World’s Most DELICIOUS Hot Dog Challenge!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of Very very excited this morning I’m with my good friend Wayne Wonder! We are up Dobbs Ferry, north of New York City, at Dobbs Dawg House taking on their Dawg House Challenge! They’ve got a whole bunch of hot dogs on their menu with columns of 12 for the challenge we each had to roll a dice and if we got a 1, 2, or 3 determined what hot dogs we would get. I rolled a “3”, he rolled a “2” so we each have completely different hot dogs that look delicious! I’m jealous of some he has and he wants some of mine! We each have to eat our 12 hot dogs. One person has completed the challenge but it was back when it was only 9 hot dogs. Nobody has been able to beat it with all 12 hot dogs. If we win we’ll get them free, shirts, and be up on their Wall of Fame! You ready? Lets get this challenge started! These are loaded! We’ve got spoons to get any of the scraps! 1, 2, 3! Alright! We also have to do them in order too! I was excited about this one! it’s got peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and cereal on it! So I’m mostly excited about this one! It has peanuts, bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce! It’s called the desert dawg! This is going to be good! He’s going for the heat seeker! Just over 9 minutes in. Both on dawg #7. Over the hill, so it’s all downhill from here! Just over 20 minutes in, I’m down to my last dog, and it just so happens to be the most healthy It’s fried. The hardest about these has to do with the variety of dogs and all the different toppings! I still have under 9 minutes left so I’m going to get this last one down, while he gets his 2.5 down! The chili was delicious! They make it here. Tons of sour cream on this one! Last bite! I’ve got 23:22! Just completed the challenge, now lets cheer on Wayne! Hey everybody! Want to thank you for watching Wayne Wonder and I both dominate the Dawg House Challenge at Dobbs Dawg House in Dobbs Ferry, New York. My second win with Wayne. What did you think? Delicious! Yes, very good! I know he had the harder ones at the end, but still pulled out that win – 29:59. I think in finished in the 23:22, either way a win is a win, no matter what! We both got our meals for free, shirts, and will be up on their Wall of Fame! Thank you to Dobbs Dawg House for the awesome hot dogs, to those who came to watch and thank you for watching too!

100 thoughts on “World’s Most DELICIOUS Hot Dog Challenge!!

  1. Yeah when watching food …..😋🤤😖😖😫 I feel like I haven't eaten for days even if I just had dinner 5mins ago 😖😫😫😫😫😫😫

  2. just drink beer, as u watch its filling and takes away appetite, love to drink beer wail i fast, then watch this guy lololol, keeps me kinda not wanting, seeing someone eat so much…😖

  3. Wow Wayne has changed so much hes a lot butter eater now and looks like hes alot smaller now ,peanut butter on a hot dog is loose cause id throw up.

  4. Man, some of those hot dogs looked delicious! I’m more of a savory kind of guy when it comes to my dogs. Not really into cereal on my dog, but they definitely looked great.

  5. dear randy, it's a pleasure to see you end those monstrous dishes, I always watch your videos, a big greeting from buenos aires, argentina

  6. Now I really want and hot dog…. Danmit, I am in Italy, here I think I had an hot dog about once in my life, that is how rare hot dog vendors are here, atleast where I live

  7. I think the best strategy is to get all the toppings off the hotdog then eat the hotdog then eat the toppings and do that for each hotdog so it’s easier to eat and digest

  8. 12 buns with hot dogs ?

    Over eating is not good for the heart.

    2 of them makes a meal for me, but I am Dutch not American.

    Our large menu at McD is in the USA the children's meal. It is no wonder that most Americans are so obesive.
    Way too much (bad) food and too little physical exercise like walking, biking or attending other sports beside watching from tv.

  9. The toppings on these hot dogs must be intentionally done so that you cannot finish the challenge. Disgusting!

  10. I get hungry af in the beginning. I start to throw up a little bit near the end. Especially when a fat guy is about to explode with hotdogs lmao

  11. Why do Americans eat sweet with savoury like bacon on pancakes with syrup and hot dogs with cereal it's fuxking wrong !!! Lol

  12. I know this is an older video….. but I bet you can't eat and beat the 30 dog challenge that Molly did…30 hot dogs in order in less than 15 minutes….

  13. A few of those "hot dogs" looked atrocious. It's like the restaurant's attempt to beat the challengers is by making an inedible combination

  14. The only thing that I can see that's so wrong is as you are eating them don't drink anything because of it fills you up faster

  15. Imagine being able to just take down these challenges. You could eat for free whenever you could handle it!😂

  16. Some of these look good, and some look absolutely disgusting. I imagine you have to smoke and drink a SHIT ton before you go into his place, and even then I might still be near throwing up.

  17. WTF??? Was whoever came up with those toppings on DMT when they thought of them or what? Disgusting. I mean banana and chocolate sauce on a hotdog??

  18. Some of those look really good… some look really gross… hot dogs with cereal? Banana? Peanuts? Chocolate sauce? We’re the owners high when they made these up??

  19. Randy Santel is genuinely one of the nicest and by a large margin, one of the most appreciative competitive eaters in the world today. He truly loves his fans and is always happy and more than willing to do what it takes to make each of them feel appreciated. Cant wait until I can make time to come see him again soon. Maybe this time I can be there in time to get an autographed photo with him for the wall in my game room

  20. How about a frog dog yeah you know starts with a bun then the plump hot dog then dump a bunch of greasy fat fries and then squeeze a lot of ketchup then a lot of mustard and just have at it yea baby yea.

  21. Omg I always look at the food and think theres just no way.I could eat two of em.
    And Damn, Randy does these chalenges day after day…cant believe it.

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