World’s Top 10 MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds

Elite facts presents world's 10 most dangerous dog breeds number 10 Great Dane at 200 pounds and a height as much as 7 feet standing on its hind legs the Great Dane can cause grave injury if it turns aggressive number 9 Rottweiler bulky muscles and a big square jaw combined to give the Rottweiler one of the most forceful bites in the dog world the breed is not more likely to bite than any other but because of its incredible strength when it does bite it can cause massive damage number 8 Pitt Paul no dog gets more bad press than the pit ball which really isn't a breed at all but rather a style of dog that encompasses several breeds pit bull-type dogs or Terriers which are known as tenacious and stubborn unscrupulous owners and breeders do train the use of dogs in pit fighting taking advantage of the dog's natural traits and their unrivaled strength number seven husky Huskies like to run and run and run and not much else they are not generally good pets because the personality traits that breeders prefer for sled dogs are not the same as traits that make a good house pad number six German jag terrier also known as the german hunting terrier this dog was bred to hunt small prey meaning the Chipmunks in your backyard are definitely not safe with the jag Terrier around number five Doberman Pinscher better breeding practices over the past several years have resulted in Doberman Pinschers that are better pets however they are less tolerant of strangers and can pose a danger because of their size and strength number 4 boxer trains is attacking guard dogs as far back as World War 1 boxers were bred with powerful jaws that can cause a crushing injury number 3 Alaskan Malamute like it's cold weather cuz in the Alaskan Malamute is a dog bred to work pulling a sled it will chase smaller animals the result of a high prey Drive it's not a good idea to own cats or very small dogs if you share your home with a Malamute number-two German Shepherd statistics suggests that the German Shepherd is prone to attacking smaller animals the German Shepherds dog bite delivers a great deal of force no matter its victim number one Tibetan Mastiff any dog that's willing to protect the sheep against the leopard attack is one tough customer the Tibetan Mastiff can grow to 180 pounds and displays a fearless temperament subscribe for more

30 thoughts on “World’s Top 10 MOST DANGEROUS Dog Breeds

  1. This list is completely ridiculous.  NO dog is more dangerous than another.  It is how the owner teaches the dog.I have been bitten my more "little" dogs than ANY of the bigger dogs.The little barking slippers are by far more dangerous than ANY of the dogs on this retarded list.

  2. Do people just not care about the statistics of injury and deaths caused repeatedly by some breeds? Some are banned by scores of countries for VERY good reasons. If one owned a bear, or lion, or panther, or wolf is it the owners fault things turned nightmarish? Duh,'s in their nature..JUST LIKE CERTAIN (albeit very few) DOG BREEDS. These many countries (by way of brutal, unprovoked attacks by seemingly friendly canines) realized (finally) that some breeds (as some animals) will always have aggression in them. Some individuals need to stop being whining babies about their beloved pets and come back to the real world….SOME BREEDS ARE NOT PETS!

  3. Ok, I am sorry but no dog is ever dangerous. Any dog can bite you, injure you or anything else but thats because you asked for it. If you raised them bad they’re gonna turn out mean and aggressive, so that is on you. I have a Cane Corso and he is a little sweetie. I also happen to have a Pitt bull, he’s also a sweetie. But if you want to call any dog aggressive or dangerous that’s on you guys because they’re gonna think that that’s what you guys want them to be. And us humans are worse than any animal, you might not see it but we are.

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