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good day hello welcome today we are
setting up a wish haul yes this is our first water yeah we have
never bought anything from wish before know if had to scroll through a bit
because I’ve seen quite a few other youtubers do it and I thought hey cheap
stuff cheap weird random stuff sounds like our sort of place that’s where I
like to be then say today our focus is animal things so we haven’t really
decided on a budget we can just have a look we’ll just put things in our basket
go through at the end and see if we’ve lost our minds it’s too late for some of
us already so we’re going to be shopping for hamsters and guinea pigs and if I
happen to see anything really nice for anything sort of animal might get it
like a giraffe yeah should we just type in how much this we might get some weird
Hampstead the ant wings oh okay so you’re hammocks 2 pounds I’m 13
I like that it we searched hamsters and they’ve got veggies in them there’s a fluffy hammock winter birds
hanging cotton nest triangle-shaped breathable nest cave cage hammock plush
head for bird’s nest hammock well the feathers for birds but then in
this picture you got to really they’re definitely there let them wait what’s
this a good thing it is great my parents going to love it okay so just eyes what are the size
options we do plush okay just put one in a small one upstairs what color um I
said blue blue okay this is I’m fearful do you get – I don’t think thing well it
has to be a yellow one Oh exercise oh I could select the size
of the yellow banana the banana hamster pet house hammock squirrel Hedgehog bed
house cage nest hamster accessories it just sounds so cool the name so catchy
and it came very early why would you say that about a delivery show you that’s
good this guy average of four stars hmm also it’s great for long now was it
a must what I’m trying to keep it okay whales that is me so sucks I bet it’s up there it’s gonna
make me so happy that Rhino was anything in a monster I think we have to go up to
piss a octopus hello um I quite like the blue yeah we’re like
the blue right to pound toy guinea pig cage hamster toy tubes bed for little
cat Hedgehog that’s a cheap one okay okay okay say sighs you got to wail
three-way it say like that oh yeah and then you got a different color so okay let’s go down it’s got more stir stir
he’s a clean bit smaller rattle of a great size for my guinea pigs now that
are still small have very happy rat O’s okay so I think we go for a – Baba but
the thing is this hangs and I saw this I think Aaron Aaron tan ones got this and
he’s hang from the bottom so that opening is absolutely so she removed and
then sewed it to top which I could do up to you it’s whether we think it’s worth
it how’s the house how about one piece cute small animal pet rabbit Hampton
house mini Hamburg shaped for us we will give me big winter warm hanging bed is
for small animals so it’d have to be for that a row base but they’re the only one
to kind of like feels like this all used to touch it from the
hanging bit and just have it on the floor as a film behind every Rhino might
like that in the end ooh check it it yeah one is friend expired hi okay okay we buy we buy any car drops
says different sizes cuz that one does look like it’s a little genuine mean yes
but all of these that cat this sort yeah they all look like they’re prowling
praline okay so this gets up to extra large extra larges 43 centimeters mm-hmm
does pretty big you know it so we don’t need extra large say largest 36 so say
about so medium 30 doesn’t meet whether that’s a medium it’s still too big so
small yeah but small looks really small but guinea pigs don’t want lots of space
they want to shelter in something small okay Denny yeah I’m just like color I
like red red it’s supposed to be a strawberry right she’ll be ready so okay they’re quite cute this says mini
cute winter hamster Hedgehog cotton wool cotton chinchilla guinea pig nest small
animal house shining star store shining star store now we’re talking dwarf hamster yes because you can get
smaller something HAP says would be large on this no guineas would be large
on this okay let’s get one large and see how we do yeah color blue Hey yeah we’ve
got that little house we just got you’ve got a strawberry strawberry a bear
yep the Burrow go you know a tunnel an octopus a banana and a hammock total
twenty pounds of the items shipping’s nine pounds but continuing we’ve got one
two three four five six seven eight items not bad not too bad I’ll be happy
with that total yes well is there anything now you like why we’re getting
that I can say that about the whole shop so it’s okay okay so time to purchase
this and you’ll see us when everything has arrived we’ll open it all at the
same time yes will it arrive together no okay okay so maybe we might open them to
have a parent to see what’s arrived but we’ll go through all yeah yeah we’ll
basically see you the other side once the stuff has a red feast your eyes what
I can see it all arrived delivery yay
so we ordered back in January yep and the last thing got delivered Wednesday
this week I think so we are Middlemarch just taking a while a majority of them
came before the date was stated yeah but then this last thing was delayed and
then it came so we’ve got it all how this it’s all here yeah so let’s have a
let’s have a look I can’t remember what we ordered it’s been so long
we’ve got eight things and total so this one is described as a cotton nest oh boy
I have been looking at the descriptions as they come and they’ve been quite
entertaining I’ve tried to avoid evening looks like a piranha so file so I can
see I think it’s banana hammock Oh this is hilarious don’t really
understand the chains this one especially very gay there we go
it’s a little hammock banana banana thing so I do you think ah robos are
gonna love this yeah I think it’s too smooth for right
now Syrian right yeah yeah no the robos have already proved to us they like
hammocks but they do tend to destroy every hammock they get yeah they eat
them and stuff yeah they kind of rip it to shreds and then have the nesting
material so that’s quite I mean that’s quite okay to be honest I don’t know how
you it’s not the time to feast and I yeah I don’t know what you meant just
tie it round because there’s no hook things at the end but it’s pretty good
it’s okay you try it so that’s gonna go up to the hammock says what’s up this
says it’s a mini bed mini bed okay I think I remember what this one is oh that’s really quite cute and clever
so that was like squished up and it’s a it’s a tunnel and it’s got a really cute
kind of little like baby so I love me you know it’s it’s a love
me that’s quite cute a ski and it feels like waterproofing side so that it’s
quite small but I think rhino or the robos would like yeah certain or of a
hamster home so yeah we thought it would be I was thinking we thought this was
guinea size I mean to be honest Mike could fit in there just him but that
wouldn’t hold cash you know there’s something you think here now see if this
is a guinea thing so hammock so not a guinea pig
another hammock fluffy having a fluffy annek one for my room oh I like that
that’s nice more obvious than the other one as to how you clip that yeah I like
that that’s cute it’s got quite solid but
well it’s not yeah a solid bit thicker than the outside yeah he’s probably
stand on there yeah but it’s very saw yeah very nice so I like that so I think
that would be more of possibly Rhino so yeah because that’s quite big I like
that that’s probably my favorite thing that’s come hopefully I think it’s a
strawberry it says beds kennels you know oh my goodness it’s so cute
already oh that a lot okay so you it comes with a base thing so I can stuff
that inside now and it came in lots of different colors so I’d be tempted to
get that in having really nice actually that’s a really decent look really
decent size yeah they’ve both fit in there easily and it’s really quite solid
that’s really nice I honestly can’t hold things today
what’s quite nice obviously with all these things they’re fabric so they can
just be washed I like that it’s got a nice sort of really yeah dots on the
bottom but how cute is that we’ll have to try and get photos of them yeah oh my
goodness that’s so cute if it stopped raining okay change that’s
my favorite it’s a cake mold cake mold cake balls anyway hey I’m soaked I’m so
excited I’ve see what it is oh these are those weird things where we’re not
really sure how they’re meant to work yeah so we need to move this hangs
upside down there little we could have a little burger I got a thing so we need
to make cut this off and like attach our hair we just have it lying down
oh yeah strawberry so you can just go in and be like we’re all about your idea
that’s really cute that’s really so funny that’s not a mold I don’t think
you two have much success making a cake out of this it would not look great
that’s these cute that’s like it to be honest it looks like if you look at me
on the inside which you would grow sneakers too dark it looks like it’s not
been lined no so they’ll be up there like the t-grip
isn’t quite the same some of the others but I still really
hate it although through this faraway object
we’ve got the creepy up to this coming up soon I’m really okay
pet product pet products come on guys open up don’t be shy well this one’s not even in plastic with
him which I’m not this is cute that’s a little cozy little
something Heidi thing yeah just um cozy bed yeah it’s a gift sighs I think
Romano kid that’s it yeah I think that’s a Syrian hamster sighs I have to say
like it’s a little bit dodge the like sewing it together because it doesn’t
quite line up properly I think this is the bottom and it’s supposed to be like
that yeah but yeah it’s not got any lining inside again which means you got
the soft bit but then you can also steal them all the seam the rim I’m a bit like
that yeah that’s okay yeah it’s okay like to be honest giving
these sort of things to animals that unknown for chewing
you don’t yeah you don’t know like pay for loads of quality because you know
it’s you don’t know how long it’s actually going to last oh yeah so that’s
quite nice okay this is a hanging bed okay so this is our little octopus
friend oh I’m so excited about this that means me sick you Q I’m not sure is the
word I would describe it I think so I think demented cute and demented KC’s
eyes look his little tentacles come on guy you’re the life of the party
yeah he’s gorgeous look at him it does make me feel sick I’m not gonna lie haha
has he got a removable insert yeah yeah got a little tongue thing oh I quite
like him he’ll be a robe again his this Hannibal bit awkward its hanger ball
bits his to Tomac so yeah we might cut that off again yeah I’ll just have him
on the floor eating them hey nurse lovely and I get to open it but Parker
parcel roll what’s it say next this is the one that looks like a ham oh
that’s cute yeah look at this boy he’s a hamster
he’s got hamsters in him what’s so funny it’s got a little tail he’s again I had
me one but like how does that make sense I got a full right out but so I just put
him on the floor that’s probably once rhinos in would be
quite cold you know and probably like that yeah this got such a cute little
weirdo face mm-hmm just like me so okay so what’s your favorite objects
strawberry yeah me too I think the best so key factor it’s holding itself up
it’s just a solid yeah it looks like it’s not made by it like the same
company as the rest of the year this is a I mean I buy this in a shop I would
eivin tempted to go back to wish and buy this a couple more yeah these are really
nice I think my second favorite is probably this bad boy and I think the
tunnels quite yeah I mean I’m tempted to go back and see if this comes in a
bigger size than what we all know we can have it for the guinea no we could get
it for the guineas because I think they’d like that because it again that’s
really good quality I think yeah yeah I think it’s a bit of a 50/50 you order
some I’m not Larry like we’re going to use everything we bought I’m no
absolutely actually I thought we might have something and I’m like well that’s
two pounds dough well like a cake mold the name okay well thank you for joining
us yes let us know if you’ve tried anything from wish and what you made of
it let us know if you have any recommendations of other things we
should try from wish because I think this might be the start of or if there’s
another wish hole you would like us to do route for it okay see you soon

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