Winston Churchill Biography: In the Darkest Hour

we mentioned Winston Churchill with his signature cane drinking scotch whiskey and puffing on a Cuban cigar his mouth is down turned and his voice is gruff and his words pointed this is the image that Hollywood portrays but it isn't mere character of the flesh-and-blood version so who was Winston Churchill in Britain's darkest hour Churchill led his country from the brink of Nazi conquest by forging an alliance with the US and Russia he had many critics and made mistakes on a grand scale yet above all possessed an unwavering belief in his own power to his beloved country he offered his blood toil tears and sweat behind the political figure was a family man a man of literary distinction an artist a great lover of pets and a tinkerer yes Winston Churchill had many hobbies today on biographic Swee paints the complex picture of the lion so Winston Churchill so incident churchill was born on November 30th 1874 into the upper echelon of British society his father was Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill a prominent politician in the third son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough Churchill's mother Jennie Jerome was an American beauty and socialite the daughter of a wealthy New York stockbroker and financier the glamorous couple would seem like a match made in heaven but they lived mostly apart and carried on separate lives they also couldn't really be bothered with the young Winston the very privileged of his pedigree didn't afford in the kind of love and affection that he sought from his parents sadly throughout his life both father and mother were distant and neglectful fortunately vote for the young Winston there was one adult in his life who provided emotional support and acted like a mother figure Churchill's nanny Elizabeth Everest women as Winston called her after a failed attempts at saying women as a child was hired to care for Winston when he was one month old she would remain his only real friends and confidants throughout his childhood when she passed away Churchill said of her she had been my dearest and most intimate friend during the whole 20 years I had lived I shall never know such a friend again Winston was just seven years old when he was sent away to some Georges school at Ascot avoiding school it was not uncommon for school children in upper-class society to be sent away but his mother dropped him off at Paddington Station alone to catch the train at his first school Winston was bullied and bruised by the headmaster who commonly birched the students a form of corporal punishment that involved striking the bare bottoms of boys the misbehaved with visible scars on Winston from the beatings and pleas from his loving nanny his parents withdrew him and placed him in the Brighton school in 1882 Winston escaped the brutality of his first school but not the lessons of Brighton which he despised Winston hated the regiments and was rebellious his poor academic scores and speech impediments a list made Winston and easy targets and subject to ridicule in 1888 Winston enrolled at the Harris school but with abysmal entry scores he placed at the bottom of his class at Harry Winston excelled in the subjects that interested him including English and history he also demonstrated a prowess for the sport of fencing winning the public schools fencing championship yet the few bright spots were ever shadowed by deep sadness recalled in retrospect those years formed not only the least agreeable but also the only barren and unhappy part of my life Winston Churchill nearly died from the self-imposed act of bravado at the age of 18 when he jumped off a bridge he would later India three days of unconsciousness a ruptured kidney and three months in bet it happens when the teenager was playing chase with his twelve-year-old brother Jack and his 14 year old cousin while vacationing at their answer state according to Churchill in his 1930 memoir he was trapped on a rustic bridge with brother at one end and cousin at the other rather than be captured Churchill left from the bridge aiming for a pine tree to slide down he greatly misjudged the distance and fell the full height onto hard grounds Churchill was extremely lucky to survive but it wouldn't be his last brush with death indeed during his life Churchill was prone to accidents including crashing a plane while learning to fly nearly drowning in a lake falling several times from horses and getting hit by a car while trying to cross New York's Fifth Avenue due to his poor grades at Harrow it appeared Churchill's only chance at a career was through the army it took Churchill three attempts to pass the exam for the raw Military College at Sandhurst Churchill described taking the last portion of the exam and leaving it completely blank except for his name and number a blot and several smudges his father had wanted him to be in the infantry but his scores were only good enough for the cavalry the new training at Sandhurst excited Churchill and over the next 18 months Churchill thrived he recalled I was no longer handicapped by past neglect of Latin French or mathematics we now had to learn fresh things and we all started equal tactics fortification topography military law and military fortification forms the entire curriculum in addition were drill gymnastics and riding Churchill finished 20th out of 130 in his graduating class Churchill craved action and showed no fear on the battle fronts Churchill knew that he was destined for great things and he had to prove it to the world and war provided the perfect opportunity to do so Churchill served in the British Army there only for a short time from 1895 to 1899 and during the same time wrote military reports for newspapers as well as two books the story of the Malakand field force and the river war in 1899 Churchill stepped into politics to win election to the House of Commons but he failed without hesitation he traveled to South Africa to cover Britain's war with the buzz as a London post war correspondent at the age of 25 Churchill arrived in Cape Town with 18 bottles of scotch and a guarantee of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in today's money for a four month assignment one day Churchill admitted to his brother there is no ambition I cherish so keenly has to gain a reputation for personal courage he would soon get the chance to earn that reputation in South Africa while covering the war Churchill was aboard a train with soldiers sent on a reconnaissance mission the train was suddenly ambushed by the enemy and Churchill immediately sprung into action under fire he acted like a decorated general and ordered the soldiers with him to flee to safety most of them did that Churchill was captured as a prisoner of war and sent Pretoria Churchill's conditions in captivity they could have been worse the birds allowed prisoners to buy cigarettes beer and newspapers the Churchill hated every moment of it feeling the opportunity for glory slipping him by one night with no real plan of how to make it out of 300 miles of enemy territory he made a daring escape a massive manhunt ensued and the fugitive Churchill was wanted dead or alive he avoided capture traveling at night and drinking water from streams and when he could go no further he took a chance by knocking on a stranger's door on the other side he knew not whether there'd be Friend or Foe saved by pure chance or fate it was an Englishman who answered I felt like a drowning man pulled out of the water Churchill would recall the Englishman was John Howard a coal mine manager who hid Churchill in a pitch-black mine before he could be smuggled to safety during this time in the mine rats which actual say any company in Britain the story of an English Lords son escaping prison camp and humiliating the burrs was a boost to the nation he became a hero and a celebrity pretty much overnight you with a hero's welcome and newfound popularity Churchill ran for office and this time in 1900 he was elected as a member of parliament in the House of Commons this was the start of a 55 year long political career with the highest of the highest and the lowest of the lows Churchill once said politics is almost as exciting as war and quite as dangerous in war you can only be called once but in politics many times Churchill was a conservative when he first stepped into the House of Commons that he repeatedly clashed with his party on a number of issues free trade was crucial in his mind and in 1904 it was his party's support of tariffs that made Church or cross the floor to the opposing liberal side it infuriated his fellow conservatives but it proved to be great timing the Liberals took control soon after as a newfound liberal Churchill concerned himself with social reforms and laid the groundwork for the post-war welfare state Churchill again ratted or switched sides back to the Conservative Party in 1925 the flippant politician was highly criticized for the moves and he was seen as an untrustworthy opportunist Churchill's greatest political failure though the one nearly ruined his career came in 1915 World War one was at a stalemate along the western France with Allied troops engaged in deadly trench warfare anxious to end it Britain's War Cabinet authorized a bold military attack the mastermind of the 40 year old First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill the campaign would send troops over 1,000 miles to the east establishing a second front to eventually seize Constantinople and take control of the sea route from Europe to Russia the plan involved a naval attack through the Dardanelles Strait and then a land invasion on the gallop Eenie Peninsula in modern-day Turkey lack of intelligence incompetence and hesitation by military commanders created the perfect storm and the campaign went horribly wrong half of the ships were lost and a bloodbath on the shores lasted nine months in all 45,000 Allied troops in 65,000 Turkish troops lost their lives right or wrong Churchill bore the brunt of this failure and it forced his resignation from politics for a while Churchill he used this opportunity to return to the war front to gallop any campaign haunted Churchill for decades remember the Dardanelles was a favorite taunt from political opponents throughout his career a second controversy would plague Churchill for a decade and send him into political exile a period known as the wilderness yes in 1929 a debate erupted over self-governance in India which was at the time under British rule Churchill was no doubt an imperialist and was vehemently opposed he also had no love for Gandhi he saw him as a threat to the British Empire and went so far as to say Gandhi should not be released on the account of a mere threat of fasting we should be rid of a bad man and an enemy of the Empire if he died except for the most right-wing of conservatives Churchill was alone in his position much has been written about Winston Churchill The Statesman but what was the bulldog like at home who was he to his friends and his family when Clementine hozier met the 29 year old Winston in 1904 to dance she wasn't impressed he didn't ask her to dance just stared and never uttered one word and was very gauche four years later they would meet again at a dinner party and this time a remnants blossomed the couple married in 1908 and would endure 57 years together until Winston's death at the age of 90 even though clementines politics differed from Winston's she was fiercely supportive and maid standing by her man and number one priority she quietly advised him and was the only person who could reprimand his behavior Clementine once said she would have loved to have been a statesman in our own right if she had been born with trousers rather than petticoats Winston was overbearing and temperamental at times but he was always transparent in his love for his wife proudly boasting to Roosevelt I tell penny everything on occasion the couple would fight though money was a constant warrior for Clementine who was born into the aristocracy but wound up penniless in her youth Winston overspent enjoyed gambling and was in and out of debt during one particularly passionate dispute Clementine famously threw a plate of spinach at her husband's but it missed she also never really forgave him for buying the family home and money this Chartwell doing so on the sly when she was laid up from giving birth the couple had five children but only four would survive into adulthood their third child marigold died at the age of two and a half from septicemia which is an infection of the blood unfort for her this is a condition that modern-day antibiotics would easily cure Clementine shrieked in anger like an animal in mortal pain upon her daughter's death one year later the Churchill's fourth child Mary was born Winston he was delighted to have the nursery in use again Churchill's duties as a statesman often took him away from home but he was devoted to his family determined to be different from his own parents who were distant and Cole's whenever he could he doted upon his children he build them a treehouse of the family home and used his skills as a bricklayer to construct a little summer house for Mary over 40 years at Chartwell Churchill proudly improved the property by using his own hands building ponds structures and bridges the Churchill's had a multitude of pets domestic and exotic Churchill was an animal lover his whole life as a teen in 1891 he even sold his bicycle to buy a bulldog named dodo at the family home both cats and dogs as well as pigs fish butterfly sheeps horses and black swans there was even a parrot called Charlie who it was rumoured to Churchill talk to spork obscenities against Hitler and the Nazis though this has proven and is most likely a myth when not enamored with politics and taxing as the savior of his country Churchill was writing painting playing polo laying bricks at the family home or vacationing with friends in Monte Carlo or some other exotic locale we shall fight on the beaches we shall fight on the landing grounds we shall fight in the fields and in the streets we shall fight in the Hills we shall never surrender if it wasn't for Hitler in the Nazis Churchill may never have become Britain's Prime Minister after losing his cabinet position in 1929 many believed Churchill's political career was over even though he was out of politics he was not out of the public eye he continued to write books speeches and newspaper articles and warned of the dangers of Hitler from his home in Kansas the predictions of the growing Nazi power and the quest for domination was coming true he later wrote in his memoirs my warnings over the last six years had been so numerous so detailed and were now so terribly vindicated that no one could gainsay me at the war's outbreak then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain brought Church or back into the fray as Britain's First Lord of the Admiralty the same position that he held during the First World War Chamberlain had tried and failed to strike a peace deal with Hitler and he showed himself to be incapable of turning the rapid tide of fascism Chamberlain had also lost the support of his cabinet when British troops couldn't prevent the occupation of Norway in 1940 Chamberlain resigned and Churchill took over as Prime Minister at the darkest hour that same day May the 10th Hitler invaded Holland Belgium and the Netherlands Churchill was a brilliant orator thanks to his mastery of words he inspired his countrymen to fight and some of his speeches during the early days of the war are some of the most powerful in the English language victory was the only option he never even considered defeat even when the outlook looked most grim when France fell to the Nazis Britain was alone in its fight Churchill knew his island nation could not win the war alone he would need the United States and when Germany invaded Russia Churchill saw an opportunity to forge an unlikely alliance Britain came to Stalin's end and Churchill defended the decision during this desperate time saying no one has been a more consistent opponent of communism for the last 25 years I will unsay no word I have spoken about it but all this fades away before the spectacle which is now unfolding the past with its crimes its follies its tragedies flashes away the Russian danger is therefore our danger and the danger of the United States just the cause of any Russian fighting for half and house is the cause of free men and free peoples in every quarter of the globe to forge the big-three alliance Churchill cultivated a friendship with the American President Franklin D Roosevelt this was something that would convince him to join the war effort he invited himself to the White House and arrived two weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor the Prime Minister stayed three weeks through Christmas and well past his welcome in Eleanor Roosevelt sighs but it was absolutely critical to solidifying their alliance and winning over the Americans the two bonded over daily lunches and late-night strategizing by the time he left FDR founds that he missed his friends and sent a note to Churchill in London which read it is fun to be in the same decade with you with the Americans now in the war and the Russians fighting on the side of the Allies Hitler's armies were pushed back and victory was declared on May the 8th 1945 in Europe three months later in the East Japan surrendered marking the end of World War two in a surprise that very same year Churchill did not win re-election following the war Churchill continued to influence world affairs he gave his speech on the Iron Curtain about the USSR threat and was strongly in favor of Britain's independence from the European Coal and Steel community which was set up after the war to neutralize European competition for natural resources Churchill actually served as Prime Minister again in 1951 and resigns at the age of 80 it was at this time that he was in deteriorating health Churchill was intense on leaving his mark on history not just through clamoring for Fame and power or placing himself at the center of the action indeed he would write his own story and solidify a favorable view to be passed through the ages at the end of World War two Churchill wrote his best-selling series second world war and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953 in that same year he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the second in 1965 after suffering a stroke two weeks earlier Winston Churchill passed from this life until the next it seems the whole world felt the loss and reporters remarked that it was the end of an era the Queen saw to it that Churchill's funeral was the grandest of any commoner since 1852 which was on a scale befitting his position in history his body lay in state in Westminster Hall for three days and nights and no fewer than three hundred and twenty thousand people filed past to pay their respects and as we move towards the end of this video let me mention something interesting ten years ago a fifth of all British teenagers poles believed Churchill to be a fictional character his Legend indeed may seem larger than life and knowing the man apart from his greatest moment on the world stage is hard to grasp to say he was complex and contradictory is an understatement we know he held himself in the highest regard but Churchill also suffered in the depths of depression he referred to it as his black dog his stubbornness courage grid since brilliance with words made him indispensable and his legacy is one that will live on and inspire the good fight and no doubt Churchill will continue to be judged and analyzed through the ages for his failed decisions and unpopular attitudes he was a product of the time with an impossible job statesmen are not called upon to settle easy questions these often settle themselves it is where the balance Quivers and the proportions are veiled in mist that the opportunity for world saving decisions presents itself so I really hope you enjoyed that episode of biographic s– if you did there's a couple of things you could do right now one is hit that like button below also if you want more stuff like this we put out brand new videos every Monday and every Thursday so hit that subscribe button below and subscribe button doesn't do what it used to on YouTube if you actually want to get a notification about these videos please do hit that Bell button next to the subscribe button and that'll send you a notification every time every Monday and Thursday we won't put out a new video also if you want to watch something else right now stuff from the archive over there on the right and as always thank you for watching

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  1. Correction: Septicemia is the presence of an infectious bacterium in the blood. Sepsis is the more current word. Sepsis is no joke: it remains a major cause of mortality and morbidity despite current antibiotics.

  2. Can someone tell me if he talks about the partition of India or the Bengal famine? I love this channel a lot but I seriously cannot hear praise be song about such a monster. I genuinely tried but it was too painful. As an Indian when I look at Churchill all I see is a horrific demon and racist; a leader equatable to the likes of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. If this information is appalling, surprising, new, or you believe it to be false I implore you- do some research on the subject. The crimes of this man are NOT taught in schools. It is absolutely, and thoroughly, disgusting that this man is idolized and revered. I do not wish to antagonize those who are unaware or those who (currently) think otherwise. People sincerely do not know what Churchill has done. Few countries teach such matters in school. The blood of millions upon millions of Indians is on Churchill's hands, and nobody cares.

  3. He's Worse than Hitler because while hitler is condemned for his killing of 6 million jews, Churchill is praised for killing 5 million bengalis.
    You cannot think of any man as any higher than a pig who shows this Pigsty genocidal demon as a human.

  4. For as long as England venerates Churchill, it will remain a foolish deluded nation with no real understanding of its recent history. His books should be destroyed, his statues removed and dumped in the sea, and his name should become a euphemism for mendacity. It has been said that someone with no knowledge of history is like a leaf which is unaware that it is part of a tree. Knowledge of a false history is even more damaging, certainly no basis for a decent society, and the English establishment is shored up with so many lies and falsehoods as to make an ignorant uneducated proletariat increasingly necessary. Hence the BBC.?

  5. Above all else, he was a horrible, horrible man. One day, the history books will reflect this truth, rather than pushing only the ridiculous adulation of this pompous, piggish murderer that I was taught.

  6. Is that music Gymnopedie? And the other music reminds me of another but i forgot where its from. Its got a 3 note descending motif that repeats lower and then backwards….

  7. the man who allowed millions of indians to die in famine and diverted food for war preps when british ruled india ,and people hail him as hero , for me there is not much diference between him hitler or stalin

  8. Surprisingly no mention of Great Bengal Famine, in which 2.5 million Indians were starved to death. You are biased.

  9. Little known fact : Jack the Ripper was Winston Churchill. He admitted it on his deathbed in 1965.
    He had a trained pet ferret that ripped his victims open.

  10. Black and Tans, Bengal famine, hopeful murderer of Gandhi and crusher of righteous rebellions…the man was an imperialist racist piece of trash that was lucky enough to be the one in office when Hitler came knocking. He is responsible for millions of civilian deaths. Anything good he ever did was, as he is quoted in this video stating, for his own reputation. His god-damn ego. If there's a Hell he's in it.

  11. Thank you again for the in-depth research and very paltable presentation ? Your pacing is always easy to listen to and watch. I do hope that some if your various channels and programs are used by educators as supplemental material ?

  12. I actually liked the channel until I began to notice how incredibly biased it is. This channel would be perfect if it would focus on giving a neutral, balanced look at these historical figures.

  13. Does anyone know if Winston cigarettes are named after him? I don't really know. But if they are, I find it ironic since he smoked mostly cigars.

  14. Churchill was the greatest American who ever lived. While he served the British Empire he single handedly oversaw the transition of all its power and wealth into the hands of The United States. His preference for the country of his mothers birth was something of an open secret. He had The Battle Hymn of The Republic played at his funeral. The only way he could have more firmly expressed his loyalty to The United States would have been to request burial at Arlington.

  15. To me he was a hero, even with warts and all. 10% of Brittish kids believe he is a fictional caracter?! We are surely entering an age of ignorance.

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