Winter Rabbits plus a Crow.

sako 85 VLS 12 twist .223. Leupold VXII 4-12X40. Winchester ballistic silvertips 55gn 3240fps. 305yds 279mts 406yds 371mts 320yds 293mts 310yds 283mts 380yds 347mts 345yds 315mts My Bunny not yours lol. 386yds 353mts Thanks for watching , please subscribe

14 thoughts on “Winter Rabbits plus a Crow.

  1. How are you going Sean Dennis here mate from Qld great shooting once again looks cool there buddy how is your dad going those wabbits really like the rockey areas don't they ok buddy take care and safe shooting, hunting.bye.

  2. hay buddy I also just bought a 6.5 have not had a chance to shoot it yet ammo for the grendel is very dear .bye.

  3. Nice to see your excellent shooting again . I had not been for 6 months, because the forest road is washed out . 1st shot with.17 HMR , eraser off the pencil ✏️ from 40 yards . It was a great feeling !

  4. Great to see the Sako laid across that hood and back in action. Have been patiently waiting for the next video to come out. As always great shooting.

  5. That is some mighty fine shooting there bro and the crow was a rippa it’s always good to get a crow no matter how you get it the sneaky bastards well done mate cheers Yogi ????

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