Woman Upset Over "Broken Rules" At Dog Park

so this guy is giving me problems because I asked him to close the gate I asked them to I made a comment cuz the gate was open he wanted to open his miserable mouth with his miserable dumb friend but a new jack see the stock part that doesn't know the words by the way I have followers of mister what do you have what do you have fuck it's 8 friends I could tell fucking knows miserable miserable thank you he is but look at him we would she not requested now was she not recording what it's about Mike is about my dog running out the gate my intention was okay he took it too far I know this is not the first time he's got issues I know that but to put your camera off of me when everyone knows that you're being rude hi girls okay I'm just pretty I'm just protecting myself over here

17 thoughts on “Woman Upset Over "Broken Rules" At Dog Park

  1. The saddest part is that this lady has an instagram profile "Maximus_rollerskater" with over 40k followers. I feel bad for the dog as she uses him for the views and clout as you can clearly tell in the video with her belittling others over her following.

  2. Okay I'm assuming her dog is the one in the contraption and she's worried about it getting out of an open gate that's funny she has issues

  3. “I have friend on instagram, what do you have ?” and then calling your girlfriend miserable. What pieces of shit.

  4. you are one nasty cunt trying to arouse anger in the people nearby by shouting 'he's harassing me he's harassing me' – when he clearly wasn't….it appeared that *you* started with the harassment. You are one devious bitch who probably needs therapy or mental health treatment. You should be given a wide birth….. (meaning kept away from)

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