Would You Rather? LOL Big Surprise with Pop Pops Pets Slime Toys VS Smooshy Mushy Air Besties

would you rather pay car smashing machine or our Papa pets cut little fans welcome back to my channel we've got another would you rather on the left we've got this machine will she err besties these are so so awesome and on the right we've got the pop-up ads they've got pet collectibles in slime I think I know which one you are gonna pick let's start with our slushy machine have you seen these before these are collectibles they're filled with air let's see how well they squish they come in these really cool cloud containers here's what's included you have a little collectible bestie and you get a little chain so you can hang it up guess what these have air inside and some little candies so you can shake them around and you can see them in there so so cute I wonder if they have a cupcake whoa look at this one this one is a huge Apple and look at that it has some candies inside this one definitely has a lot of air in there let's keep going so there are a ton of ton you can collect looks like we've got an orange I gotta say how Kawai are these and the little candies inside so they're nice and hard in there who else are we gonna get yes bubblegum definitely my favorite look it has little pieces of bubble gum in there that you can see oh that's so cool landscape go ahead we've got a duplicate bubble gum what another bubble gum this better not be a bubble gum it's Apple please be a new one Oh what is this we've got a lollipop with a big red bow on there and some little lollipops inside so there are our slushy machine besties now we are gonna open up the pop pop pets get started we've opened up so many of these they're so cool you get to pop out the slime and the little characters inside 62 collect they come in different little areas we've got kittens piggies seal sloths we've got doggies penguins llamas I'm gonna go ahead and just pop on all hours come on out little slime let's just jump them out don't forget to get the guide on the bottom so this includes a cool scene that's that the characters can hang how look it's a movie and then of course you have all of your characters we're gonna pick one and guess what we get to pop that out that is so so cool and it's so slimy all right so no character in one of them oh I love the popping not even joking you need to get these alright let's go ahead and pop all of our characters ow it's so stretchy too but we've got one cute that one's in a little tutu let's do two at a time and two more more and more of our little animals alright take a look at our glob slime so far purple and pink perfect colors alright nothing in there and nothing in there here are the characters my favorite has to be princes piggy right there alright find your seats let's keep going we've got three more of these to go let's pop all of these out I'm just ripping it oh why not let's just pop all of them ow it I tell you once you pop you just cannot stop so many okay we're gonna add more to the pile here we go wow oh wow look at all of our little poppers I'm gonna call them poppers because we are gonna start popping who is this little cute little one alright we're gonna put all of them in one little area let's keep going should we wash these in slow motion okay here we go ready oh we got one in a little basket popping popping all day long come on out of there oh my goodness look at this one it's a little piggy Oh what we definitely need to find out the name of that one what is this little green one oh it's a dinosaur ah you're stuck Wow oh wow we've opened up so many of these just five more left seriously this stuff is just so snotty and slimy one more and there's nothing in that one one was I underneath ok nothing in here you know here are all of them that we have collected kitties and doggies my favorite has to be this one and this one is called Seeley sausage and then we can grab our slime oh wow this feels so good no kidding it's so slimy ah let's just throw our little characters on it alright coudl fans we are all done with opening both of our ala well big surprise balls now would you rather pick your heir besties or our pop-pop pets let's see which one is going to get the most votes comment down below also thumbs up subscribe if you have it and stay sweet

49 thoughts on “Would You Rather? LOL Big Surprise with Pop Pops Pets Slime Toys VS Smooshy Mushy Air Besties

  1. Hi I love your videos plus I subscribed and put the notification bell on can I get a shoutout you are truly the best

  2. My favourite is smoooshy mooshy air besties in this my favourite is bubble gum I love that thing they have inside small things I love it

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