World’s smartest fence at Willunga Hill, Adelaide

“If we do have an accident at this site
uhm… the monitoring system will measure
how big an accident that was. It will send a message back here to the
Traffic Management Centre and if it’s a big accident we can
actually notify emergency services immediately
that an accident’s happened on site. We, we could be saving quite a few
minutes. It’s a standard wire rope safety fence and we’re adding an electronic monitoring
system to it to measure the tensions in the wire rope, and from those tensions we can
tell if the if the wire rope safety fence is properly
adjusted and we can also detect an accident as
soon as it happens.[sound of vehicle crashing] Nominally every six months to 12 months
depending on the site we would need to send a work crew
out; they’d set up cones, drop the speed limit, put the special
measuring device on the ropes and just measure that they’re
still within their tolerance; and they may well be so the
whole trip would have been wasted. Now, with a mobile phone ah… we can send it
a text message and it will automatically send us back
all the tensions of all the ropes. We’re not aware of it being, being tested
like this anywhere else in the world, uhm… we’ve asked
the wire rope safety fence manufacturers and they’re quite interested in what
we’re doing, but they are unaware of anyone else doing a test or a trial such as this. It’s, it’s as a result of a few people getting
together and just brainstorming what can we do, what can we do to make it cheaper to run, safer for the public. Ah… we’ve used a local branch of an
Australia-wide company here to help us out uhm… we’re all very pleased with what
we’ve been able to do so far. If we’re satisfied with the
results we can add it to every other wire rope
safety fence we’ve got in South Australia. It is a smart fence, it is a very smart piece
of wire. Yep.”

4 thoughts on “World’s smartest fence at Willunga Hill, Adelaide

  1. Can the department also explain that if a motorcyclist is rammed into the fence – their body becomes entagled in it…. 

  2. Tensioned cables are the same technology used by ship breakers to cut ships in half, very reassuring. I've seen the one on Port Wakefield Road neatly take the roof off a small sedan which somehow managed to go under the bottom wire, god knows what happened to any occupants. I agree with Matt these fences are a death sentence to a motorcyclist. When the rest of the civilised world  builds crash barriers to absorb and dissipate energy over as large a time and area as possible, we build barriers which concentrates crash energy into a knife edge abrasive cord. Dilberts

  3. Where are the motorcycle friendly covers over the cheese cutter wires on this curve? Technology that might save lives not just time and money.

  4. Where are the motorcycle friendly covers over the cheese cutter wires on this curve? Technology that might save lives not just time and money.

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