World’s Longest Dog Tail

100 thoughts on “World’s Longest Dog Tail

  1. Rhet is somewhat rude he just said he doesn't respect people who wear shorts no matter what temperature it is. I do that. I don't care what temperature is it I will always wear shorts.

  2. every time Rhett says "circular" at the end of the video, I hear "serrkalerr." but he's not saying it. but I'm attributing it to him

  3. This is so great. This is what GMM used to be, just random talking. So glad they're bringing this back!

  4. I was quite injured when Rhett said that he does not respect people that wear shorts all of the time. Rhett, My heart is broken.

  5. Yeah… don't look up ballerina feet. I dance and do ballet, so I should know. And mine aren't nearly as bad as some of them…

  6. did anyone else notice that there was a ant on the screen at 6:38? or was that just a ant at my house

  7. I know we are not forgetting the fact that Rhett looks like a blond Waluigi and Link looks jacked af in the Hawaii pic

  8. googled ballerina feet and if i ever have kids and i have a little girl shes banned from doing ballet in fact idk why ballet hasnt been banned yet they banned snowman building in schools here in the uk as well as playing conkers really ballet should be mad illegal under health and safety

  9. walks around outside in below freezing in a tshirt and shorts that one floridian whom lives for the cold

  10. Rhett: I’m willing to bet my life (that there is another dog with a longer tail)
    Where my Imagine Dragons fans at?!

  11. Link: "I stayed in a room with my family and you stayed in a room with your family." Rhett: "Except that one night" Link: "What.." Rhett giggles awkwardly

  12. Seriously I wear shorts and a matter what also wear T-shirts no matter what temperature I could be in Antarctica and I will wear shorts I don’t care

  13. I looked up ballerina feet,it’s pretty much just what happens to a ballerina’s feet after years of weight baring,bending and pointed shoes,which is just some swelling and cuts and what not

  14. Does anybody else remember when this used to be a family-friendly show before all these not so family friendly jokes make you facepalm all the time

  15. Omg Link finding out about the “female button” option is my favorite thing ever. The Link-est Link has ever been

  16. Imagine basically I eradicating toilet paper. If I had a bidet that I could press one button to shoot soapy water, one to thoroughly rinse, and then had a little dryer option to quickly dry it off. Boom, done lol. No TP needed!!

  17. Is there a thread of people on this post who have measured their dog's tail? I'm saddened to not see that.

  18. my favorite part of spinning the wheel of mythicality is when it hits dont google that! bc then i get to look up something weird or gross

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