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ugh, ten more minutes I'm definitely an eternal snoozer if I have any extra time I'm gonna spend it sleeping good morning I had a dream that
okay so my boobs felt really weird and I was like it feels like something's
inside my boobs so I like lifted them up and I was like what is going on and I
pulled two baby chickens out of my boobs and it was the scariest weirdest
funniest thing and I was like what does this mean I still haven't figured it out I have these awesome sprays that were actually a gift
sometimes you don't like when hotels and hotel beds smell like a hotel you want
them to smell like you and I'm very much so a smells person it's home in a bottle
but it's also a connection that you kind of strive for it makes you feel like
home raise the vibration of the room honey after I wake up I brush my teeth
obviously I take a shower and then my favorite skin preps are the Sonia
Roselli water bone and this fantastic skin probiotic moisturizer from eminence
I have really bad cystic acne and so a probiotic for your face actually works
really well with that my favorite lip balm on the planet is aquafor I just
love it I'll put it all over my body if I have to
the key to a beat face is brows this brow gel I am obsessed with
it's called bushy brow it's by Lime Crime it's clear and what's nice is that
it's got this little brush that helps you lift and separate and keep
everything together I am obsessed with bushybrows
the bushier the thicker the fuller the better honey there was a time when I
used a leg razor on my eyebrows in the 90s just because I wanted to have that
like adorable sperm brow that everyone was so obsessed with and I remember my
mom coming home and being like what did you do to your face and I'm like play it
was only embarrassing for a little while for the first x-men that I did I shaved
my head and this is about two three years of growth what I was so scared
about after I shaved my head was how it was gonna get back to my natural curls a
lot of the time you're kind of struggling with products and things like
that you don't want it to be too heavy it's also really scary having your head
shaved or having people who don't necessarily know your hair texture and
how to do your hair doing your hair so I'm constantly deep conditioning using
leave-in conditioners using hot oil treatments everything to keep my curls
intact Oh Oh this is my travel alter it's just a few
things that I like to pray on in the morning I like to focus on and set
intentions and send out love and great vibrations to not only myself but the
people that I love and not everyone is represented here because it's so hard to
get actual real photos these days a lot of photos are on our phones but as many
Polaroids as I possibly can I I do it this is like pictures of me with my
brother fun cute stuff like that just ways to find and project that love I
always keep some sage around just in case you need to smudge a few things you
know what I mean get rid of some bad jujus and negative energy this is my
favorite deity her name is Saraswathi she is the
goddess of art creativity music fun this is Shiva and these are Paulo Santos it
smells so good this is a citrine and citrine helps to
generate abundance this is a clear quartz great for everything really
and then this is my mala and how you do it how you meditate is what you'll do is
you'll place one of the beads in between these two fingers three fingers and
you're counting each knot as you're going I tried to meditate every day
the thing about spiritual practice is that not every day is easy say I'm
working night shoots or say I'm traveling you know it's really hard it's
hard because you can't get your whole kit out you can't do your whole setup I
try and take that extra five minutes wherever I am I usually always have a
crystal on me so or one of my mullahs so I'll just you know separate myself from
wherever I am whatever I'm doing and I'll find that five minutes and do a
couple ohms it looks weird and people look at you
crazy but it really kind of does help to ground you and center you and keep you
sane in a world full of crazy He only calls me when it's convenient like I'm waiting like before he only calls me when he needs it I wish he'd call me more this is Julie I named it after a girl I
loved and I've been playing guitar since I was 15 so you know I'm only 18 I take
it with me everywhere guitar helps me feel connected to myself
connected to my emotions it's how I get my frustrations out it's a deep-seated
passion of mine that came almost therapeutic at a really young age and I
write all my songs I compose all my songs and I only share them with special
people I have a little bit more time before I have to like actually put on clothing and become an adult so I'm gonna just play a little music you guys
are welcome to hang out peace out thanks for coming be strong be a man build me a fire and
be my biggest fan hold the door down that see show me some semblance of chivalry take care of my heart you know my biggest fear is if we'd ever part I love my dogs
love my mind be my be my be my be my

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  1. “There was a time when I used a leg razor on my brows for the 90s.” Meanwhile, I thought you were born in the 90s. Girl! ??‍♀️

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