Wobble Wag Giggle™ Ball (Official Commercial)

Your 4 legged friends are always looking to
have some fun, but when you’re not around they can be lonely and tear up the town. Not
anymore, introducing wobble wag giggle ball. The interactive ball that makes the most hilarious
sounds. Turning a lonely day into a fun day of play while you’re away. Just a nudge from
their nose and off it goes. Wobbling around as it makes engaging play with me sounds.
wobble wag giggle ball uses unique sounds, colors, and motion designed to mimic human
laughter and joy. To engage your dog’s natural curiosity and instincts to play. And when
it’s caught and shaken it fills your dog with the pride of accomplishment. The secret are
three tubes inside the ball that let out sounds when rolled around. The six catch pockets
in the ball allow any sized dog to pick up the wobble wag giggle ball. Flexible pet safe
construction makes it super durable. Best of apple wobble wag giggle ball requires no
batteries. And unlike high pitched squeak toys that make your dog run away, plus you’ll
know when you’re not home he’ll never be alone with his wobble wag giggle ball.

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