World’s Weirdest Jobs

There are some incredibly
weird jobs in this world. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. Now, as much as I love our job, I’ll be the first to admit
that it’s a weird job. – It’s a little weird.
– What we’re doing right now that you’re consuming, is weird.
I’ve gone so far as to… well, maybe not lie, but I’ll go
to a family reunion, – and people like, “What–”
– “Maybe I’ve lied.” “…what is it you do?”
and I’ll be like, – “Nothin’ really.”
– Garbage man. I just don’t even want to explain it,
because it’s weird and then it’s like, “Well, how do you make money?
How do you feed those kids?” – Right.
– “How do you…” “You actually entertain people?
Does that… really though?” – (Rhett) Mhm.
– “Really?” But I’ve been encouraged to rustle up
some odder jobs, and not like, (southern accent) “Oh, pick up sticks
and do some odd jobs, and I’ll give you some cash,”
but weird jobs. – Weird jobs. Yeah.
– Weird jobs, not like my grandad would pay me to do odd jobs. I’ve got 10 weird jobs.
Unbelievable jobs. Some of the time if you feel that way,
you’re gonna feel right because they’re not believable.
I made ’em up. – Okay, so some of them,
– Or maybe they are believable. some of them are real, I gotta tell
you whether they’re real or fake. – That’s right, Rhett.
– And what’s at stake? What’s at stake is doing the
worst job here in our studio: clean the scary bathroom toilet. – We’ve got a toilet: never been used
– That’s never been cleaned. – by us because it’s so scary.
– Does it even work? And you’re gonna have to clean it
if you don’t get six right. – If you get more than six right,
– Yeah, I will. – I have to clean the scary toilet.
– (forced laughter) Okay. All right, you ready to learn
about some weird jobs? – Get your brush ready, Link
.- Good. Underarm Odour Assessor: a professional smeller whose job it is
to sniff human armpits and document how bad it is. This is definitely real. – What makes you say that?
– Uh… because I’m “edumacated”, man.
I seen this before. – You’ve seen this one?
– I’ve seen people that do this, yeah. – Like what?
– My ex-girlfriend. My ex-girlfriend. – What?
– I didn’t tell you about this? She sniffed your armpits and you paid her? (laughing) No, she… but I do know that this exists. But my ex-girlfriend, if you’re watching,
I know you didn’t do this. It is real. (correct ding) Works on research and development for – deodorant brands.
– Deodorant brands. So it starts– that is not what you
were thinking, though! – It does make sense.
– No, it was. It was. Here’s a quote from a woman who does it. (Link in a female voice)
“When I sniff an underarm, I am testing for the level of odor,
the type of odor, and also if the armpit hair is shaped like
a cartoon or a celebrity’s face.” – I made up the last part.
– Yeah, I figured. Or like a horseshoe.
I’ve had it in a horseshoe before. – Oh, the armpit hair.
– Yeah. Here’s another one.
Real or fake weird job? Dedicated Balloon Popper. Now, at Disneyland they’ve been selling
balloons at the park since ’55, one of the most popular items.
Any extra balloons left over when the park is closed,
because of environmental reasons, they have to pop, and there is a
cast member who pops the balloons. Yeah, a cast member, yeah yeah (mumbling) False! That’s not a real job. You just deflate and
reinflate the next day. Defla… can you be right
for the wrong reason? Because that doesn’t seem fair.
I give you half a point. You’re correct. No! You can’t give me half a point!
I got it right! All right, I’ll give you a point.
(correct ding) It’s false, but your reason is stupid. There is someone whose job it is
dedicated to blow up the balloons. – A balloon blower?
– A balloon blower-up-er. Yeah, it’s called helium tank man. There is not a job
for someone to pop them. Right, they just sell them the next day. (stammering) Don’t act like you know
things you don’t know. Just be gracious and be like,
“Oh, thanks for teaching me stuff.” I’m two for two and
you’re gonna clean the toilet! You’re gettin’ lucky! – Dog Food Taster.
– (clears throat) Pet’s can’t say if their
pet food tastes good, so there are people whose job
it is to eat said pet food to make sure it’s
good enough for said pets. Wow. This seems so logical. I’m gonna say it’s true. – It IS true. You’re just a good guesser.
– (laughing) Mark Gooley. He owns a dog
and horse food company, – Yeah, he does. Mark!
– Huds and Toke. They don’t make food out of
dogs and horses, they feed dogs and horses. And he taste tests doggie dental sticks,
chewy bones, and liver mixture. Quote, (southern accent)
“If you wouldn’t put it in yer mouth, don’t you dare expect yer dog to eat it.” You would think a guy that makes dog food
for a living talks that way? Probably not. I’m sorry, Mark Gooley. – I’m a fan.
– Yes. – I actually like to eat dog food
– I heard about this. – with cere– with milk. “Meelk.”
– “Meelk.” (female southern accent)
“I like that meelk on my dog food.” People-onto-Train Pushers. There are people, would you believe,
who push people onto crowded trains during the morning and evening
rush hours in Tokyo. They might push on you
anywhere on your body, but they do at least wear white gloves. Uh… the fact that you said… – Oh, did you say Tokyo?
– I did. Whaaaaaaat! And then you said it. – I don’t say it when I say it.
– Okay. The fact that you said Tokyo
makes me know that you aren’t… This is real. Anything goes in Tokyo.
That’s why I want to go there. (both laughing) – You’re good at this. Real.
– Ha ha, yeah! (correct ding) But listen. This is…
When I saw this video, I could not believe it. (Link) They’re called
passenger arrangement staff, – and they jam people into the cars.
– (Rhett) Yeah, they do. (Link) I mean, there’s like eight people
outside of a car and they start pushing. No one can get in, and then
like three minutes later, all of those people are in, and they’ve been touched everywhere
by people in white gloves. Yeah, white gloves. You can touch
anybody with a white glove. Absolutely amazing. In Tokyo. Whaaaaaaat!
– (Link) Shinjuku station. Salad Inspector. The Bloomington Bay Inn in London
is world-renowned for serving what is according to Mechelin
the world’s greatest salad on Earth. The salad inspector inspects every salad
before it leaves the kitchen to ensure it meets the Bloomington standard. Real. – Wrong! (incorrect buzzer)
– Aw! False. How hard is it
to make a good salad? I mean, plus the Bloomington Bay Inn
isn’t real either. – It’s all made up?
– I made up the whole thing, but I will go on vacation there. It seemed so not weird. Fun fake fact: Bloomington Bay Inn
is nowhere near a bay – or any body of water.
– Okay. Professional Hitchhiker. (southern accent) Li’l Hitchhiker. In Indonesia there is an actual
demand for “car-panionship.” Pick up somebody before
you get on the interstate, but it’s not a favor: you pay them, enjoy conversation all
the way to the office. Don’t read my notes here.
The answer’s not here, – so he’s not cheating,
– I know that, yeah. but he’s reading along.
There’s no need to do that. – Just look into your brain
– You pay them… – to see if I’m lying.
– You pay them? – Professional Hitchhiker.
– This can’t be real. False. – It IS real. (incorrect buzzer)
– Oh! Listen, there’s 30 million plus people
in Jakarta, Indonesia, and they have these carpool lanes
called “three-in-one zones.” You’ve gotta have
three people in your car. Riders line up on
the on-ramp, basically, and professional hitchhikers get paid
$7.50 a hour to ride – so you can get to work earlier, but
– You didn’t explain that. – You said it was for conversation.
– No, they talk to people. You can… You made it sound like
it was paying for conversation. – I said it was a professional hitchhiker.
– Okay. – I said “enjoy” conversation
on your way to work. – (Rhett unconvinced) Mhm… yeah, you…
– I tricked you, you’re bitter. You can risk fines up to a million rupiah,
that’s 106 dollars, – by doing this, though.
– Oh, that rupiah doesn’t go to far. It is (through laughter) illegal. Rent-a-Mourner. For a fee, you can hire strangers
to attend a funeral and provide depressing wails and tears to heighten the depressing
atmosphere at your funeral. Or you could be one of these.
You could be paid – to be sad for a stranger.
– (Rhett) Hmm… This seems like the kind of thing
that somewhere, someone would pay for. Uh… But it also seems like the kind of thing
that you’d make up, so I’m gonna say, “False.” – (incorrect buzzer) Gah!
– It’s true. Job’s been around a long time,
Africa, China, Middle East, but also in the U.K.
You can go to (Link) and get strangers
to show up at a funeral to, uh, help round out the festivities. – (Rhett sighs)
– Coconut Safety Engineer. As we have established,
coconuts can kill you. There’s someone whose job it is to protect you from those
perilous falling death orbs. Somebody to protect you from
getting a coconut that falls on your head? Coconut Safety Engineer. “Safety Engineer?” Oh, come on. I gotta say that
that does not exist. – It does exist.
– (incorrect buzzer) Gosh! Coconut safety engineers are
hired by tropical resorts who risk law suits
if coconuts kill people. – So they engineer whether—
– How many does he have right? (Stevie) He has to get two more right. – You’ve gotta get two right.
– I got four right then four wrong. – Imaginary Friend Consultant.
– That’s what just happened. An Imaginary Friend Consultant
works with kids to develop and nurture their imaginary friends as
both a diagnostic technique and a therapeutic treatment. I’ve lost heart, guys. An Imaginary Friend Consultant? Somebody who encourages
this amongst children? For diagnostics and therapeutic technique.
It’s a specialized therapist. I just feel like kids do this
kind of thing on their own. – I’m gonna say that this–
– You lookin’ for an answer – over there on the ground?
– No, I’m just… You’re like, “Please, someone tell me.” I’m gonna say that this is false. – (correct ding) Yes!
– That’s right, it is false. Keep hope alive! The only thing imaginary about
this one was I made it up. Teddy Bear Repair Technician. Wow, there’s a lot on the line: a toilet. When your beloved teddy gets torn up,
a Teddy Bear Repair Technician will sew Mr. Snuggles right up for ya. Well, surely there’s
somebody that does this. I mean, this has got to be
a job somewhere. This is the kind of thing that anybody… If you buy a teddy bear from Build-A-Bear
and it screws up, (stammering) Stevie used to work there, she knows.
You take it back there and they… – (offscreen laughter)
– They fix it up for you. – I’m gonna say “Real.”
– Really? – You hit the nail on the head!
– Yes! (correct ding) Woo! And that’s right,
Stevie does work there still. – When she’s not producing our show,
– (clapping) Huh! Stevie Levine works at Build-A-Bear
at the Americana in Glendale. Build-A-Bear Workshops have
teddy bear repair technicians. (Link) They must be highly skilled
at repairing and sewing and be patient with the kids,
because the kids are watching – during the surgery.
– Ha ha, that’s right! – So that’s it.
– I feel so good! You… It came down to the wire, man.
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Worst occupation you can have. “Ambulance Man.” Wee-oo! Wee-oo! (et cetera) Hey, Mom! Mom! It’s the Ambulance Man,
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I’ve been looking everywhere! – Hey! You’re the Ambulance Man, right?
– (“wee-oo” noises stop) -Yeah, man! (“wee-oo continues)
– Yeah, it’s the Ambulance Man! Woo! [Captioned by Kevin:
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