Worst Day In Fish Keeping! | My Aquarium Disasters!

Hey y’all, welcome back man. It was my hectic life paths where we talk
about all things. Pat and pat related and today I got tagged
by fish for thought to do a video about my worst day in fish keeping. If you’re not familiar with fish for thoughts
channel, it is fantastic. I suggest you go check it out. He’s got a lot of information out there and
he does some absolutely hilarious videos as well, so definitely go and check out his channel. So fish keeping can be a really fun hobby. But Oh man, he can have some really, really
bad days. A lot can go wrong with an aquarium so much
can go wrong with an aquarium so I’ve got a toss up of a few different days for being
the absolute worst days for me and one of them was when I was about eight or nine and
I got my first tank ever and I got tiger barbs for it and I was so excited and back then
it was a long time ago. We did not have the internet. We did not know half the things that we know
now about fish keeping and aquariums and like I said, no Internet. There was no way to just look up information. So you were going solely by what the fish
store said and what you read in books. I know books, there was no googling, there
was no asking questions on forums yet, and my tiger barb’s kept dying so we had tried
to set up the tank and get everything up and running and good to go and waited a few weeks
and went and got my tiger barbs and they kept dying. What we didn’t realize was how bad our water
quality coming out of that tap really, really was. Our water was terrible, absolutely terrible. This was water you did not want to drink,
but we had just moved there and we did not realize how bad the water was, so it was really
upsetting as a child. And I like swore off fish because I thought
it was a fish killer. I thought I was an absolute fish killer and
then I just could not keep fish at all and fish were just not for me. I needed to stick with mammals and reptiles
so very, very, very long time. I like swore off having an aquarium and swore
off fish keeping because I thought I was a fish killer. What I didn’t realize until later on was it
was actually just hard. Water was just that bad and it wasn’t like
it was ammonia or nitrites or nitrates. Things that we commonly test for. We needed to test for far more than just those
three things. Like I said though, it was a long, long, long
time ago, back before the Internet, back before we had all this information out there to really
tell us what to look for and what to test for in the water. We just didn’t really know as much back then. So flash forward to, um, I don’t know, it
was about a year ago. I went on a hunt to find a yellow Beta fish
for my daughter. And unfortunately after searching and searching
and searching, I finally found a yellow Beta fish. I finally found one for my daughter and brought
it home, didn’t notice that it had a couple of spots on it and it ended up having. I tried treating the fish, but unfortunately
he did not make it so my daughter was just a mess and she was crying for days because
the fish that she wanted so badly that I finally found her one passed away. Only a few weeks after we got him. My most recent fund disaster was my filter
pump decided to malfunction and started spraying water out of the tank and all over my floor. I didn’t even know that was something that
could happen. I’ve seen a lot of things malfunction on filters. I’ve seen them get clogged up. I’ve seen lots and lots of issues. I did not know it. Filter could decide to start spraying. This was not even something that I thought
was possible for a water pump in my filter to just start spraying water out of the tank. I didn’t even know that could happen. Like I didn’t know. That was a thing. I didn’t know that was the thing, but like
I said, when it comes to aquariums, you never know what is going to go wrong with a tank,
but the sky’s the limit. Anything and everything can go wrong when
it comes to fish keeping. You just never know. But man, that was a big mess. I had to clean up a big mess for that one. So yeah, I had to run out and get a new filter
obviously. And that was a whole lot of fun. Uh, man days, guys, bad days. And of course I do want to tag a couple of
other channels for this video and that is rob [inaudible], 93 and Mama j. These guys all have fantastic channels. I totally suggest that you go and check them
out and I look forward to hearing about their most horrible day days in fish keeping. So that’s all for today’s video. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up
and subscribe to my channel and hit that bell notification so you never miss a video. Thanks for watching guys. Bye.

9 thoughts on “Worst Day In Fish Keeping! | My Aquarium Disasters!

  1. Each and every video are simply amazing and it's awesome that your getting your kiddo involved and teaching her about life. And I'm lost for words and I'm completely honored to be and your video. We all have a bad day in the fish hobby, but when you have great channels like this, to make you feel much better about your day. I always look forward to your amazing videos. Thanks so much and take care ??

  2. Wow you made it so fast! That first experience you shared go way back eh? I remember those days too where we couldn't just google everything haha.

  3. Hey I was searching for cure for my gold fish and koi which got red tail fungal infection I saw your video and come here
    Mine gold fish and koi are dying every next day out off 10 -2are remaining it's too late
    I'm seeing other video for guide but can u put new video for taking care for new start?
    And you look beautiful ?

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