Woman confronted about leaving dog in hot car, fakes panic attack, plays victim

well do you have a dog in the car yes sir I go with the car thank you I got enough it's up to 88 degrees oh I would never look this man's was it for half hour okay and you believe your dog in the sack I'm sorry oh here we go another victim he's like freestyle this mental bubble okay I love talking so much and all I want to say is it will first of all it wasn't happen it's been 30 I've been monitoring that great I'm not playin out to be the backup please crack the work though all over the world and that I was gonna leave because I don't like ever leave them in the car I don't do that this is ever about by the private world thank you cuz I understand the position I'll be absorbed I respect you you don't know me I respect your position intro you made a decision okay what I'm trying to tell you it's just them Chucky right now based on like a bet you think I could be but I'm feeling you definitely are I don't feel it they are very like but I can't I can't I feel like you are judging you because the way that your body languages and like you let up now you can't but you don't have like any like okay he's very wealthy he's so good want you to put your dog okay however I never go into lieutenant Carr if I feel like I don't I don't like I don't like I love you so much okay it's just some show that even cooler temperatures Oh sir I said I know that open the window I'm not an asshole on the news on the Somerville lose I can do this are you getting so hey this is my dog who's awesome and yeah that's it wait why don't you guys talk since this guy wants you he already are very recordable okay so so why don't you skip the card see we're good to go why are we why am i good to go is he taking care of is he okay yeah so say there you go you can shut off your phone now

6 thoughts on “Woman confronted about leaving dog in hot car, fakes panic attack, plays victim

  1. He's not even panting, give me a break. This fat ass needs to get off his high horse and read up on the laws !
    It is not against the law to leave a dog in a car and it certainly wouldn't be a fucking felony if they changed it to make it against the law.
    This fat ass " thinks " he's somebody which he clearly isn't .
    Given the circumstances, you can leave a dog in a car ALL DAY LOOOOONG , as long as it's safe to do so.

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