Would Ana Date A Furry?

i’m going to defend various because i
feel like they get a bad rap and i feel like some people on this show our little too hard on the first hiding behind for israel to order the
film script and etc all rights on any offer a convention
took place in pennsylvania this year just recently and but stephen article of
the fact that i think they did their job doing so because oftentimes when people hear about the
furry community they just think about people just as animals having sex with
one another hyper state you know mister spanky over
their is that a skunk or fox uh… swarna fox might be a fox okay all right uh… i don’t see why
they would find that pin boxy we clearly when i picture for a second
i’m amazed at how many people are there again the first community has taken over well at lease that warehouse or
conventions but if you ever that is note an amazing how many for as there are
very in the country a and look at the all kidding aside i have big cause no
harm whatsoever so if they get off on you know dressing
up as animals on robin never guess what other goblet starts raid but it’s just the continued defiance
comes as the say the sound of music now it is amazing definitely now for a
community and i is mostly composed of males unsurprisingly it before so uh… eighty percent of them are males
and there between the ages of twenty one and twenty four and that’s uh…
reported by buzzfeed uh… also one of the for is that in the
menu the coyote see republican and so mcnair would mind come up with their for again it’s too much of that someone says
they’re growing up with their fordice it weird visual ok of it but i will say this i think that this is the most harmless
fetish on the planet so here’s what i need to find right
sedans dozens of other detectives and stuff like that and they’re having fun
yadda yadda that it’s part of the word anyway so what what percentage of this is about sex insurance and leggett intercepted plane patty cakes in
a play chess and therefor outfits okay whatever right but if they’re
having sex in it that makes it more fun than more ridiculous laws there’s a definitely as sexual component to it but
i think that it would be misleading to say that anyone who identifies is a very is into
having sex interested in animal suits you know i mean a lot of them a lot of
them do it because it has to do with confidence for instance you be coyote
uh… says it’s me a bit more confident and outgoing it’s me but better yet here’s something else we have for
more confidence uh… alcohol okay heat that makes you more outgoing
more competent more likely to get laid here’s what you’re not bore like video
waited and analyzed i would argue that alcohol is more
harmful than dressing up as an animal or being a for singers they would say i nobody sophy confidence u_n_ effort in uh… animal outfit your dress up as a
coyote that’s not real confidence you see what
i’m saying i do see what you’re saying but i see this acts uh… victimless
crime okay fatigue and let me repeat it’s none of
my business that you enjoyed in you wanna play basketball in your furry
outfit by all means gob bless america it’s a free country and do whatever you
like doing canada during the delivery error two of you like the day the lab section of tulsa i don’t care
i’m not a republican to cut out all isn’t that so again to get soft she’s a chicken in europe there go for okay understand that it’s strange i think the
most americans as a sexual and parade that light on my god all she’s in a
chicken outfit all that heart that’s wierd i think it would just at least agree
that that’s weird ok i’ve got to go over the top by into we’re but it’s not enough to
wake me up natural enemies data on are no i think i have not been a run for
president one day but i’d feel like if there is a guy that i was really into it
he was smart and funny and everything was great and he was like a lot and want to but i
wanna wear bear constantly mine really kept ok now we’re getting someone ok
you-know-what for so i went there as it is that’s actually terrific it’s very
open-minded you people of different fetishes and if you think the guys
create another weighs in i think this is the world agree to be
honest the day i’m also surprised though cuz i would think the your death with a
minority available to them but all your gray though that thereafter no i don’t think so i had a market hands i mean they’re definitely fetishes
out there that i’m not into it and it’s somebody asked me to like uh… as to them or whatever like i
dot that not it’s not a wannabe went and i don’t want to be beaten to death ok
headlight lol you crazy don’t get it but at some point doesn’t have a right to say it doesn’t
bother me as much it’s not other trading what did he ask you to get enough well really ok i’d just see it is such a
heartless thing and it could be fun i might end up being kids talking all the
sudden beginning you might actually be ever grateful is not a year like i don’t
know clearly editors firearms like their reservoirs all give more taxes the rich
polka it deserved but will be it into
electorate out there but all the whatever elaborate out the
connection in the very sexy being

100 thoughts on “Would Ana Date A Furry?

  1. I'm 14. I have recently become a part of the furry fandom. Why does everyone pervert this. Why the heck does everyone seem to say: "you have to be, like, in your 20s to be a furry"

    it's kind of stupid. (truthfully I want a fursuit sooo bad haha ^.^)

  2. takes a deep breath alright the people who do the sex thing is like 1-2% of the fluffing fandom, like who would want cm n or suit that you spent more then a $1000 on it. we furs are here to help people

  3. It is not a fetish. It is a fandom. While sex may be part of the fandom, it's a community of creative and friendly folks who enjoy anthropomorphic animals, be it in art, media, costumes, roleplay and literature.

  4. These people are jackasses, the man more than the girl, but she still isn't very informed on the fandom but at leat she is more open minded and intellectual than the man.

  5. I think they should take more of a deeper look into who and what furries are instead of jumping to conclusions right on the spot. It's not about dressing up in a suit and having sex with on and other, that's a typical stereotype.

  6. loses all composer and dies of laughter XD If you guys have not seen this video with the subtitles/closed captions on, please do yourself a favor and turn them on, then rewatch.

  7. Am I the only one who has the urge to put my hand threw this screen and choke that man? I know I not the only one.

  8. I'm actually a pretty big fan of TYT, but I think this was WAAAY too focused on the sexual aspect of the fandom, which takes up only around 10% of the fandom/community itself.
    It's just people that are fans of humanized animals… And, like all fandoms, there are people that do take it to different kinds of extremes. My Little Pony (MLP) even has a sexual fan base. It's all personal preference.

  9. The guy is a complete douche bag but the women understands entirely and I thank her for her higher thinking to Prevent her from being the same as the man which is still a jerk

  10. Being a furry is not a fetish its a community of people who love animals although a VERY LITTLE amount of fury so think of animals as sexy

  11. all furrys dont need alcohol and sex to have fun. most of it is for outgoing people that re different than the entire population…

  12. Sure, Furries are "bad". But are Furries the bad ones if all the other people think they do is sexual stuff every time? Furry conventions have raised over $50,000 for charity in 2006. So imagine the amount of money they raised now. There was a survey some time ago, and it had 78.1% of respondents identified "strongly" or "extremely strongly" as human. Others; 6.2%, asked to respond to the statement "I am predominantly human", said that they did not consider themselves human at all. Not alot of Furs think we're animals… But maybe some prefer it. And that's their opinions, problem ect.

  13. 2:35 who said we wanted to get laid?????? And when we say confidence we mean getting to express ourselves without issue

  14. TBH we are a decently wierd fandom. but there are much much wprse than us.
    also the guy you all are calling an asshole is actually being pretty chill here, he is usually much more of a prick when it comes to just about anything, so he it cutting us some slack. hes just kinda an ass in nature lol, and I aint much different honestly haha

  15. okay, I know this video is old, but it was mentioned in ur recent "pup play" video and I came over to watch it and better understand these communities and the differences… ANYWAY. I HOPE that your channel has someone actually HANDLING the Closed Captions by now in more recent vids (and u might want to go back and fix some older ones? idk that is a lot of work) because in this vid ALOT was said wrong… The worst though in the CC was when
    Cenk verbally says: "I think you're definitely in the minority"
    and the CC states: "I think your death with a minority"

    so… um… yeah, get ur staff or maybe even an intern to clean this sort of thing up? (if u haven't yet already with new vids) it probably comes off really confusing to the deaf and hard of hearing… :/

  16. The furries can take off the suits and become someone different. Can he take off a suit and become not an a**hole?

  17. Furries are 20 and up year old unemployment people who dress up and act like idiots and poison the U.S and its manliness kind if there was ever.


  19. A lot of people here are trying to say "if you like the fetish your not a furry". You are a furry if :
    1: Do you consider your self a furry?
    If you answered yes you are a furry. That's it.
    I'm not into it but I don't see a problem with it when you can easily avoid it.

  20. Well, I admire what they are trying to do. but I am afraid they made a few errors. Being a furry isn't a fetish, a great deal of us are not in it for the sex, and it's not fake confidence. in order to be confident, you must realize what confidence means to you. So, confidence must be learned, and some of us learn it as a fursona. it's not fake confidence, it's a learning process. (Another note, you don't have to have a fursuit to be a furry) I wish everyone a wonderful day! kisses <3 ~ Ace, aka Dri Dragori

  21. yes, because drinking beer to think yourself more confident is better than wearing a fursuit and creating a fursona

  22. No no no furrys are not about sex if you like sex and have a fur fetish then you wear a merrsuit fur suits are the harmless things you see walking around

  23. When he mentioned alcohol giving confidence I thought, "Well, fursuits don't kill braincells… oh, wait."

    I have nothing against furries, by the way. Just making a joke.

  24. "Faaaykkeeee konfidence!!!"

    What, you're not gonna say that the ol' Dutch Courage is 'Real confidence'?
    Gettafukouttahere, Chunk.

  25. Dear The Young Turks,
    How many of you watched a documentary on furries before you made this? None? That explains a lot.
    Please actually do some studying before you go on television making fools out of yourselves.

  26. Omg, so many ppl think the Fandom is a “sex thing” it IS NOT A SEX THING AT ALL, this is for ppl that love animals. Gosh get ur facts right

  27. Sorry chuck alcohol does not give you confidence, alcohol just increases your likelihood of getting liver disease, heart disease, sleep disorders, depression, stroke, bleeding from the stomach, sexually transmitted infections from unsafe sex, and several types of cancer. When compared to wearing an animal costume, being a furry doesn't seem so bad does it?

  28. My only problem with how Ana presented this is by calling it "the most harmless fetish," because that implies that being a furry is sexual in and of itself. Other than that I appreciate her acceptance. Cenk needs to understand that the fandom isn't about sex. It's a component, but that's not what the fandom is about.

  29. I've dated a furry. She was super artistic and by far the coolest girl ever ♥ long time best friend (:

  30. why are you talking about furries?… furries are the art style of life without furries there would be no football game

  31. how is putting on an animal costume for confidence more fake than effectively taking a drug to boost your confidence? if anything it's less fake because you still have the same capacity for thought

  32. To be a furry is being part of the furry fandom. It is not a fetish. For most furries it isn't a fetish. Like every fandom unfortunately there are bad sides but most of those bad sides are minorities in the fandoms.

  33. This is exactly why I don’t take anything these people say seriously.

    They do no research of any kind. If they did, they would know that while the furry community has sexual aspects, it isn’t a community dedicated to sexualization. The furry community is an artistic group dedicated to the concept of anthropomorphic characters and the different story aspects of such characters.

    This kind of perpetuation of stereotyping shows that these people are milking groups rather than actually caring about the issues at hand.

  34. I hate how he doesn't understand what a furry is and goes Straight to sex… Inhales "BOI". Please just stop hating on these people it's fine if you're a furry and it's fine if you rant about stuff in YouTube comments but come on just leave us alone. IT IS ALSO NOT A BLOODY FETISH!

  35. That is relly relly mean of him to say that and yes you the furries are right it is about compassion to dress up as one might see fit. not sexually active cravings but because we love it we are different that makes us hwo we are

  36. I know it’s been 7 years since the video was posted but I am pissed it’s not all about (insert curse word here) sex

  37. Furries aren’t really a sexual thing if it was only that,kids wouldn’t be a furry at a young age
    Most people use them if they have anxiety like me and because most people don’t know who you are outside of it and can’t judge you

  38. Its the furry fandom its not a fetish they where asking bout the kids and stuff its a fandom full of young and old tall and small all looking to just have fun be themselves and enjoy life i swear i hate review tv shows movies and others that say the furry are a (furry fetish) no its the furry fandom -_-

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