Woodland Pest Control Shooting with the Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter

I’m Eddie Jones ambassador for Air Arms.
Today, we’re in the Staffordshire countryside again we’re gonna have a
walk around these woods to start with, there’s been a few more squirrels seen
from the last time I was here, so we’ve got to keep on top of them. The squirrels
have moved towards the house now and the start to bite into the wooden barns.
We’re gonna do that for the start of the day and then we’ll move down to the
bottom wood. I know there’s a few rabbits in there. As
you would have seen last time when I was here with Andy Watkins, we did take a rabbit
down by the gorse down at the bottom of the wood, so we’re gonna go down there. We
know there’s a lot of rabbits down there, the farmer has mentioned, it there’s a
lot of grass being taken away and that is a hay field so you want some more of
them taken out. This afternoon we’ll move down there, but this morning priorities
the squirrels, to keep them away from the farm. So, as soon as we got here I noticed up
in the beachmaster we’ve got a squirrel. He was happily feeding away, didn’t have
a clue. The wind was blowing it about I did wait I had a lovely rest, got the
perfect shot just as I pulled the triggers turned away to get some more of
the beechmast. It happens, it’s annoying and I’ve lost him in the tree somewhere.
He did I thought he might have come down but we didn’t see him run on the ground.
He’s probably up there hiding somewhere. But, I can’t find him. That’s the way it
goes, we did wait but he got away we’ll try and find another. We’ve walked about 50 yards from
where we had the last, well we didn’t have the last squirrel, we missed the last squirrel. Come round the corner I noticed something in one of the thickest part
the trees, just a little gray shape I did use a thermal just to identify what it
was. The squirrel just on the side of the tree, luckily there’s no wind around here. It was on a thick part of the tree, really still shot, managed to take it from a nice,
clean kill. so hopefully we’ve got some more to come. Just come into this small wood now there
is a few squirrels in here but I know there’s rabbits in here as well. So, I’m
gonna try and not use a thermal as much as I usually do, not everyone’s got
access to a thermal, so I’m gonna try and keep it to a minimum today, but with
the cover on the ground I’ll be still looking for rabbits through the thermal.
I know there’s some in here, you never know, we might get one. I’ll try and keep the thermal limit pocket today. We were just we were just walking
through the just a gap in the wood there I did notice a pigeon in solitary. If
you see the grey of it, there’s only 20 yards away, I’ve lifted the rifle and
I’ve had a closer look and I know he sees shoes on the nest. I had a feeling
for her to be sitting there that not flown off, there must be something
wrong. We’ve come closer to the holly tree now and we confirmed there was a nest on
there. I can see from the bottom that there is eggs on there now. I am a pest controller
but, I also believe in wildlife management and me shooting that pigeon
on the nest, isn’t controlling any pests. It’s not doing any problems sat there on the nest. So, I don’t want to shoot it. if she’s causing crop damage, different
matter it needs to go. But, while it’s starting the nest don’t need to go, I
don’t need to shoot everything now come across. So, we’re gonna leave her, hopefully
raise them chicks, if they cause damage later in life, then that’s their problem. At the minute I want to leave them alone. We’ve just come into another small wood.
As we were walking up the path we could hear something running around in the dry
grass beyond the hill. We’ve gone up and had a look, there’s a squirrel that’s shot up the tree. Had a good job finding him, took the shot the wind was blowing a bit I
waited and waited thought I was okay but I missed him just come back down the
tree into another tree this time luckily we managed to get him it’s getting really hard with the amount of movement in the tops of the trees.
So we’ll moved out another wood with hopefully we’ll get a better chance. Not making it excuse, I missed but we’ll carry on. We’ve just had a walk along this bottom
of this bank, usually get a rabbit here and got mixed feelings about this one.
Well, I’m glad I shot a rabbit I’m sad to see why. It should have really ran off
with the noise were making, it’s like walking on cornflakes, but now I’ve shot it I
can understand why, he’s got myxomatosis. Really horrible disease for a rabbit, so
that’s why I’m glad I’ve shot it we’ve put down in the 1960’s to
control the rabbit population, but when you actually see what it does to a
rabbit it’s not very nice. This rabbit would have been suffering. It’s ended now, which I’m glad for. But, this ain’t got give me any own
confidence for the rest of the ground with the rabbits. Hopefully it’s not
going to be all through it but if it is I’m gonna have to come up here and try
and clear much of this out as I can. otherwise the young they’re not going to
get through it. So yeah, we’ve got a rabbit, but it’s a sad reason why. Right, so the plan of attack for the rabbit as
you’ve seen last time in the last video we were shooting from that wood there, we
managed to get one on the gorse that was there. But the plan of attack was to lie
in the wood, get these out coming out horses the last couple of days have
ripped the gorses out, I didn’t know about it so it’s really messed the plans up for
what we wanted to do. You can see from the grass, it’s a foot what I down here.
It’s a few inches all the way around that course that’s why the farmer wanted them gone. It’s a lot of it is gonna be hay that they’re not gonna gather so
that was the reason I was coming obviously the rabbits have got to go
somewhere that we’re living in the gorse. So, the plan is they’re running the wood
so they’re gonna try to get a few out of the wood there. Okay, a good way to shoot rabbits flying
about 30 yards out in the field. So, you want to make sure you’re in the right spot.
This tells you everything, the grass has got, it’s only an inch high. So you know what’s in here. You have the runs coming out the fence,
just look for any sign where the rabbits are. Thirty yards out in the field, just lie there on a bipod your shoot these all evening long. Well, we’ve had a couple of hours in
the wood, you got one on the far bank, where we intended lying down, waiting for
them to come through the Gulf’s. But, obviously they’ve moved into the woods,
so I knew we had to feed them to get some what sort on the far bank. We also
had a fox come through, that went straight to be where we were intending
shooting rabbit and we waited for an hour in nothing’s some out since then. So,
obviously he’s let sent all over the place they’re not coming out yet. So, we decided to come another walk down the woods bit further, we ended up with that last squirrel. It’s one of them you are either come in for the rabbits or you’re come for squirrels. You can walk round this wood all day, if you’re not paying attention
to the ground you ain’t gonna see rabbits if you’re going to look for squirrels.
Make your mind up what you want to do rabbits or squirrels. If that
gorse haven’t had been there we would have definitely had a good session here. I
know for the fact there’s a lot of rabbits in that gorse. We’ll come
back again it’s gonna be a lot harder from now because the ferns and growing
but I won’t give up. I’ll go out in the fields and lie in that grass I’ll still
shoot plenty rabbits so it ain’t going to be the end of the world as soon as
everything grows, you’ve got to change your tactics you know for the next I
remember come on we’ll all lie out in the field and we’ll show you and I’ll tell
you what I’ll do, as I just lie out the fields and then what you can get. So, today we’ve come out with the
Ultimate Sporter it’s in .177. Fitted to it I’ve got a Hawke Sidewinder 3×12 – 50 fitted with a sunshade that’s just to stop any glare if I’m shooting pigeons,
I don’t want to seen the front of the lens. As you can see we fitted it with
the lens cover, it does help in the rain, I’ve took the one off the back because I
use it for nighttime shooting with the camera system it just gets in the way if I’m
using that so the only reason I’m not going on the back. Again, my favorite side
lever action. I prefer this, it’s silky smooth it’s never gone wrong with the 10
shot rotary magazine, I love it. Faultless. The one thing I do like about
the Ultimate Sporter is the stock, nice and chunky grip on the front I’m not too
keen on a really thin stock, this fits my hand perfect. Beautiful grain especially
with the camouflage, it blends in well with any of the foliage. On this part the
cheek piece this will fit anybody’s face it will adjust any direction, any angle
and it will fit yes perfect along with the scope. The balance is perfect, as soon
as it’s in the shoulder all the weights back here even with a big scope like the Sidewinder. The trigger, the standard on all Air Arms rifles, really
slick. You can adjust it right down to hardly touching it. If you want to go
that way but I prefer a little bit more weight for safety reasons, anyway I don’t
want to be pulling the trigger in it and then going off. Safety, I know it’s not
everyone’s cup of tea being on the trigger but it’s exactly where I think
you should be another key feature I like about the stock As standard, you’ve got
the duds for your fling and a bipod. They’re fitted as standard. I do use a
sling a lot on most of my rifles especially when I’m using the thermal,
it’s a lot easier to have your hands-free. Bipod as well especially like
we mentioned you can lie down in the field, put the bipod straight on I do use the bipod a lot in summer when rabbits you inside perfectly that’s
already attached and the Air Arms quick fill is so simple to use the t-bar it
locks into place when you fill it. That’s one thing they like, I’ve had the push
ones in before and they have shot out and they’ve not been incorrectly all the
o-rings working, so safety’s paramount and that’s
one of my favorite ways of filling a gun. Another key feature I liked about
the Ultimate Sporter is the Q-tech silencer. I haven’t heard any silence on the
market any quiet and this on an Ultimate, yeah it won’t be going
anywhere not on any of the Air Arms rifles. Some other kit that we’ve been using today is a rangefinder this one from Hawke the
LRF 600 professional. For air rifle shooting it’s a must. You need one of these. I’m just out in open fields, quite easily guess the distances I’m
shooting when you looking up it trees it’s riddles you think there are a lot
further than the off this will confirm it could be 15 yards closer than what it
actually looks like and it’ll make all the differences for your shooting. Anyone
starting out shoot I definitely get one of these. It’s a massive help. In all the
Air Arms rifles I shoot the Diablo Field from Air Arms. They’re a really good
pellet, nice clean pellet. Very rarely you’ll get a damage pellet, limited
again I’ve used the Pulsar Quantum Light 30 V. I’ve tried not to use it as much
today, not everyone’s gonna have access to one of these so I’ve gone back to how
I like to shoot, in some parts of the wood when there’s ferns you need one, it does help and you can just see a bit of a body and just you can use a scope
then just to make sure it’s a rabbit. I still shot plenty today without
using that as much. One last thing I would recommend is gloves and a headnet.
I now have any had my gloves on today and most of the filming we do I
don’t have my headnet. But, we still shoot quite a few things without it so I
know what would shoot a lot more with a headnet on but then you’ve got a
cameraman walking around with you as well but I know for a fact if I was shooting myself I wouldn’t go without gloves or a headnet. Well we’ve come to the end of another
day shooting, it’s been a beautiful day to be fair. As you seen when we were walking
around you can see how short the grass was in the areas of the believe feeding. It’s importantly keeping in control of the pests that were on the
ground. The farmer doesn’t want to see his land overrun, so as long as we can keep
coming out, taking a few, I don’t want to eradicate them so long as he’s happy I’m
happy and it keeps me on the ground as well. Again the Ultimate Sporter, it’s
been faultless today. The odd misses have been due to the wind and maybe me. When
I’m on the game there’s no way this is gonna let me down, it’s exactly as it
could be so overall not a great day’s shoot we really enjoyed it.

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  1. Very rare i get a damaged pellet in a tin….well mate you must get special tins that are sorted for you

  2. Absolutely quality video… and what a beautiful rifle. I say that because it's my setup and I absolutely love it. Quality piece of kit from Air Arms!

  3. Hello. Your cheek piece looks like for left handers because your cheek resting on the " sharp " side .?? Should n´t the cheek rest on the curved side ? Anyhow , it is a master piece of an air rifle !!!

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