WORLD'S CUTEST ROBOT PUPPY! MEET CHiP from WowWee Toys at Toy Fair 2016

this gym champion that's close to the real pet experience says you're going to get into robots right now I can open up my arms who knows he's in my arms now champ is virtual based on how I cut behind him comes on his smart bed there's a thumbs up when you push that button it's like giving a dog a treat so he actually learned based on how I use the wall so I like that he's kidding Oh press the thumbs up and he's going to know that he likes em you like the one that I like it when in front of me so don't keep doing that it'll be easier than he knows on the Miss Marple there's lots of things that you can do with him so one mother you can do is you can play softer you roll it he'll actually go push it and send it back to you so be put in between the doorpost he has special wheels they're called makanda wheels and he can actually move sideways left and right Oh play fetch though go get the ball and go play around the device well yeah the last thing that comes with she actually knows what his battery is low and you don't have to worry about changing its batteries he knows to go find his head by himself and go recharge so he'll though the gun in bed knows how to position himself I know go hard don't charge until he's ready to come play with you again when it's night time and you turn the lights off he knows it's bedtime and he'll go to the Senate and he'll charge himself you can set him to wake you up at 8:15 in the morning until actually be by your bed barking fireman wait you have a night that's adorable as a real pet experience my vote is super cute music like that I know Wow there was song in play right now that way that chip brah here's our web is the electric eighty this is web this is the one that greasy design thinking and behaving all right who's gonna drown here before attempting to fly especially lower pricepoint groans forget about it you're spending a thousand dollars maybe you'll figure it out Mooney is our attempt at bringing easy flight to your home it's so easy Gracie wanted to be a favorite press to take off button and now it's flying by itself Wow literally don't have to do anything it actually self stabilizes using that little thing on the floor is speaking I can make it go up there's all different little things available temporary in apply a drum they follow me what one month three minutes lubbers it reads it apply the drums so easy that now we were able to add in kind of like a prevent or and a black color I my flights all over it I like you it goes higher and higher I'm gonna start going faster and faster if I met Bob it drop if you reach a certain level you can unlock new tricks so tons of things to happen based on how your gameplay in your progression we add new colors new LEDs it gets harder faster so really gaming yeah Shekhar's plays one part the other part speaks for itself we're taking that in for reading drones estimation so now you have a drone that's flying over the car you're controlling either the car or either the drone on your baton mhm you're controlling the car for example the drug is an autopilot is flying you try and shoot out the drone in the car like Ganesha moving over and he beat the drum cool harder and harder talented oh gee basically coding plus emojis equals coaching so the idea that little robots for kids like for young kids aged four to seven five to eight and he teaches the basics of what it means to be a programmer so he works weird without an app the wheel hooked with the item is that he's doing it through a language that they already understand called the motor they already speak it so there's a bunch of ways to play with the apps is five different versus free planet in free play and I could send my robot any emojis and get a physical and digital reactions I can make a here we go poop emoji

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