so on today's video I got now the cat and we're building a Lego I'm too of course with over 600 Lykos wait where's the most merch all right let's do this so the first thing we can build for this floor is lava obstacle course with a kid is gonna be a little platform so we're gonna start with a small platform they can actually start on I'm gonna put this right in right here so let's go ahead now we're gonna go ahead and do the first obstacle over here the first platform the cat is gonna jump from here to over here coolest colors real quick that right there is gonna be the first platter the cat is gonna start this will go over here on the left side that's what the cat is gonna simply walk on up all right here and start jumping to the next platform so right now I'm building the staircase and I'm gonna add a quarter par so the cat can jump to the next platform now all we got to do is work on the next platform right here and you're gonna make the Torkos wall okay tell anybody it's top secret it's a super rare pet but pretty much I have a kid that can legitimate jump to the TV it's crazy she can jump literally four she gonna jump onto the kitchen counter that's that's pretty freaky how you doing oh hey pal are you are you jealous Hey jealous of Nala listen it's not it's not because she's a kid and all she's new to the family places you know you just you just don't give me that face you're just big look at you can you even go on the whales how would you free on this that's okay we'll build you hey stop we're gonna build you a little maze will Cuddy won't build your house come on up there we go yes there we go okay good damn it now is a little bit a little bit tall so uh we might have to extend the staircase down how much being a novel to go from here over hirama has been solved perfect okay this is pretty starting I gave you sit on it ah there you go we'll see okay so not on this is it so you can go out there man I guess you just want to go there I think it probably is the flat was too small we got to make a bigger this wasn't it available work opportunity so we're gonna have blue yellow as you can see the angles gonna be very very strange let's get the red ball or something yeah works perfect so that is a mission accomplished one big deal do you want this thing okay so these second flapper is now built so we got the stairs first platform platform so here we go with the test okay cool go come on okay all right now so we're go to the fourth platform in so we're going to change it up a little bit and I'm thinking of just kind of making a little more complex so they can need to go from this angle kind of a staircase and go to the final chunk which is somewhere up here it's gonna be crazy okay so we're sort of getting at what we're trying to do right now this is a little bit unsteady so we might have to put a pillow underneath it but so far I want to have almost do the calculation from there to here go up a staircase from right right here go up another staircase which leads to the final thing so the final platform but right something stuck or something it sounds a supporter because you can tell it's tipping over a little bit so good to put a little beam right here so all we do now is gonna be the blue color this okay there you go babe no I might be without you Sanders honesty and might be all how's that well all right that's definitely started enough so how's it gonna tell it seems pretty starting back a lot so there we go you start from here you climb up here he jumps to here you will avoid this distraction then you go on to the next platform that's the next then you climb over here you go all the way up which leads to something else over here alright so we're nearly done with this crazy crash it's almost as tall as me now which is pretty crazy so go ahead finish this thing off just like that and there's gonna be a little pillow point then we're gonna make the cat go on to where it's gonna have the trees alright so here we go and lastly come on now no Lucy you're not a cat all right honey hi come on come on bring it in let me show you what we have for $1 so this is the obstacle course it starts over here with the cat well I mean this is not a cat is the dog all right I'm gonna clap right here jump right over here get the catnip order to watch then second platform or third platform then hop it down here like parkour stop get over here and climb I see this spinning thing Lucy you're not you're did she think she is – she's not this is the counter here all right Amy the expert is now gonna be getting a load to go up this thing right here okay so change of plans we set the rearrange the blocks a little bit we're gonna try different platforms with Nelson she gets used to it and they get to the top of her house over here she goes level one cleared by dolla so now that's completed level one she's currently what like like 8 foot tall or something like that this is pretty high up now this is a little bit tilting just so you guys know hold it as you can see okay now let's take a some risky actions over here she's fine you go over to the top which is pretty incredible not gonna lie she's so close but yet so far she's so close oh mama quick reconstruction to get Nala more use to the platform okay just like that it's a quick little change we're gonna block this stuff off over here some alkane anymore by simply doing this there we go okay and moving things up okay so the platform a little bit different now of course that's crazy she can jump down far off that's pretty crazy okay I gotta get my dad but what if she certain blockade in her path okay so once again we're gonna be blocking off the whole park yeah so now I cannot get okay here we go let's a lot okay so the block is definitely high enough as you can't jump up too so if she only has one way of getting down which is down this platform over here and getting parable all the toys [Applause] now now the thing is you go from the kitchen table onto this platform onto this platform onto this platform take a whole fully upright over here and find the magical thing up top all right so the obstacle course is a little bit more modified that it's not and if you really want to wing it now number four is no I'm gonna make it oh this is an easy walk come on now she's got there she goes Oh easy no problem at all for her there we go so we're gonna be amplifying the course a little bit more and making it more difficult for her so we're gonna go ahead and pick this thing right here okay let's take this later remove this part and I say we put it right over here Kent there we go oh she's got it okay she's got that balance on point there she goes that's good enough of things video hope you all enjoy Nala is clearly the winner just looking actually like I am I am interesting and beautiful alright so anyways this job what you got some other videos on the channel right over here and we'll see them all with a brand new one subscribe to join the moon summer let's get a million subs


  1. Soo do you guys think moose is getting obsessed with the cat? I think moose should do a video or two with Lucy again
    Like if u agree

  2. Lucy: I'm wondering why I not get a vid about this
    Nala : because I'm about to end ur whole career
    Moose: no because ur to big
    Lucy: then??? Build a bigger one then
    2 weeks later
    New vid from life of moose
    Building my dog an obstacles?

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