Wizard101 Spring Update News! Eggbert Is Back! Easter Pets, Fish, Gear & More!

yeah yeah a look at it is so freakin cute I mean come on how cute can I be look at it what is up my love ease it is your girl Heather here and mouth hello and we are bringing a new guys our little Easter special our little Egbert welcome thing whatever you want to call it so we're welcoming a Bert into the spiral right now he's just an amazing guy I mean look at him he's dressed so cool and he's blue and pink which is weird because no other guys can be pink but he can Egbert you are just special a special guy all of your own and it looks like he has no hair okay I see her too back then right okay there's some hair yeah there's her well anyway hello Egbert hello and we welcome you to the spiral so right now we're gonna check out this stuff Egbert has to sell hello so with Egbert comes all these special stuff we got a wand we got floppy ear once we got the duck wand which is one of my favorites in the spiral then we have the staffs we have the duck staff then oh that's that's a spring chicken but it's only a Juanes out of staff and then we have the bunny Swan at that egg again egg staff let's go down to something you haven't seen like that one right there that's the staff these are all little hand wands and there is my beautiful beautiful chick you want staff that I love so much it's one of my favorite ones in the Spyro so you guys can come and check out all the things he has he also has this really neat diable egg now we were laughing because if you press white it becomes red right if you click red it becomes white if you click orange it becomes a lie bluh if you click green it becomes orange so if you click dark orange it becomes I don't even know what that is Green is blue blue is red purple is ah and yeah brown is the best colors ever black is yellow dark blue is purple mmm dark purple is pink and green is yep yellow is green I don't know guys but it was kind of amusing when we were going through this and seeing the different color so if you want white make sure you get red ok guys cuz it's just all whackadoo looks like what's he doing taking poop I don't know what that was but anyway so you can come and get these also in the crown shop yes in the crown shop they have a lot of different items that you can get which are the Prius sort of hair the the regular white bunny mount the pet egg that you can die just like the ones that you've seen let's see blue is purple purple is pink black is yeah same thing same thing peeps same thing I want like that one I really do Brown is yeah and white is red again yeah and red is white again alright so it's the same thing but you can buy that in the crown shop as well we also have these amazing cute little butterfly cheap mount cheap pets excuse me they're absolutely adorable what they give is a prism so there's the storm there is the myth and there is the balance and there you have it but last but not least the full bunny costume look at it we all love the bunny costume I wish we had more costumes like for every Halloween we would get something new like a new costume that we can dress up in because we all love our costumes I mean come on the Buddy Mound is just so cute I wish we had more of those and I know you guys agree now there's also some new fishes so what we are gonna do is go have ourselves a little contest as you can see we are all a heads we have a Easter livestream special coming Saturday this Saturday coming up you guys need to check out the live stream and white will be live on YouTube will be live on Twitch we're gonna give away all kinds of stuff and just have an amazing day so we are eggheads because we're gonna have an Easter egg hunt we are gonna take many people with our eggs and hide our eggs all over the spiral and you guys are gonna come and find them and win prizes when you do so make sure to check us out then but right now we are all gonna head excuse my dog for a minute you done oh no he's not anyway we're all gonna head over here to the comments right now we're gonna have a contest so you're gonna hear everybody in the call we're all gonna have a contest and see who can catch the Easter fish first so everybody come over here with me don't you cheat you guys I mean it hello can you guys yes say hi hi everybody alright so they are gonna hide do this to guys I'm waiting over here where are you guys come hither come hither in my little egg heads little egg since you guys are so cute okay nobody look I swear if you guys look where the fish are I'm gonna be so mad okay ready skies ready on your mark no looking on your mark get set go now you guys could look look look what a fishes are oh somebody already went out there so I know you look you little butt head oh oh oh I see one I want it okay I didn't see anything what lure is it death there's one death one life and one myth go guys go who's gonna be the one to catch it first just don't say nothing the valley if he catches them again this year at this oh my gosh you did yes yay go guys go keep going let's see who gets the next one and I got the life one yay yay yay look at it is so freaking cute I mean come on how cute can I be look at it it's a little bunny egg all right so we got I got the wife one let's go after the death one which I didn't see any death fish up in here let's see there's fire a lot of fire up in here I noticed I see somebody catching a death fish now over there oh yeah you caught something else really I'm gonna restock the pot oh I can't on this character okay so we're gonna look for a myth does that MIT I think that is okay so we're gonna go after a myth one right now come on myth eggy okay ii think he's coming towards me go myth eggy okay that a girl over it doesn't help honey you can't it doesn't reset your fish or anything to switch realms you don't get there's no other come on myth fishy myth is like a weird yellow color by the way my myth fish is moving so fast I can't like cast fast enough he's not going after it right up in his face he didn't take it come on myth fishy come on that's right in front of you dude go for it anybody else catch any yeah go after the life ones come on miss miss be it be it yeah yeah yes I don't have any death ones so go after mr. duck yep yep yep yep I got the Miss a mythic yay wait why do all my nice it is adorable got the death one you did amazing now I don't see it where's Val at I'm here have you caught it three of my fish get away mmm as you guys see I don't have any death fish in the pond so unfortunately I will have to wait and come back to catch the death one I'm gonna go over here and look make sure I'm not missing out on any death oh I do have a death one over here there's a death one over here so there's only one death in this whole place so you guys got to look the whole place over well I'm telling you that the death one isn't in the middle pond is over to the side I hope that wasn't the death fish I just got away wait hold up another ice okay that's the death one these are so adorable valve like how can you not catch one you don't see a life fish anywhere about death that's it that's it yeah if you see a death fish that's that's ba yeah I just got a death fish gonna be it oh no the only death sister debacle where did you catch the egg now just pot it caught it in front in front of you that was the death one that was the death one yeah I didn't even see it I was so looking at mine because I was catching mine yep I have no more death eggs and that right there there's a myth one over here to myth is yellow guys selfish it looks like a life egg no like I don't I'm there there you just have to find him or you ran it off or something because there was only one death death fish for me in this whole entire pond it was hidden way over there and then there was a myth but you guys got to understand that myth looks is different it looks like it would be like a life and then life is green you know life all right guys well we did our little fun contest and you know bout it and win this time so pretty happy about that go go go go no I'm glad you caught one though at least like catching one is is is all that you're really supposed to do alright guys so we're tell all of you Happy Easter we are so glad you guys came to it share your Easter whatever with us web cheer fun fishing whatever so we're gonna continue on with our day little fishing but uh we'll check it all out later bye say bye guys I got away from you away from you and I never going back there if it's the last thing I'll ever do but now it's all because it's already dead to me

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