hello and welcome to animal watch and this week we're talking baby caucasian shepherd the caucasian shepherd otherwise known as the Caucasian of charka or russian bear dog is a formidable giant claimed by russia as their national dog but fiercely contested by georgia has been dogs which were in fact developed in their country originally bred in the Caucasian mountains to defend flocks of livestock against wild predators such as wolves and bears they have developed a reputation as one of the only dog breeds to be able to actually kill one of these powerful wild predators but is this true or are they simply deterrents an effective and powerful dog whose presence is simply enough to keep wild animals away from livestock or can they actually kill a large predator also seen in many online clips as being ferocious property Guardians and effective in man training these animals suggests that perhaps they are better off suited to living outside and away from families so is all of this imagery correct or are we being sold a particular image of what some people would like others to view this breed as perhaps these dogs can be kept as pets in the home and will treasure their family and other animals perhaps they are not wolf killers but simply sold an image as dogs that look like they could what is the truth today I will reveal the answers to all of the above and more I am visiting UK caucasian Shepherd expert Brendan Monahan who keeps one of the UK's largest male Caucasian Shepherds and he has a little surprise for me or so I should say a few hi Anika don't no surprise for you today hello look at this caucasian shepherd puppies Wow and then aw yes coming out with a big surprise for you how the just seven weeks now seven weeks of long people's full grown dogs are that size hey you guys are so cute he weighs about stolen him already [Applause] hello I'm here with Brendan Monahan and look what we've got we've got a massive pile of caucasian Shepherd puppies and of course I visited you didn't I good a month or so ago where we met the father of this litter Maximus he looks like a gladiator dog if ever I've seen one he's huge we've got quite a lot of comments that came up on the forum below the last video so we thought that we've talked a little bit about some of the things that people were saying that you can click the information bar at the top of the page which will take you to the last video and you can see the adults and you can hear about what we spoke about last time one of the first things that was brought up was the origins of the caucasian shepherd obviously they came from the Caucasian mountains and there's been a little bit of a debate whether this is a Russian dog or a Brendan what's your take on this well after a lot of research there's obviously this this breed was back to in a thousand years maybe longer first founded in the Georgia Mountains like you just said but the u.s. people they found it in brought into their Kennel Club in 1930 and start to show it in Germany in the 1930s so I think they just thought like claimed it as their own a little bit but originally the air from Georgia and surrounding areas of Georgia but now you can find them anywhere Kalia and also the Russians and they show them quite strongly don't ya they're a big big breed in Russia as we were speaking in the last film you know they have got a reputation for being wolf killers but I wanted to go over a little bit more about that because the reputation of being a wolf killer versus the reality is it's very very complicated look at it this way these dogs were bred to be flock guardians that doesn't mean wolf kill at all they are a deterrent so of course you would have wolves in the area and the idea is you put the dogs in with the cattle and the walls won't touch the cattle that's the idea so these dogs in the sense of just being present hopefully would stop a wolf coming in but everybody out there you are right a wolf a very very large wolf versus one of these dogs a wolf would certainly take out the dog there's absolutely no doubt about it and a lot of the sources that you might find on the Internet a lot of them I've got to say look like they're dramatized documentaries yes staged but also there seems to be a human always involved sometimes it looks like it might be a wolf that's got trapped inside a pen with cattle and then maybe the human has injured the wolf in some way whether he's Club to the wolf or shot the wolf and then he set a pack of these dogs on the wolf and the dogs have actually finished the wolf off I'll tell you what I've noticed with this breed as well having them for all these years is whether German Shepherd well if he hears a noise little bark these seem to put the nose up in the air and smell and that's to do with smelling for wolves or predators or jackals are bears they're not just Maxon Xena doing if they smell it's all differently in the air they got mad and one of the other things that was brought up on the previous film a lot of people seem to feel that these dogs should not be represented as pets but we want to talk about that because we disagree with that now I've met Brendan's dogs they're laid-back they're incredibly loyal they stick to you like glue I would say what I noticed in the last video is the guarding instinct it's very very parent with them it's like anything else or any other breed if you don't put the time in that they're gonna be aggressive I'm out with mine every day meeting people talking to people educating people on the breed so at the end of the day I don't meet different types of people but when my dogs come home to where they live you know the obviously little guard that's what they do it's like any other dog you ignore it you don't socialize it you don't have it meet children you tie it up outside the house it's a farm dog and it does nothing else gonna be a dangerous dog that it will become a dangerous dog so certainly this isn't a dangerous breed as long as the owner puts in all of the work that is needed and you can see these puppies I have socialized these from like say past 5:00 in the morning I'm with these yeah it's around o'clock 10 o'clock at night yeah and so I mean you know people come down all the time to see them yeah all the wrong people on site for a dog like this it needs a good space it needs to be taken out and he's been walked least twice three times a day like any dog they're very much the same trainers I found was having them for years as a German Shepherd these are a little bit more docile but obviously in the wrong hands dogs will always look for pack leader so when you get a caucasian shepherd that weighs a lot you need to be a very effective this this breed this breed doesn't want to be in charge it wants to follow yeah but as soon as they stop following and once being charged and you know problems of course I mean this is when you get a lot of progression with dog is when they actually feel that the human is not an effective leader anymore so they feel they actually have to do the job that's a challenge if you're the pack leader whatever you say I'll do so it should be okay when you've knocked on my door and I've had Maximus here it's awesome Brendan's he let you in so that's fine by me if I wasn't in obviously then it's a different story once a magazine or a Maximus if people come round here which my sisters and families do the dogs is part of the family you know they're not aggressive towards him or anything you said to me they tend to bond quite heavily with like one person a lot of the time this breed could have been for six or seven months in the mountains we just one shepherd yeah you know and it's loyal to that man so obviously stats still in their DNA even thousands of years later did love family the she the cattle you know that's their family so I won't have any comments underneath my film saying that they're aggressive or nasty dogs I won't have it it's it's you as an owner makes the dog and yes so I hope we've cleared up some of the questions if you would like to ask any more questions please feel free to write your comments underneath and we will do our best to to answer it and likewise if you would like to find out more about caucasian shepherds and contact brendan he's got a website which is northwest caucasian shepherds contact me and ask me any questions or anything you want if you enjoyed this episode of animal watch please remember to give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to the channel by clicking the button in the bottom hand corner and as i said earlier if you'd like to watch the other caucasian shepherd video you can pop by and i'll pop the information bar up there again so you can check it out and yes feel filled feel free to comment and remember to check in every single week where i will be bringing you some fantastic episodes on dogs wolves animal rescue wildlife and conservation bye for now


  1. CHECK THE FACTS !!! >>> It's doesn't have anything in common with Russia. It is a pure Caucasian breed and mostly found in Georgia that has always been the most important region of penetration of the Caucasian dogs… Russians just stole these breeds after the war with Caucasian people and announced them as Russian ones, which for sure is not a TRUE at all (and not only so called "Caucasian Shepherd" but many others too)… And, by the way, Caucasian Shepherd is not the breed that had been developed by the humans via artificial selection, but it's an endemic natural Caucasian breed which is one of the oldest and ancient dogs in the world >>> CHECK THE FACTS !!!

  2. Only a Kangal kan kill a large Wolf. These Kangal dogs are different from other Kangal dogs and called Panter, Kurtcu etc.
    They fight to death.

  3. Yes they are very good dogs. Like any dog, they need training and leadership. Excellent home guardians and they need a lot of space.

  4. I have 3 cats, and 20+ deer and a 1000 birds that trust me just the other day a finch landed on my shoulder and tried to say thanks and then flew off, when you can gain the trust of a wild animal it warms the soul

  5. In Germany a police officer recently shot a caucasian ovcharka since it bit him. It made me very angry tho because I think no dogs deserve to be shot. There were other ways to solve this problem. I own a Caucasian Ovcharka mixed breed myself since he was a puppy and he is the kindest being I ever met, he would never kill, but he would attack strangers when it comes to protecting his humans or territory.

  6. I think the Russian variant were breed to guard the gulags whereas the original Georgian breed guarded sheep.

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