so this video my sister will be taking over the life of mousse channel for this day but make sure guys go check out her channel right now over here is applying douchiness uh political shows in support and looking to subscribe to three-story Lego treehouse for now and I think she's super excited and so my because in the past video we built that box for right over there don't get a check that video in the description below but before this video begin to make that subscribe leave a like and [Applause] all right guys joining me today is so horses are building that actual treehouse so we're going to do that draw this out so we're gonna put on the bottom here tree house for a second I thought I wrote tree wrong so we're gonna make it a three story don't forget guys so I think we're gonna need like a base so we're gonna draw out the base red here I'm not gonna fill them all the way we're just gonna do like a really rough sketch guys so we're gonna have a base here and I think we're gonna have like a stem because the tree so we're gonna have like a stem going through I think at the top we should have like a little place where she can sit like a Sun Deck because I mean it is a it is a house after all it let's build like little stems where she can go all the way up there to like that so she can like hop up there there there there and then all they go to the top that we're gonna do a little house right here one portion of the house is gonna be here and we're gonna do so this is first level second level and third level now we're gonna do another little over here these squares are really just not coming out today but so here's the first story here's the second story and we're gonna count this as a third story and these are the spenders she's gonna be walking on the whole thing is gonna be made out of Legos so this is going to look cool guys let's do it but I said we don't remember the last video I was in I was a loser see right over here I mean I said yes to her for 24 hours and one of the toys that we bought what is this green little crocodile right here next once you guys to know that it is still alive so the heads a little a little off but other than that it's still alive and Lucy loves and it's her best friend right well make sure to go check that video out it's gonna be the little scription below while your guys are gonna subscribe to do see right here and don't forget subscribe to my channel at Annie's world and it's gonna be in the description Lulu get this video to 10,000 likes if you want us to build something out of Legos or Lucy or here alright guys I think I'm ready we're gonna start building come on please they're going to milk the base first and I don't what color we should build it up it's a kind of a color coordinated being really choose blue cuz that's them that's the color I like no sub alright guys so we have the bass done and now we have to start building it upwards so I guess this is the tricky part well close we make the stem up yellow so er are supposed to build it out outward here I'm really hoping this comes out sturdy at the end okay we should keep building up okay we're gonna figure out we're gonna put here later because I can't really figure out right now how to make it sturdy we're just gonna put here you want it up the second-story I think we should actually build a second-story right here so we're gonna how do we build it the first time I forgot I think we did it like this so if you can see we have two stories already and we have to make the third story all the way up here which is going to be taller than me so we're gonna see how that's gonna work out okay okay sinister towards on if you like Bob the Builder all right guys so I think it's time that we build the third story now short for this bigger baby all right guys bomb build apart – I can't really see up what's going on up there right so we got the base all right and we got the first story we got a little peak for her here to jump on and a peak for her here to jump on and we got second story and then we got another peak and then we got a third story and see what's going on there so I can't see cuz I'm too short all right so it's pretty solid it's a pretty big area all right so here is the berry huh this is not safe this is very not safe how do I turn back okay you guys can see you guys it's very tall I'm 5 foot 3 and this is taller than me so here's the very top it's a perfect amount and it's very sturdy for her to sit on hopefully she doesn't like move it around then I don't know how that's gonna work it's pretty wobbly so what I'm thinking right now is we can put stopped we can like put a little piece for her to sit on here a piece for her to sit on there and then I think the top is fine the way it is if you don't have any more yellows after all these blocks we're gonna use green to make it look like the leaves I think that's gonna lecture them make it look really cool so we're gonna see how that works out all right let's go guys all right I mean the puffs flapping it and it's still pretty sturdy I think not little definitely fitted like I think she'll definitely not knock it over so she's the bobble is just one pound so I decided we're going to cover the top in green too so it kind of goes to the whole tree look of it I can't reach we can make it a little house for her up there so I can look more like a tree house I think I'd say I should really good idea I think I'm gonna do that right now okay so I built the first red base for the house and now ready to go up there and do the second layer you know if not as a little live here all the wild little in this tree so we build up all the walls so I think we're had to do the roof now a balloon roof so that it looks kind of cooler I never ended because we need more blue in the tree how many we need colors guys we need colors guys are the colors all are and this is what I'm using it for I think my education has gone very good uh-oh there's Lucy hairs inside the Lego houses okay I can't see what's going on there I hope it's good look the skyscraper this is the size of an actual tree at this point all ng please go see it I can't alright guys I think we are finished it's pretty big oh my god this is a first story and we got the second story right over here we got the peak we got another peak for her to jump on and we got another peak over here back there and first story it's like a story then we got a third story right over there with the house itself and let me just say guys this thing is humongous I'm 5 foot 3 and it's like bigger than twice the size of me and what I think we should do now is we should get measuring tape and see how tall this is because it's literally you won't get food guys five foot three and it goes well above my head so we're gonna see how big is our knowledge in house all right guys we have a measure of paper right over here and we see how all this guy is hopefully we can measure this not only do I suck at building stuff out of Legos but I don't know how to measure stuff with measuring tape so that's gonna be a little bit of a problem let's go get it on right now and we're gonna see how she reacts to it all right guys like fountain on camera right over here guys go for Instagram at Nala cat Mikey okay so feels like I don't want to be here all right guys guys you know I'm not a reacts to the treehouse she does not look that interested at the moment all right so I'm gonna put her on the first story and see how she reacts ready yeah she knows what to do [Applause] she don't sign this right guys so he's gonna put her on to the third story because Ellen wasn't built the best she's a little bit too afraid to go on there right now whether the future she'll definitely want to go up there so I'm gonna put her up in the third story right now all right she's up in there can't believe she's got up eight feet oh my god Nala you are a champ what she likes it all right guys I think nul actually really likes it I know yeah not sure just like I don't know how to get over there not a chimp she's like all right guys I'm done with this video we're done all right guys I think this video is an actual success we have an eight foot three story cat Leo treehouse which Nala love yeah so to see more Lego videos make sure to get this video to 10,000 lights make sure to scratch my channel guys andis world link is gonna be in the description below leave a like and make sure you go comment down below you want to see more like o videos and more videos of me taking over all right guys I think this video came out perfect she's like stop this


  1. I can tell Annie is your sister you guys are both so crazy and funny?. Keep up the amazing work both of you

  2. Moose I make four story Lego house for my dog but he started going in through window not door and all broke my four story took me 2 hours and he broke it plz like moose

  3. Come to England for a week. :- and do more roblox and look for a Steve that I created called orange Steve.

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