never recommend that you go out and get yourself quilled by a porcupine and the reason that I did this today was to show you how to remove quills from your hand and the reason that I snipped off the tops of all the quills is the action releases pressure inside of the quill relaxes the barbs and now they should release out of my hand a bit easier and what I want to do is gently grab the quills twist them and pull straight up I'm going to remove the ones that as deep first I want to get all those Barb's and those little points out of there because they can't cause some infection and that's last thing to happen we're a mountain lion bear or coyote you got a face full of these quills I mean it's debilitating I barely move my hand these animals wouldn't be able to then go out and continue hunting and I can see why eventually this could cause a large predator like that to die whoa my hand hurts okay these are the last three it's not like a band-aid and you don't just pull it off you just pull these out it's gonna rip all the skin out with it because of those tiny little microscopic Barb's okay I'm gonna twist and pull straight up that's the goal jeez ah that hurt easy the blood pouring out now you get that shot with the blood oh my gosh yeah that really hurt be good oh my gosh oh my gosh that real I like that was like I could feel it pulling all the way out through the skin wow I mean that was buried into my hand up to the white that is a serious quill in my coyote paw Oh moral this story do not get quilled by a porcupine I hope you guys learned something here today if you are ever quilled snip off the top and release the pressure grab twist and pull it out I'm coyote Peterson be brave stay wild we'll see on the next adventure if you thought that was one wild adventure check out these other animal encounters and don't forget subscribe to follow me and the crew on this season of breaking trail this episode of breaking trail was brought to you by the buypower card from capital one every purchase brings you closer to a new Chevrolet Buick GMC or Cadillac vehicle

22 thoughts on “YIKES! Quilled by a Porcupine!

  1. Coyote: now see those are the deeper more painful ones the others are quite easy to get out

  2. If you cut the white part off, it relieves pressure and hurts less, oops I saw him say this after I said this

  3. I swear Coyote Peterson is the result of an experiment where they cloned a human by mixing the DNA of Steve Irwin, Bear Grylls and Johnny Knoxville together to create the ultimate human

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