44 thoughts on “Yelawolf – Johnny Cash (Official Music Video)

  1. It isn't his best….. but it is a dose of him indeed, as is any other song that he's penned. Features with other artist aren't considered IMHO. But it's with sitting and watching and taking in all the pointless about Johnny and whose a fan and whose not…. the most obvious is missed….. back in the day Elvis came along and made a once black form of music into a national thing and was the king…. Johnny would always be second to the king, the man in black, Mr opening act in the shadow of Elvis…


    EMINEM comes out and makes himself into the G.O.A.T of a similar but rival form of black music…. and wolf… he always second to a goat! Ain't matter no Grammy and gramps shit. …… Eminem is like Godzilla….. Dre is King Kong…… and the rest are the scared tiny humans running around… .
    Elvis the king
    Johnny man in black always opening for Elvis…

    The blond ish Rap God
    Wolf is the slum protégé… forever opening for Eminem

    Or whatever the fuck….. people enjoy it for what it is

  2. This is cool. Although I don't see how some of these lyrics have anything to do with Johnny Cash but some of them do

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