YardTrainer Series :: How To Charge the YT-100 and YT-100S

Hi, Josh Miller here, Product Training
Specialist for SportDOG Brand. Let’s talk today about your YT-100 unit. We want
to talk about how to charge it, how to turn it on. The first thing you want to
do when you take this unit out of the box is simply put a good charge on it. It
should charge fully in two hours. Take the charger and connect it to a power
source. You’ll see that there’s split ends on the charger. One of the split
ends plugs into your transmitter, while the other has a little cradle that will
clip on to your receiver. When the units are charging, you’ll see the indicator
light show solid green. When the units are fully charged, you’ll see that green
light flashing. To turn this unit on, press and release the power button
located on the receiver box. The transmitter does not need to be turned
on just simply press a button when you are ready to use the product. After using
your product, if you see the indicator light as red that means that your
battery is getting low and you need to recharge the unit. For more information
visit sportdog.com

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