Winter Camping in a Hot Tent with My Dogs

hello ladies and gentlemen I'm out the woods with my two dogs Monti and Ruger and we're gonna spend a couple nights out here the temperatures are bitterly cold the high is seven Fahrenheit which is right now for the whole trip which is what negative 14 Celsius and that's the high with wind chills to be much colder than that so it'll be setting up the hot tent for the first time ever I've never used one before so we're gonna be using that to stay warm and then we're gonna cook up some gourmet delicious campfire food so hope you guys enjoy the video come boys let's go Oh hooey okay we're gonna set up the tent right here there's a lot of weight on this slide oh not to mention before I even park my car I had to do work I'm not camping exactly where I was planning to I had to shovel out a path on the deep snow right where I where they plowed just to get out of the start of a two track and then I got a little ways on the two track and it was just too deep couldn't go any further so I just had to park the truck and walked out to track a bit walk into the woods and here we are so it's pretty thick in here it's very thick I was hoping to get to an open maple stand but I couldn't make it that part of the to track that's miles so we're camping here so so as far as these two dogs go um you don't mind the winter camps all the time he's used to it Ruger is not so used to it so as long as he's moving around running around Playlist sticks jumping around he's totally fine but if he sits still too long and gets cold maybe like three four hours he's gonna start to get cold so that's why I brought out the hot tent and I brought him this is his first time winter camping he hasn't been camping since summer so I'm pretty excited for him he loves the snow he loves the diary he's having a blast so as long as I get this tent set up at a reasonable amount of time he'll be totally fine but first things first we gonna stomp out this ground ready to stick get a stick what are you doing what am i doing yeah there you go now the ground is a hair uneven so I'm going to take some of this snow put it down here watch our roofs okay okay next I'm going to get out the tent we're going to see if this is enough room set her up here okay maybe I should leave them on maybe I'll leave these on I'm gonna make my ground all uneven this is my first time setting this up I've never set this up before or hot tent in general so we are about to do a little learning experience shouldn't be too crazy hard I don't think I hope but I'm up I'm slightly pressed for time slightly it's taken me all day to get out here I got up when it was dark and how much time do I have till it's dark hour and a half roughly and it's sunny and bright out so I will get a little extra time with dust but oh my my snowshoes coming off but I'm pretty much I'm just gonna get this thing set up and we are going to so the goals routes layer did you set this thing up process a whole bunch of firewood and relax tomorrow I'm probably gonna do a little hiking around gather some more firewood and we're gonna cook meals in between throw the stick for the boys yeah no duh boys all right Monty Ruger's gonna keep Monty busy Monte's not used to the ruger factor out here through food or this is not the door this is the door so put the door right here this is going to take some today England I'm probably opening this in the least efficient way possible but that's okay that's why next time I'll know not to do it like this okay before I go any further I need five nice sticks to use as pegs now is the next step can't do anything without those pegs now mark my words this guy I'll bet money on it that he's gonna be ripping these out of the ground don't even look at me like that you got that devious look in your eyes already and you're just gonna search okay geez give it a minute man even make it 30 seconds this is gonna take some messing around here no my peg is broke hey those are my bags your dirty turds do that one there do this one here let's do over there okay try this again okay one more on this side simple enough simple enough all right now I've got to open it up and I better use stick about eight feet tall and prop her up in the middle okay this stick was literally sitting right behind my camera with punky on that end it's not punky right here beat it about that tall let's see if that lets solve there all right you gave a saw get a nice flat bottom no only let's say it goes on that deep well cut it right there to start because we don't want to go too short if worst case scenario I'll find some logs is set on underneath on the ground if it doesn't work at this height we'll test it right here okay let's check it out now see if this is the right height it's a little too tall it's private you tostart okay that's pretty good now say I've never done this here before well I'm gonna start tying lines and we're gonna see if this thing see the stick is a little wobbly I'm just not 100% sure how it's supposed to be I've never done it before I don't watch any videos or anything I'm just winging it just we're just going so let's start tying lines let's tie lines it'll LLL pretty up you know I really love that they they went with white paracord for the guidelines for this because you know as you're walking around the tent especially the dogs they'll just run into it and yank the whole thing down that's exactly what's gonna happen I am going to use my orange paracord ever since my ever since that video was at camping in the rain I made the pudgy PI's and I lost my paracord for a good 10 minutes cuz it was green and the ground was green and just couldn't find it I've went to Orange I've taken your guys advice and one thing I have not taken anyone's advice on is the rat's nest yeah you can give me all the suggestions you want but I have so much fun detangle in paracord let me tell you let me tell ya tell you what it's gonna be super fun if I don't get this thing set up before it gets dark have to find all my firewood for all night in the dark be fun we're losing daylight we are losing daylight why why isn't the edge gonna be all here dang it it's my rat's nest where were we oh yeah I was having trouble getting this untangled there we go we got an end oh you're making me nervous already let's see here you know it's coming together I'm thinking what I'm gonna need to do is probably Oh Ruger I'm probably gonna need a taller piece there it seems a little loose this Oh No maybe if I pull these out all right I'm just going to keep tying lines here get this all prettied up and then we're gonna need to cut firewood pretty soon here so you know like I said I've never set this up before for some reason I've got it's loosey-goosey here right here okay for now that's gonna do well we've got loosey-goosey Nasreen here like I said everything else is good except for that one spot I don't know if it's this I'll try wiggling the sticker on in there but for now it's set up pretty good let's see where we go first oh yeah we got plenty of room in here okay so Matt of course took a little longer than it should have so now I've got to cut some firewood what what what I'm going to do is look for some hardwoods that I can bring back here I'm gonna bring back a few logs probably four or five just to be safe and get tons of stuff for firewood for tonight so I can process it in the dark whatever I need to do but I need to get some logs back here so I'm not romping around for them in the dark so let's get some firewood hey boy Scott hope this thing well how is easy what's a truce Irish get back get back get back back up back up back up stay boy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay so I've got one two three four five six six or seven pieces of hardwood I've got a little pine branches and stuff now I'm gonna cut up a couple pieces to stick under my stove because I am on snow and it's probably gonna sink in the melt so cut to pieces we'll get the stove set up in there then mr. promises the firewood while I get this thing warmed it up and kind of get it going as I'm processing wear it cuz I'm gonna be doing this until the dark this is all hardwood I'm gonna need a bunch of wood tonight because I want to keep it toasty in there a couple pieces as long as this this is just set the stove on will say right there [Laughter] [Laughter] okay now I'm gonna set up the stove right here milk so if we have to even this out but for now how these down let's say they come out a little bit and I've never set this up before I'm assuming it's gotta be levelled out a little bit you know I'm a little confused as to why the stove hole is right by the door maybe it makes sense doesn't it this particular time I'm going to switch how the stove is setup this is fun okay use the wood stove my my I burned it out in my driveway but I've never set it up like this so this is taking some food dangling there so the first lesson I learned with this thing is is to not grab the door handle after it's been burning for a couple hours with your bare hand not a good idea so you're supposed to put like an inch of sand they set on the bottom but I'm not gonna drag out sand so what I did is I cut a few of these angle bars this is just some kind of bar I got at the hardware store I cut it up and I put three of them wide ways and then there's a 16-gauge welding plate in there to raise it up about an inch so that's what I did seemed to work just fine nothing really warped put this thing get this up through here he's your boss it's getting Burke yourself at first and these just reduces they go up we'll see looks like not super close this is so I gotta just the logs again I'm just a hot mess right now Suns going down then I just got this thing goes up in the top it just doesn't seem as sturdy as I want it to be okey-dokey so now that this is all taken care of finally it's dark I've got all my wood here I'm gonna cup some kindling quick we're gonna get a fire going in this thing and then I'm gonna keep processing wood as this heats up give the boys a spot to lay down in here with their sleeping pads so they can start to get toasty you know they have a nice little spot oh yeah this thing going quick so let's start by getting a little kindling we're gonna start off with some pine just to get it ripping and then we'll throw in some hardwood [Laughter] oh well guess I didn't record any of that I started the fire well how the fire started but I threw too much stuff in there and I had the camera in the way so it I think it put themself out so we're gonna throw a little motor piece a little birch bark here should get the party started oh whoops put that one out too [Applause] okey-dokey so I've got the fire going it's getting nice and toasty in there starting get a coal bed belt I am going to give the boys a spot to lay down because it is cold out and now my priority number one is to give them a spot I don't think they're really gonna want to lay in there Monty will probably but Ruger's just having fun chewing on sticks I don't think he's gonna want to stop but yeah it could be a little tighter set up it's pretty it's good it's standing it's gonna be great till tomorrow but I think tomorrow I'm going to fix it up and just tighten things out there should be plain enough room for tonight we'll see but like I said it's my first time setting this up I had no idea what I was doing it's up we got a fire going that's what matters I'm having fun but I'm getting them set up and then I'm gonna process but process up of a ton of firewood as soon as I'm ready to go and that's gonna take a little bit that's gonna take a good hour and a half of just sawing logs it's probably fun [Applause] okay come on go ahead it's not gonna be perfect guys this is gonna be chaos businees dogs in here there you go Monty's right next to the heat height are you gonna have to lay down lay down lay down roots all right I am going to zip them up in here just leave the vent open so I can peek in here and let him toast up so I couldn't handle it anymore and it was too loosey-goosey I didn't like it so I just had to mess around and I realized the importance of these strings going they can't be raised up like that they have to be like 90 degrees like flat and that helped pull out the corners so much there's a lot more room it's a little bit not perfect on this side but messing around those strings help a lot take a peek two doggies here they're doing it hey boys oh you two are precious look at you two just basking in the glory of the heat all rubes you were doing so good in there oh no my camera's fogging up oh no everything's a little chaotic right now you're still there still there as I say everything is a little chaotic right now right now there's just two sleeping pads thrown in there I've got some nice logs on there going luckily the two dogs are chilling in the tent Monty's totally at home he was ready to crawl on there he knows he knows what's up he likes tents what he's a little nip to him he's ready to run in there and relax rumor on the other hand wants to be glued to my side at all times so he is he's had a little trouble sitting in there but when I peek in there they're both still sitting on the sleeping pad it's nice and toasty in there it's good so I'm glad for that um what is chaotic right now is that I've never slept in a tent in winter time this is my first tent experience my first hot tent experience my first winter camping with Ruger experienced and the coldest these two have ever camped before so there's a lot on the plate right now and my biggest struggle is going to be fitting all three of us in there comfortably and yeah because it's on snow and it's it's not packed yet it was fluffy snow fluffy ground I should have probably see the thing was the ground is a little uneven so I had to dig you know put some snow on the side where the door is so that's gonna be fun so what I'm gonna do right now is just stop a ton of firewood like I was saying I'm just gonna get this going I've got a little nip about me but I know as soon as I start sawing this I get halfway through this I'm gonna be sweating probably from saw all this wood but yeah it's gonna be fun fitting as much as I can in there comfortably moving things around putting down tarps we're gonna see how the all–that's go this is all an experiment this is all new you know and the back-up plan is if it's too cold for rigueur I've got my watch sit sitting on a sleeping pad down by the ground to see how cold it is if it's I'm an on giving enough wood to have it just rip and toast you know the whole time the whole night so it's gonna take a lot of firewood if it gets too cold I brought them out sleeping bags and their own sleeping pads so we'll wrap them up if it's too cold we'll head home yada-yada-yada tonight it should be good we'll see I will hike out of here in the dark if I have to if they are too cold but let's not let that happen I'm gonna keep it ripping in there anyways let's off some firewood deal with some more mess in a bit three puppies oh okay well I just sawed up a whole bunch of firewood and the dogs just been relaxing as you can see they are passed out for the most part well let's get a focus here rogues just tuckered out Monty is tuckered out what I did is I combined their two slipping beds put their will blanket over it so I got a nice little spot they can both sit next to the warmth I've got a whole bunch of firewood that whole half is hardwoods this whole half is pine so it's not all hardwood but there's there should be plenty there for the night if there's not I guess I will get up and chop more to keep these boys warm but they are it is nice and toasty in here I am very warm warmer than I'd like to be but this is for rubes in Monty this is this is to keep them warm I'm toasty I can go outside right now so yeah it's a little bit cluttered so I'm not I'm not sure exactly how we're gonna be sleeping tonight what my guess is is because I'm gonna be stoking the fire all night long is that I'm gonna set up right here with these two guys are that's where I'm gonna lay Roos is gonna lay right here and we will put Monty actually right here because he will sleep like a rock no matter what so I went up to mess with them too much as long as he's got a nice spot like where I'm sitting right now just put my chair outside tonight we'll figure it out but I'm just gonna relax for a minute here think about how to cozy this place up where I'm gonna stick my camera other than holding it because I've I don't usually deal with small cramped quarters like this I could pull out the GoPro but I'm gonna try to stick to DSLR the whole time we're gonna make it work but I'm debating which meal to cook up tonight probably pick up the superdelicious one tonight because I feel like it but yeah it's definitely getting late so relax for a minute [Laughter] what's up there what's up the rooks we're getting some serious smoke in here Oh Matt really breathe I'm just kidding it's my lens fogging up oh yeah so I was just about to get ready to make food and I just been relaxed and chillin by the warmth and we're getting some serious fog in my lens and it's deep in there I had it originally on just like the outside of frosted up as many of you may be able to tell I'm not an expert with the DSLR I got mine about a year ago maybe not even I haven't had a DSLR even a year actually but I am no professional with it so this is new to me this whole frosting up going from the freezing cold to something hot this quick normally you know I'm just out winter camping and it stays cold the whole time so it's not a big deal if you get some frost on there then you just warm it up by the fire on the outside but it got chilled to the core and now its way is it starting to dissipate I think it started to dissipate anyways I'm gonna wait to dinner till tap I'm gonna wait to prepare dinner until this fog and the sender goes away I think it just needs to warm up I'm gonna zoom in my lens and yeah that's where at okay so it finally took about an hour to get that fog out of there it's been a minute so we're gonna start preparing dinner I am just enjoying this it's it's it's taking me a little bit getting used to uh it gets really hot then it gets you know starts to cool off it gets really hot again but it is very nice a hot tent this is awesome you know it is bitterly cold outside and I am just toasty this is the first time I've you know been camping in such cold weather and just been like this comfortable this is this is like luxury comfortable this is awesome so I am preparing a delicious whole meal today but I'd like to get some more light in here once we've got a light up device I've been meaning to try this Yuko light how do i light this thing aha that is how you light it there it goes there's a little light nothing crazy let's see if I can put it right here the LED light adds a lot more light let's see here it's very dim right now maybe it'll get a little bit brighter this will be good before I go to bed or if I let it burn throughout the night but isn't doing a ton so this is this is this this thing for right now I'm probably gonna put it back out we're gonna give it a minute here but for preparing food and some of them to use my other light this thing will be nice I did bring a book with me I'll probably reuse this when I'm reading for for bed maybe definitely gives it a nicer feel Oh Lucas alright we'll see if it brightens up I'll give it a few minutes but this thing definitely provides a lot of light what's this monty is just out like a light Bruce is getting intrigued by the noises of boiling water ROK's yeah yeah look at that face look at that face yeah that yuko light it's providing light it's nice it's got a nice glow this thing is kind of overtaking so I kind of I I might put it out just because I don't want to like waste it when it's being overtaken by all the other light and I got this because I want to see the process even more light that's too much light that's too much light it's too bright in here oh we could do uh there is that a camel yeah whatever that's called anyways so I'm gonna cook up some beef stroganoff enison stroganoff is what I'm cooking tonight I'm gonna cook a little unorthodox because I feel a little you know cramped I don't want to like when I'm outside and I can move around around the fire and cook all different I'm just gonna kind of throw everything together and cook it up that way before we scared anything I brought out a little tummy warmer thanks to uh te all outdoors thanks for the sweet flask just things I like this thing okay let's prepare some stuff here this isn't the best flattest surface but it's gonna have to do hmm it's really difficult why is it so difficult I'm gonna save the other half of this for tomorrow's dinner get that white onion cut up mm-hmm add that to my pot and then next we've got some mushrooms mash – that'll do that'll do some more mushrooms but these ones will will make these ones not as pretty as the last ones it's my new favorite thing nice chunk of butter I'm going to add to the pot there oops and then we've got to take care of our furry companion oh wait oh wait that's not all we've got a couple cloves of garlic to add in there just this is not the best knife for this this thing's a little flimsy because it's long just smoosh your garlic that might have got it see going into the pot now we've got to take care of our furry friends they've been patiently chillin in the hot tent being good boys so they deserve some sweet potato and venison of course it is so hard cutting this up on this not hard back package is bendin this is where a really rigid cutting board would come into play see I like these bending cutting boards because they're flexible and they fit anywhere but they do this in the cold they crack since it's so cold it's just cracked in half it's probably gonna crack more tomorrow we'll do half of their venison the other half will be tomorrow night we're crazy for this a lot of goodies here I'm probably gonna cook hot so I'm gonna have to move it on and off the heat here you got to add the boys a little bit of this water spot Myles simmer a little slower okay I've got this pot here with melted snow you can't see it back here but this is gonna put glue that I boil my noodles in all right we got to do the next step very carefully I've got some venison backstrap that I will be adding to our mushrooms onions and garlic but I gotta be really careful not to spill this all over the blood all over my head laughs it's pretty frozen but there's still some liquid blood in there it's all pulled up in there really gentle it's kind of good that it's frozen it's a lot of meat okay else just keep that on an angle like that don't want a bunch of blood in the shelter all right there's not much blood coming out which is good oh yeah there's gonna be way too much food here it's okay I can have for a midday snack or something we're almost take it home for funk it's complicated for me there we go you can see I'm making nice little dices of backstrap there all right let's add this to the pot I didn't get any blood anywhere look at that let me go let's add in the venison oh yeah this is gonna be way too much food oh yeah oh yeah okay you're gonna add some salt or than some pepper it'll look good when it's all done right now it doesn't look like a whole lot and it started looks so good our beefs almost brown or not our beef it's our venison I keep saying beef but our venison was brown on the outside we're almost to the next steps let's start a little good I'm gonna add a little bit of flour okay now the magic is gonna start to happen in just a smidgen water okay decent smidge ITC's smidge I gotta add this over here to start this boiling into our water we're gonna add a secret ingredient fresh Monty turds straight from I'm just kidding it's beef base oh I had a chunk of that in there mmm good stuff right there trick I learned from a dad cooking with venison nothing beats beef base that's looking so good I might add it a little too much water but you know you know thicken it's gonna thicken up here right now I'm getting my everything everything's coming together oh it smells so good oh I am beat man I'm tired it is getting late I'm tired and I'm hungry I'm getting ready for bed what do you bite you boys oh oh yeah I forgot to mention these two caught wind of the venison and now they're my DS he's at the ready Monte John treat do you want treat you smell the treat do you wanna go for rooks rude you on treat vs still Monty I'll do the head shake every time I say it do on treat do you want to go for it to the dog park is frozen over here we've got to add some egg use to this boiling water why extra-wide egg noodles time for a little magic to happen this is a little bit of Worcestershire we're going to just throw in there some paprika Oh what's the last thing that would you would ever want to put in a be strong enough maybe not the last thing but a big ol scoop of sour cream that's frozen yep we'll just do a little bit more since it's out here since it's out here mm-hmm oh now that is starting to look like some beef stroganoff let me tell you strain these noodles here quick they didn't really boil at all but they're done okay now the glorious part I definitely made a little too much but add those noodles in okay oh okay okay okay stay stay No so look at that I put a right stay look at that he doesn't even know what to do yes ready I want your conductor in a band ready oh this smells so good hmm know what back up mr. holy crap all right that's aggressive eating their bounty the venison is definitely overdone I will not deny it but I don't care a new is gonna be the flavor I was doing a little test with this thing I put on too hard with logs there's a big there's a good coal bed in there my joy to hardwood logs close the what is that the dimmer whatever it is the draft control thing I can't think of it right now and I'll remember later and be like oh you're so really stupid you can't remember anyways I closed it to just a little bit and I made an hour and a half of those two hardwood logs in the coal bed so that means I chef more than enough firewood for the night more than enough I'll probably put a little bit more than that on every every hour because I want these guys to be able to sleep comfortably without sleeping bags it'd be nice to do that and you know what do you think you want more don't you you want more don't you yeah you're not getting any more it's not gonna happen you can creep as close to me as you want are you begging are you are you begging no I wouldn't be you with it Sam wasn't sure I always think when I'm cooking it I was gonna be too much oh that's gonna be too much I'm gonna start eating it soon when I see the bottom of the bowl where's it all though I don't know mankind put down some food out here mmm-hmm moving boy I don't think they think they got enough right not some more what this it's a handful of all right so I am just tuckered out and ready for bed so what I'm gonna do is maneuver a whole bunch of stuff around clean up some dishes and attempt to get ready for bed here so I'm gonna have to just take a bunch of stuff out of the tent get these dogs maneuvered let them go outside soomi process so I'll check back in with you and I'm ready for bed well okay so I left them with their spot burgers snuggle up right next to me but I'm puttin I pulled myself by the door there's the door right there and where I am at is like a little bit of a cold sink with me with where my knees go down because they're they're up I'm like the top spot and this is because I even that all perfectly and this is all kind of sinking down so it's a little bit cooler but the cold air is coming in a little bit from these sides and down by my feet so basically I'm gonna just be putting water on here every hour and a half and I'm gonna keep my top half out of my sleeping bag and if I'm starting to get cold you know then they'll probably get cold but if if I have my top half hanging out you know and I'm not getting cold there's no way these dogs are getting cold cuz they're a little bit up higher than me and Rouge is right next to me so that's that that'll be my way of making sure so yeah we'll go off that if my top half gets cold at all just I'll bust all their sleeping bags lay them on them right now they seem fine they seem content they seem toasty but I am ready for bed it is super late this is the latest I've stayed off winter camping for sure so I'm gonna pass out go to bed so I'll catch you guys in the morning good night everybody look at that thing that is an overbite hello Cindy good morning Oh rubes oh how are you doing rubes Oh Marty what do you here's one going site your site my to your site so it was toasted I was like um I have a little bit of an issue right now it's my damper I guess I think this is called the damper hear it like popped out and we having trouble getting it to stay on for some weird reason so it's drawn a little weird right now so it's a little bit smoke in here but it's doing good again but yeah it was toasty all night I woke up every hour and a half put more wood in there it was toasty all night long I stayed in my sleeping bag because right here doesn't there's a little cold air coming in so it was cold right there and on my feet but the rest of it was like sweating so how is toasty but rogue's was toasty he was just standing right next to me all night long yeah yeah so we're gonna I'm gonna let them go outside I'm gonna lay in here I'm gonna try to get this thing ripping again it's a little nippy in here right now at the moment just because it was just drawn funny but it's like gunked-up or something but I'm gonna work on that and I don't let the dogs out it'll make some breakfast here to bed oh yeah the first thing is this thing it you push it on and there's the damper plate in there and it does not stay on so that was the first issue this thing is loose and it kept popping off and any time I move it this is supposed to stays nice and solid so that you can open and close this so you can control how much air is getting through here and you know create in the flame inside here to create Heat well it completely just loosened up and I could I kept pushing it I'm pushing on it like wooden stick it's supposed to catch and hold it so that you can spin it and nothing so I just pulled it out on the plate actually fell into the the wood stove that was the first issue then the second issue we're gonna absolutely no draw and the fire wasn't going is because the spark arrestor I have on there completely gunked-up just caked layer it was just letting out little bits of smoke and I saw that and I was like oh yeah there's the culprit rip that off and the flame we got going instantly so I'm gonna have to figure out that damper think it's gonna work completely fine without it on there because I had it straight up and down anyways the whole night I wasn't I was letting the heat go but that's definitely how you'll burn less wood if you control that but it just wasn't working it wouldn't it was just what it was doing is it was one to lay flat the whole time when I was and that was helping the smoke just billow inside here and it was smoky for a bit but now we're just relaxing with the two pops right boys I'll let him to go outside go to the bathroom so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cook up some breakfast here maybe some coffee and then we are going to go for a day hike so let's let's make some breakfast boys you guys hungry here's hungry I'll tell you what is hot in here now it's too hot in here at least where I'm at right here where these guys wear their faces are it's like a nice temperature but right here it's just like very warm I'm gonna open up this got a pile of snow here from a coffee we're gonna have some nice frozen eggs mm-hmm I put them in a ziploc so that they did because they explode when they freeze instead of using a plastic bottle I just put them in here and then I got some homemade venison sausage from back in 2017 me and funk horrors of this and we made it I mixed it myself so that is all there is to making this beautiful delicious venison sausage so I mean I'm gonna make some breakfast muffins here putting a brick of frozen sausage get that on there when we get the eggs and the pan with some butter soon as those pop a little bit this is the calmest I've ever seen Ruger in this tent he is just chillaxing you mean he wants to be outside we're gonna go outside guys we're just gonna make some breakfast we're gonna keep you nice and warm cause it's cold out there it's cold out there just hanging out my long johns yeah if I stood up you could see my frog but yeah but I'm last night I woke up you know like I said every hour and a half hour I was breaking up a lot I that's normal for me I'm a toss and turn er I'm a light sleeper especially out in the woods with Monty and the dogs I'm always I just wake up check out him how they doing are they are the shivering is it cold in here you know I just I constantly it's just like I have it you're gonna treat country sit sit ruckus sit or lay down to still good sit sit pretty so pretty good boy rugs look it up professional as professional Monty didn't move I shouldn't reward him but my just like you you're gonna give that to me are you doing anything but you're gonna give that to me yeah you're right you're right Monty Monty used to sitting around he's totally content doing that he's at a downward dog Monty boys the downward dog good job a dog doing a downward dog okay he's this guy's content sitting wherever warmth food he's easy to please very easy to please right these eggs here by far the most appetizing thing I've ever seen in my life oh yeah just slimy wetness so for coffee I always make it the same way I use my little mug mate filter sits inside your cup you pour your drones right in that little filter and you pour your water through it or to the side it doesn't matter it steeps it out so we're just gonna take and dump our crowns in here and you just dump as many as you want I like a nice strong cup of something that'll put a a pep in my step we're gonna we're gonna feel like a half yeah that's um that's some coffee right there mm-hmm I'll tell you what sausage is coming along eggs are starting to slowly starting to resemble scrambled eggs when I was recording yesterday recording uh cooking up that stroganoff my back was starting a sore cuz I'm like standing up here hunched over and I'm a taller guys me hunched over just like mess up the camera linking Eastern I kind of want to just sit and do it so that's what we're doing for breakfast we're getting lazy I'm breakfast that's okay that's okay it's all learning experience alright I need my water here so I did I closed up the damper on the front and I didn't see now I don't know if this is the damper I'm pretty sure this one's the damper the one with a pipe but there's one on the front too and I put that so it's just a sliver and that seems to be doing pretty good as far as controlling the heat I put a bunch of wood in there and it's not like insane but it's just like the slightest little sliver I'll be careful not to burn my hands here but the slave so sliver and it's controlling it pretty well so I might not even need that damper right now I want I definitely gonna want that in the future but for tonight I might not need to take it apart and I might be able to load it up with wood and I might be able to come back to a coal bed I don't know the trick with this is you only let it steep for like a few minutes you let it go too long and it gets pretty bitter strong but bitter won't deny that I've done that 75 percent of the time that I made coffee but that's okay I still enjoy it don't know if you've already put this together we were making venison sausage egg and cheese muffins for breakfast a little repeat from when I went out with twinsies and Jake I was starting to come along see I've got some big thick pieces of sausage oh that's some that's some protein for the day I've got my egg sludge it's good boy oh my gosh I got your bite yeah I tricked them no to wears a lot dainty er than Monte as he's easier to cradle he's about 20 pounds lighter hi Monty this would be chaos if I do this de Monte in here you're so precious only had a thicker coat like Monty could come out more but you know funks doing me a solid here punks at home she allowed me to take him out you know she's got a she's got to go to bed tonight by yourself no puppy to keep her company go ahead so it's gonna be far and few between when he comes out for you know camp and winter camp and stuff right you know we love our dogs like I was saying and we just like having a companion around like out here camping by myself I was by myself you know it'd be fine but when you have a dog there it's so much it's so much better like even though you know he speaks with his eyes just companionship you know it's time to get our english muffinz here a little warmed up all right boys oh no I dropped it in the snow perfect see if my coffee's too hot hmm perfect drink enough jump oh you can taste my needles I've got some pine needle flavor it's like it's like outdoor coffee creamer whoa oh yeah black coffee not in batter Oh slightly burnt slightly burnt oh well you know what we're gonna take a little char on that one that's okay that's okay that's a okay that one's less burnt this one's will sold will mix and match here okay so first thing we need to do is add on yes I know I know some crappy American cheese and I know I've said this before but there's there's like two or three things that I like this crappy American cheese on one of them is a sausage McMuffin I couldn't tell you why that's just the way it is right there all right there this extra large sausage portions set that up near the door and then we've got to do one more thing here yes that's right we're going to double up on our crappy American cheese there we go we gonna let these sit for just a second and let this cheese just get slightly melty oh but I don't want it to touch all right I'm gonna have to eat them soon I'm gonna thinks you flip it we had us getting melty all right let me double you up the boys eggs and it's eatin time if you do the conductor thing he's ready all right let's bite into this glorious pretty much a sausage sandwich it's got an inch of sausage on there this is some stick-to-your-ribs boob so I'm going to eat these up we're gonna chill around for a little while because I don't want to take them on a nice extensive hike after they just eaten all of us so we're gonna sit here for a minute probably give it a half-hour 45 then we're gonna bundle up go for a nice three-hour hike or so come back up some firewood relax and make dinner that's what we're going to do little sniffers it is a beautiful wintry scene out here yeah this thing has the spark arrestor this goes up top just completely gunked-up Oh looks like you just need a little cleaning you could put it back in there later I'm not gonna leave it while we go I just got the thing shot really really small okay now I'm gonna tidy up camp here we're gonna go for a nice little hike go for a walk Monty all right go are you wet come on good go ahead okay we are leaving camp behind for a few hours we're gonna go adventure and see what the wintery force is about see we can find see we can find that perfect stick to drill for the boys here ee ee man is just beautiful wintry out we boys think where you go where you go how mighty good boys oh man I'm just loving this wintry weather right now this is a beautiful walk hike whatever you want to call it snowshoe one thing I really love about this wintry weather is when you got snow on the ground you're snowshoeing you can just aimlessly wander into the woods go whatever direction your heart desires and yeah you got a pack trail back to wherever you were so I'm just walking through the woods just enjoying the beautiful scenery there's so much snow on the trees and whatnot I'm going through the thicker parts to I'm trying to just weed through pass one up because the snow is not as deep here for these guys you know it's definitely not near as deep is that overnight when Monty got all those snowballs that was like two and a half feet deep this is through this thicker stuff it's like a foot deep so they're fine maybe it's a foot and a half but either way Monty's trailing Monty he liked Rayland yeah he likes trailing Oh buddy all right got a nice little path for him he's ready breathe here so we're about let's see here our work 20 into our hike so probably gonna head so the stick for my head back it's probably only gonna take me like a half hour to get back because when you have a pack trail you just cruise but either way I like wanted to get a moving for the day you know it's kind of like a second home you know for these guys you know when they're a home lay off the shelf I mean regrets toys you can play with but they felt the chill for the most part and when in the hot tub they after that's our second home they have to chill and it confined space on one spot no they get spoiled with treats they're having a good time they love it I've never seen roofs chill so much though as he has in the hot tent well yeah I'm gonna throw the stick farm and then we're gonna get back kind of a bunch of firewood we actually had extra firewood from last night we had more than enough so I'm I'm thinking I'll do roughly the same amount since we're gonna be there earlier today and I'll make sure to clean off that spark arrestor before bed this time like right before I go to bed when we go clean it off oh yeah that's the plan Stan that's the plan what do you think you want it yeah your frosty bunny minds he'll never get it from Ruger it's okay maybe he'll steal it but he'll never beat them to the stick then they both pull it back doing twice as much work as it normally takes silly dogs we've still got a little bit of heat coming out of the thing like I was thinking took this only a half hour to get back because I kind of poked her out as I went in so now we're gonna we're probably gonna chill for an hour for a cup would let's get warmed up let's see if we can keep this thing alive so the fire is going good there were some coals in there I think they would have lasted another I want to say maybe half hour forty-five but you never know so we're just relaxing tree roots this is what you wanted works I've got a lapdog a literal lapdog yes so we're just gonna want for a good hour here and relax I'm a little sleepy no good slope just could be kind of chilling my chair maybe doze off sitting here I will see but these guys are definitely uh need a little refresher after that walk hike whatever you want to call it they're both tired bruises he's ready to sleep in my lap this guy but Monty is a little hog here that's probably why I wants to see my happy Monte's plopped down in the center of their bed and is not moving here I'll show ya there's Monty he's plopped down right in the center Monty you're gonna move no I don't think so all right okay rogues we'll just stay in my lap I guess I took a little nap a 20-minute 30-minute nap with these guys these guys all passed out rubes back there yeah he's always ready to get out and play Monty I don't know if he was Monty Monty I wanted to stay in there but anyways we've got like two and a half hours of sunlight so I'm going to collect a bunch of firewood and throw the stick for the dogs and stuff and you know let them talk about themselves out some more get some more energy out and then we're gonna be hunkering down for that but I've already got a ton here a bunch of pieces that I just didn't cut up yesterday so I only have to collect like another two to three pieces and I will need more firewood today because I'm gonna be sitting in there earlier than I was last night but that's okay so it's time to collect some firewood bonus piece this right here is what I'm after nice chunk of wood mm-hmm and there's that right there too there's everything on me or her okay watch out roots for here rooks over here sure are there going yet yeah Oh through their ruse that are you done here we go I'm gonna grab too much too many logs but that's okay I'll cut up what I need hey Monty big Monty's ready to go back inside all right my tip will let you go back in a minute okay I promise as you can see the Sun is setting I have been sawing wood or hmm an hour hour and a half hour oh no that's not a bunch of what I've got these end pieces or gets a little too short set up most of that most of this one I've got it myself a nice pile I think I'm good for now think I'm good yeah I'm gonna let the dogs out go pie they've just been relaxed and they're such good boys here I'll give you a peek at the voice duh boys oh hi Ruth hey come here what are you doing sneaking out of the tent what are you doing well that one's not relaxing anymore the other one I know is just fast asleep oh yeah hey Monty oh it's gonna get my lens on all fog no blasphemy oh yeah it's nippy my arm I saw some serious wood right there I'll tell you what I'm proud of my little pile all right you mean how boys come on so you have been keeping them pretty busy other than they set the tent for a while just to warm up Wow little stinkers yeah warmed up for a while a couple times then throw this thing for him they got to stick throwing sessions for the day a nice long walk ruse has been running around I think he would play until he froze to death I think that's what kind of guy he is he was literally just keep playing slow down and then all of a sudden freeze that but yeah it's nice to have all that wood cut out before dark now I can just relax so just get the Sun set and as you can see it was set is it's been dusk is lingering today but yeah just go through the stick form a little bit more and then we're gonna just chill I'm gonna relax I'm probably gonna sit down for a little bit read my book as the night creeps in it was a full moon last I think or maybe it's tonight maybe it's yesterday I don't know but it was bright out all night long yeah anyway so just gonna keep throwing the stick for him until it's getting done not too much longer we want this Pete twirl twirl twirl twirl all right go right go left go left again oh not roll over right no oh that's you can't combine things reverse it it's a pretty dance dance dance come on come on yeah yeah okay all right gun works Kendricks Monty just keeps sleeping right in the center so I have to make him go over the corner here because he's a little he's a little sleeping pad hog yeah you missed her you missed her yeah yeah you just want to give you in your room rooks much you like your chin scratches oh yeah I bet you do yes you do where do rubes like Ted scratch – oh yeah oh yeah oops anyways you can see my firewood pile yes that is all hardwoods yep it's like twice as big as last night's I think a little too much firewood but you know what ain't gonna hurt I can't hurt anything now I can just roast it keep it toasty in here I mean I was yesterday I didn't really let it get cold at all on what all night long all day I do got to make sure to clean off that spark arrestor or I will be having problems in the middle of the night that they clog it up but yeah it's crazy you wouldn't think that right here right here is cold it's cold right underneath like half an inch under this thing this burning hot hot stove it's cold cuz remember I got that false bottom and he rises so like anything below this you know is a lot colder this is okay this right here feels warm but if you go directly below where there's this air where the heat has no place to go other than just up or down or whatever there's just space is cold so my feet are actually pretty cold sitting right here I'll have to take them out of my boots but tonight for dinner we were making a venison stew so I just got to cut some stuff up throw it in a pot and simmer it all Monty's grown in all right I think it's time to start a stew I'm gonna prepare stuff on the floor this time I'm not gonna do that thing where I do it on my backpack because that's dangerous okay now I need some tools this is from 2016 that's old that's some old meat okay I've got a venison round here nice chunk of venison round let's add a little is pot here it's got some schmutz in there that's okay now I'm probably gonna have leftovers of this – there's a good chunk of meat and going into this so we will see – meat is frozen solid and we can go on like that the rest of these we're gonna cut these in half see we get perfect little frozen cubes of venison yellow car that's all it matters okay we've got a pot of frozen chunks there now we've got to add one more ingredient to this masterpiece that's right you guessed it mighty turds those Monty turds collected those fresh today put a little bit more on there yeah what the heck let's add a little bit more okay you want too much maybe it doesn't matter okay now let's get this simmer in here I'm also gonna cut up the other stuff while we're waiting then I can just throw it in later we've got some frozen onion onion you know we're actually gonna do because we're going to use the a poppers pan for now as when they need to start cooking in this one that's when I will add most of the stuff for mine keep that there okay what else we got frozen carrots those two ends look a little brown I don't like them I like them putting them in the garbage bag I don't like the way they are looking at me yeah I'm definitely bringing home some of this stew today or tomorrow definitely because I'm adding two potatoes too that's okay it's gonna stay perfectly frozen in this below zero night hey all right and then let's see here well puppy-dog sweet potato well this is weird since this cut in half it's like not frozen that's like squishy I don't know if that is because I don't know all right girlie let's use my spatula to flatten it to the pull to the pull out rate to the ball okay we've got the Stu a Simran Simran hard more like boiling but I did at a little bit too much water to the spoon too much stew water but yeah it's okay the meats got a ways to go it'll boil I'm just stirring every little bit here just to make sure nothing really oh I just touched the pipe with my hand oh so yep and then I've got more more drinking water for us or whatever cooking water is going here the boys sweet potatoes under to that block of ice just put a little snow in there they're just relaxing rooks did you hear the song about the treat love to hear the song about the treat and went to the dog park yeah it's the every time auntie trying to go for to the dog park I mean the treat you need to treat the dog park do you want you to treat the dog park you want to treat you're such a good boy you little turd nuggets all right this has been simmering for a close to wanna say almost an hour so now we're going to add in our onions let these cook a little and when I start to add other ingredients of course got to add some salt not too much salt not too little salt just the right amount of salt should we get some black pepper I like a good amount of pepper I like pepper pepper pepper pepper there we go [Applause] go play but you got to come back I'll give you five minutes all right go ahead whoa whoa whee well alright Monty go ahead oh you're a heavy load go ahead come on Monty Roger you gonna burn if you don't go I don't know what they went out there freezing out there oh yeah so just cook and stew you know it's doing we're Snow's doing so I definitely learned a few things with with the hot tent here big one that I've learned is you have less space than you think you do I thought I was gonna come in here with three dogs three sleeping pads this hot soap so my stuff in here and no no no no no no I was wrong I mean it's working we're making it work but it is pretty cramped when we're ready to come back in you guys wanna come back inside come on Monty Ruger all right come on what Monty come here come on Monty come on come back inside come on come on Monty Monty come here come on good boys was it cold out there huh was it cold out there yeah it better be sure was cold out there I know it was you know was you want to come up you're gonna cover my lap oh yes she does yes he does Rove you're such a dainty little feather and Monty's a dense turd nugget they're huntin what are you doing what are you doing Monty get back get back he'll Snickers get back okay back just to win I don't know what you guys want you guys I'll go back outside you guys wanna go back outside you'll go back outside go ahead go ahead whoa whoa whee Wow all right they're back outside now I have a theory but these guys don't like to bark and confined spaces like this let's see if that's a true theory speak speak speak speak speak speak he's making like a silent bark speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak speak when do you speak speak speak speak come on let's speak tell me something to speak speak this to me in the world to you well as a fire in the barn sir fire in the barn Oh all right you guys in this happen all right I'm sorry it is now time to add the last ingredients to our snow stew and hope that this moisture blows oils out the meantime carrots and potatoes okay this time I mean it there is no possible way I could eat this this all this stew that is just my stomach is named in that bag there's no way we are taking home some stew will give funk a little sample the stew stew boys stew boys stew poised stew boys just gonna add one last thing just a little bit of flour thickener up see what that does it's getting clumpy your entry at the dog park all right it's time to take it off and let it cool down the potatoes and the carrots are all fucking true so the stew is done it's got a little bit a little bit extra moisture but that's okay I don't mind it'll still be delicious and I will devour a whole bunch the thing I'm gonna do though before I start devouring is stick it outside and let it cool down because I want to burn my mouth off and the dogs is all done theirs is cool it off – all right cool down – it's hard to get this all in on this there's close quarters let me grab my pot of stew here this is there's not even a chance not even a remote chance that I'm gonna eat all this all right let's get you a little Bua stew oh yeah look at that I let it sit outside for a good 10 minutes I promise I know it's still boiling hot or whatever but I just can't help myself I mean look at it okay okay all right boys go ahead burger burger all right back up I'm gonna help you out back up I got get up up get back hey Monty all right go ahead rooks Monty you're back there you go ahead Monty it's too much trying to fit them into this shot you're just gonna have to imagine them eating all right here we go no no no no no no Monty get it get it money what Monty just spilled his right underneath my chair Luger just sticking his face on the furnace and I just ate it potatoes too hot all the aggression going into this evening guys just enjoy it did you get it all Monty you did good job now finish up your bowl hmm I wish it was cooled down because then I could just inhale that but you you guys are nuts Monty you think you're gonna get some mice too you think so hmm hmm I don't think so rooks you're not getting either okay you guys a little Moe's down there and you got this nose right up here hmm Oh hop I'm gonna have to put it back outside there's nothing I can do I can't eat it fast enough should be ready to just consume now it's still hot but not burning my mouth hot I'm also very tired waiting for this to [Applause] it's definitely got me sleepy so I'm gonna finish up eating as much as I can I'm definitely not eating all of us and then I'm gonna get ready for bed and I will check back in with you guys when I'm ready for bed much to my own surprise I once ate all the stew there's just a broth left I can't believe I ate I didn't eat all the broth like the water and the there's little chunks of stuff but I ate all the bits of carrots meat and potatoes and onions I'll tell you what so I'm very full I did not think I was gonna get that down I just started I just all of a sudden there goes there is gone but these guys are out Monte's oh well I just woke him up but he's yeah you can see that he is oh there's some life in there I don't know there goes there goes and rugers out too so always fun how's a good day but I am ready for bed so I will catch you guys in the morning good night everybody party groups don't do it Monte's he's cool with just sleeping all day toast to you last night oh yeah severely overestimate how much what I needed and I was just putting in I was just stuffing it in there and it was just ripping it was warm so it's morning and I don't think I'm putting any more wood in the stove last what I put in was like an hour hour and a half ago don't do it rubes don't thank you so yeah I'm just gonna kind of let it burn out and start packing here and we're pretty much just going to get packed up and get out of here so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to get up here a little bit you get the morning position Monty we talked into the oh you're out of here get out of here okay like I was saying so I'm putting some layers get it all packed up in the tent here everything get it all ready to go and then well then I will pull down the tent in the Hat stuff slowly get up and start back mmm let's do it tell you what I'm glad just these dogs in here cuz I sure stay right Ruger I stink I stink oh yeah hey that's my firewood hey that's my firewood Oh got it back tricked ya okay time to start packing Oh Queen oh yeah Brett brought my Crocs case I had so much room and it's all packed out I can just walk outside to pee yeah I just used him one time my feet were cold that's going tough action here [Applause] Oh Oh my co-star almost docked Monty [Applause] [Applause] aha [Applause] [Applause] she's own okay looks like that's everything so that was a fun trip that was a first time he's in the you know hot tent and first time taking rooms out here winter camp but I think he did great I didn't need to put him in a sleeping bag at night they were it was toasty in there they were perfectly warm we they're running around they had lots of fun so we don't cooked up good food had a great time learned a few things about the hot tent it'll probably go a little smoother next time so as always guys if you liked the video hit the like button if you want to see more stuff like this hit that subscribe button and I will catch you guys at the next video don't boys let's go

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  1. Hey guys! Dont forget to smash that like button if you enjoyed the video! Likes, shares and comments help a ton! I learned a lot taking this tent out for the first time and hope to get it out a couple more times this winter. Maybe even a nice long March trip… who knows! Anywho, hope you guys liked Ruegers first winter camping trip!

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    If so, you do realize that onions are highly toxic to dogs?
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    Haa haaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa….
    By the by……Mr. Posa……You had some trouble getting this setup ~ up for the first time….You decided to leave this footage IN…
    And boy oh BOY do we thank you dear sir……
    NOTHING works absolutely PERFECT and EASY when your out in the woods…NOTHING….
    There will always be an issue with SOMETHING….Overcoming adversity with positive and creative thought is NECESSARY ~ ESPECIALLY in a situation where your VERY LIFE depends upon it, or the lives of OTHERS…..!!!!
    You ALWAYS hands down, stay positive, and ALWAYS have the perseverance to see a problem through to the end….ALWAYS….and usually with a candid, humble and UPBEAT demeanor…!!!
    In my humble opinion, this is why your channel is growing the way it is….Great man Charlie Brown……….!~!!~!!!
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