WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 7 “Otteu, Was he getting bullied..?”

Otteu attacks.. attacks again.. endlessly endlessly nagging.. hey!! Jinwoo: Hey! Why are you harassing! Sit! Where are your manners.. While eating.. splatter nom nom nom look at his manners Seunghoon: Otteu always splatters his food there’s more where are your toilet manners.. What has Seunghoon done.. to deserve the dog.. Seunghoon: We bought the dog not knowing it was sick Seunghoon: It was ill since I brought it home.. So I took a good care of it Seunghoon: and that quickly brought us closer Otteu wagging its tail enduring bouts of sickness.. thankful for its survival embraced with so much love but!! Otteu needs behavior modification! Vet: Its behavior is abnormal Vet: It could be expressing boredom or uncontrolled energy Vet: If it lacks confidence, confidence building training is needed. I want to join.. When it approached others.. they just ignored.. Seungyoon: I think cats might leave it out in the cold.. Agreed.. Behavior trainer: Dogs normally relieve stress with its mouth By using recycled items where it can look for snacks and food he can have fun with it fumbling focused Elephant toy Wow! He ripped it!! Seungyoon: He’s not just being simple but actually thinking hard Smarty Otteu Cats watching on the side are lost in snack hunt and then! The goddess is here Am I shaking..? but.. The nosy aunties are minding his business.. Minho: I give up Noooo~ Otteu Minho: He’s out Who are you to make the decision.. Episode 8- Otteu’s first experience

100 thoughts on “WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 7 “Otteu, Was he getting bullied..?”

  1. they should be careful, it's bad for haute to be slidding around the floors like that. as cute and funny as it looks haha.

  2. When they clean up the poop & pee if it's on those mats they need to wash it with soap and water and then spray with a special cleaner for getting rid of the smell otherwise the animal smells the area and thinks it's a toilet and goes there again.

  3. I laugh when Ray slap ottue on the face he was like

    Ottue comes to bay and smelling its face then Ray slaps him

    Ray:Don't you go near my Bay!

    Ottue:*Walks away*

  4. otteu probably needs more exercise and socialisation!! greyhounds in particular have a crazy amount of energy and love bounding about w other dogs

  5. U need a lot of patience when taking care of pets..we have 7 dogs inside our house and i can relate to the situation of their dorm..i can see winner really love their pets but hoon's patience to haute is amazing..its different when u have dogs unlike cats

  6. People criticizing Winner members' home and better not be crying when they show less private time. They 'didn't ' have to share this with everyone. sheesh

  7. I know some are judging their dorm but its like that when u have lots of pets and things inside plus they are all boys…don't worry about their situation since they are living in 2 dorms already, so more space and more organized

  8. The moment they Cencor The brand I know that is royal canin Since my dog used to eat that Ford When hE still alive 🙂 Sorry my broken english :>

  9. For everyone saying "why is WINNERs dorm so messy" bealive it or not this is how most idols dorms look like lol their always busy so they barely have time to clean and winner has 4 pets SJDKSKSKS!!

  10. We have dogs at home and I completly understand WINNERS situation and I love that they have this love for their pets. I wish Otteu well and Bay and Ray well too. Even Johnny even though she scares the shit out of me

  11. 0:45 thats def a dog thing, cause my dog also grabs a mouthful and then brings it all the way to the living room to eat LMAO

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