Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Women

[Laughter] so today we are answering the most googled questions about women women I'm hoping most of them are about women and for women I think gonna be mean they're like why are women such bitches I have a feeling there's gonna be some priory it's only natural I think we're gonna get a lot of like biological questions why do women go to the bathroom with each other why do women look so freakin good all the time I don't have a lot of high hopes oh we're gonna be here for a while I find it fun it's like a fun little thing you get to do and you go out it makes me look less dead I would be a walking corpse if I didn't wear a red lipstick it brings out our features and it makes us in the boss auspicious it feels very therapeutic it's also like artistic like look at her shins right now she's like killing the game it tells me a lot about her aesthetic and wearing your natural face without any makeup I think it's seen as beautiful more now but like a few years ago it was kind of like you have to wear makeup historically men wore makeup powdered wigs and powdered faces and high heels the drag was on point I'm gonna have to go with the patriarchy on this one it just depends on what I did for Thanksgiving women's clothes are not so tight some women walk those are sorry if there's two different answers there's why are clothes made this way for women and then there's why do women wear these clothes they wear the clothes because that's what's offered to celebrate our curves and to celebrate the natural aesthetic that the female body is also it's sexy some women like to show off their bodies cuz that's their prerogative and their bodies are beautiful why are your short so long that is a good question I don't know I don't know we even created a market of women feeling powerful through their beauty so you can charge more for women's products shorter it is the easier it is to mess up so I feel like men's haircuts should be insane I think the way to trap women into spending more money it's a racket I don't women wear thong Cesare the early 2000s in like Paris Hilton and so there's no life ya know underwear line still no you're wearing underwear god forbid I actually loved thong I hate songs I love grandma panties this is porn free game that's what that question song they're gross therefore your butthole if you find a good comfy Donn great but you don't have to wear it you're gonna see a panty line no matter what if you don't want to see a panty line go commando women wear thongs because of Cisco I don't know if the team's know about that one hey Google that Gen Z oh yeah yeah I think it's up to each woman to decide if she's attractive to beards or not yeah she's a little texture of my saddle you know what I mean I personally don't but I think they look good aesthetically if they have a long beard they better not give a if I shaved beards make my kitty part like I mean I even gonna live even as a gay woman I like a man with a beard but women do not like mustaches no the key here is you need the full thing that's hot yeah women have very different preferences for how much muscle tone both in men and women I'm not necessarily into like super big muscles but again that's my preference and there's nothing wrong with those I like my men thick I'm a thick woman and so I need to feel like I'm not gonna break you I just don't always like the mentality that's associated with muscled men who cares about the muscles just dress queue at the end of the day always work on what's happening inside first because if you're trying to attract someone it doesn't matter how many muscles you are if you're a garbage human being and it's still not sure I'm sweating right now so on our floor there used to be a lot more men sitting on it and they would always be like it's too hot and be like it's too cold and I don't know I read some study about how we interpret temperature differently the temperature is set with men in mind that's just whatever your body is like they're dudes I get cold we all come from different climates we have different Heritage's and that probably has something to do with how our bodies interact with cold and heat our lip gloss is made of ice it is a government woman only secret but it's true ice that's science for you we could ask that of any person on this earth and the answer would be different a relationship is all about balance and having someone that supports you in everything that you do end of the day we want to be satiated I want to be able to trust you I want to be in my own individual and I would like a dog you want somebody to share yourself with across the board everyone just wants to be truly loved yeah you're loved and known like I understand you as a person if you're interested in someone you should ask that girl what they're looking for in a relationship ask for a question why see get to know to come yes candy bars I'm a sleepy derp so sometimes I wake up and I reach for something if I tell you this is not going to satisfy me don't say oh but I'm gonna do it in a way that it will and you're gonna look foolish like you're gonna look dumb you want good sex but after it's over you want to feel like they still love you I know to fall asleep immediately right try not to fall asleep like too quick mean to give it like five minutes I think what women want in bed is someone to appreciate their unique desires and take the time to learn what those movie just let us tell you what I want we're gonna let you know and then can you do it we're coming to cut your internet off that's it women's rights are human rights for people it's gonna if we didn't have women we wouldn't have a population we offer a different perspective that I think is really needed in our society right now everyone just wants to be loved and respected as someone who gets a lot of like what can we do to help black people I am kind of glad that people are googling these questions I guess rather than going up to women and being like why do you deserve rights equal rights across the board about gender sex a Missa tee orientation any of that stuff does it mean that it's taking away from anyone at the top without your mother you would not be here and she deserves every right that your father you or your brother has thank you so much Google people what you trying to get from us they are though yeah I always think that I like look around that I'm like wow this world is so lucky makes your heart melt is it because of our makeup our hair our clothes our personality our intelligence our spirit there are so many things that make each and every one of us beautiful I think that all women are strong and that's what makes them beautiful I was surprised by these questions they were deep you

38 thoughts on “Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Women

  1. I don’t understand why they complain about women’s rights. I have grown up in a Christian pewdipie upbringing. I know nothing but respekt for wahmen.

  2. Okay one thing though. When the blonde girl say that without women we wouldn’t have a population. That is true but it goes both way for men and women

  3. Women get colder because our bodies keeps are productive organs and other working organs warmer to work better. So therefore we feel cold more on the outside or more like on our feet and places like that

  4. So when someone says "*Women are the only reason your even here*."

    And then someone claps back with "*Yeah but men are needed to make a baby to*."

    I say:
    Yes but women are the ones who carry the baby, and to through all that pain to birth you, through throwing up, and mood swings just to give you life.

    And my brother has the nerve to tell me I'm a dishwasher
    Or a sandwich maker

    What a horrible thing to do.

    (Also I'm not saying anything like women are better then men, or trying to be rude. Just speaking the truth.)

  5. I haven’t gotten to the questions yet but I stg if any of these personal questions are answered by MEN imma fight them

  6. “Women wear tight clothes because that’s what’s offered” ….. Women wear tight clothes because they want to… Its not all women for example I don’t like wearing tight clothes but for u to say that women decide to wear tight clothes bc it’s what is “offered” is bs.

  7. I hate being a girl but I think being boy is hard too I wish I was no gender 😀 yes ima alien >:) ????

  8. I want breakfast in bed. Scones and tea with only 2 and a half spoons of sugar in the tea, if you don’t stir it up get ready to pack your bags. I also like croissants.

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