Woman Adopts a Tiny Puppy Without Knowing What It’d Grow Up To Bee

this woman took in a cute and tiny puppy
but one year later it was basically a giant when you miss a loogey first took
her dog Titus home he was the cutest little thing imaginable however as the
months passed he completely transformed by the time he reached his first
birthday he was positively humongous salucci comes from Johannesburg South
Africa and it’s safe to say that she’s a big dog lover she even has an Instagram
page devoted to her beloved pooches seven-year-old tre and three-year-old
Titus Titus first came into salukis family when she adopted him at just two
weeks old judging by her Instagram page she was instantly smitten with the
animal and it’s not hard to see why at the time he was a tiny ball of white and
gray fluff however it was unlikely that he would stay that way forever Mike all
puppies Titus has lots of growing up to do however he had more growing ahead
than most that’s because Titus is an Alaskan
Malamute a breed that’s capable of reaching a healthy weight of 100 pounds
Alaskan Malamutes were traditional working dogs trained to pull sleds in
the Arctic with that in mind they’re extremely strong animals and have the
stamina to carry heavy cargo across long distances furthermore they can hunt
seals and even polar bears so also loogey could do was look on as
her precious puppy transformed from a cute little canine into a powerful pooch
as the months passed he grew larger and larger and a thick mane of glossy hair
replaced his formerly fluffy fur by the time Titus was two-and-a-half years old
he weighed something between 110 and 120 pounds moreover he was almost as tall as
Cellucci when he stood on his hind legs but while he boasted monstrous
proportions he was a gentle giant in fact Titus was so docile that
Cellucci referred to him as her big baby video footage of the pair shows the dog
pinning her owner in a search of some attention in another clip he Liza’s huge
head in her lap to enjoy a chin massage Titus’s demeanor is not unusual for his
breed in fact Alaskan Malamutes are known for their outgoing nature they’re
extremely approachable dogs and will find any excuse to play with friends and
strangers alike given Titus’s size and friendly disposition he’s quite the
celebrity in his neighborhood wherever we go even just for a walk around the
block we get stopped and asked about his size age and most often what breed is he
Cellucci told the dodo in 2017 however while her dog walks may take
longer than other peoples Cellucci didn’t seem to mind stopping for Titus
as many fans after all she could understand people’s interest in him I
guess it’s not often that you see a lion dog walking the street she said when
most people meet Titus their usual reaction is complete wonderment in fact
it sometimes takes them a few moments to adjust to what they’re seeing his
fluffiness is the first thing that catches attention then his size suji
revealed luckily Titus is amazing appearance
isn’t the only thing that the dog is going for him if his looks didn’t get
your attention his personality definitely will Cellucci
enthused so it seems there’s nothing not to love about the colossal canine
according to his owner Titus is luscious Mane makes him look larger than he
actually is to be honest his size comes from all
that magical fluff Cellucci said however he still has no problem beating her in a
wrestling match although Cellucci loves every inch of
her playful pup she hopes that titus is done with growing I don’t think you’ll
get any bigger now and that’s okay I might get crushed if he does she joked
since bringing Titus home Cellucci is regularly posted about him on Instagram
the page dedicated to both Titus and her other dog Trey now has an impressive 147
thousand followers and they can’t get enough of the two big boys however it’s
Titus in particular that can boast a dedicated legion of fans anyone update
featuring the dog can be expected to attract thousands of likes
not to mention dozens of common from his doting fans one such message on
a photograph of Titus snuggling up to salut gee red big fluff with a big heart
you’re a keeper Titus any person would be happy to have
you meanwhile another person simply added he is so cute at another post
which showed Titus sporting a pair of sunglasses one fan wrote super cool
Titus lots of love and blessings to you me and my brother loved this picture so
much it really made our day given his personality salut gee isn’t surprised
that Titus has won the heart of the Internet he’s an amazing soul that earns
everyone’s affection she gushed he’s a little charmer or a giant charmer

10 thoughts on “Woman Adopts a Tiny Puppy Without Knowing What It’d Grow Up To Bee

  1. Gorgeous dog! But… shouldn't be too surprised about how big he grew up to be. As most places tell you to do your research before you get an animal. All puppies are tiny; most dogs don't stay the tiny size forever! Even Chihuahua puppies grow bigger than when they come out!

  2. If she would have looked first to his paws instead of his adorable puppy head and eyes, then she maybe wouldn't have take him home. But now this giant have a good and loving home, and she is very happy with her Titus. Maybe it was predestined.

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