WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 6 “This is what you call a girl’s jealousy..”

Wait here for a sec, Jinwoo: Don’t eat that, Otteu eat this. Eat yours~ After getting her food taken away by the males, Johnny has lost where to go.. Hey brother.. Minho: You stop eating, stop! Is it good~? You stop eating!! Go away! You pig! Seungyoon: I’m really curious what goes on when we’re not there. Minho: For Johnny, I don’t know if she gets hit.. Minho: Eating in general.. She doesn’t eat much when she’s alone. Minho: Sometimes I get worries if Johnny is getting bullied..? I know what you guys did when we’re not there Those.. The camera actually get surprised.. lol Wow… Ah!! Stop making a scene!! On the other hand! The members get ready for a TV show.. Minho: I miss Johnny~ Johnny~ In Otteu’s dog bowl.. What are you doing…? and.. Otteu watching that.. Within the tension.. Enjoy your food… I’m not hungry… Afternoon, that day Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoaaaaa Seungyoon: Johnny’s stealing Otteu’s food! Johnny!! Seungyoon: Hey, Ottey’s taking Johnny’s food!! Minho: Johnny! Is that why you didn’t eat your food..? Face of getting exposed Wow, we were tricked. Seungyoon: I thought the other kids were bullying Johnny~? Huh? Ahhhhh… Minho: So Johnny.. Wasn’t getting bullied… Minho: Johnny.. Was the leader..? Minho: Oh… I’m really shocked right now.. Let’s apologize~ Apologize Minho: I forgive you for stealing Johnny’s food. Seunghoon: Justice is alive!! He apologized..? Punch! Punch! Seungyoon: Johnny! Why are you hitting Otteu!! Seungyoon: They say Otteu is hitting the cats… Seungyoon: but I think the cats, Seungyoon: The cats are bullying Otteu. Turn yourself in.. and search for the light..? Episode 7!
Otteu, was he getting bullied..?

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  1. 오뜨 불쌍해…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 민호님이 고양이 미는거 보고 뜨억ㅋㄱㄱㅋㄱ진우님이랑 레이가 속상하겠어요.

  2. Lol johnny so swag…like his dad..MY multitlented WINNER babies fighting! Yg family fighting! WINNER EVERYWHERE TOUR fighting!

    #BIGBANG, 2ne1 members, WINNER, iKON, SECHSKIES, Kriesha Chu and BLACKPINK fighting!

  3. I‘m a catlady myself and I have three of them but am I the only one who gets anxiety when I see the cats jump on the table and countertop in the kitchen? ??? I dunno I may be weird but I raised my children not to do that ???

  4. I got a jump scare at 1:26. Like why did they have to put the scream sound. I was looking at my phone and i had my head phones in and then AH. Gosh

  5. I'm laughing when the glass is about to fall and the camera was panicked ㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ㅋㅎㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎ

  6. I have 5 cats and I keep my things and furnitures as minimal as possible. But their house ?.. Seems like there are thousands of items to be play with ??

  7. I noticed that Mino is very lovable and caring towards women in general. Even his cat is a female and he protects her)) He possesses such strong and positive masculinity which is rare, it’s obvious he loves kids and when he interacts with them he looks like a dad lol I will never forget how he adores and respects CL, she appeared in Full House mv for only 4 seconds and he was so thankful for her plus he mentioned her in the lyrics expressing his appreciation and respect towards her, he took care after her when they were both drunk after Taeyang’s White Night concert afterparty, what a man! He was so caring supported her with his arm so she could lean on him such a gentleman, it’s usual to see when men in reverse don’t let women enjoy themselves and drink alcohol and criticizing them if they have struggles to walk drunk, but MinHo was like “Chaerin Noona, I am here, you can lean on me”. Not to mention how he treats Blackpink, they obviously adore him as their oppa. Plus I remember watching the YG family concert with 2ne1, BB, Winner, Ikon, Sechskies and Lee Hi, there were a moment when they introduced each other to audience and it was Lee Hi’s time so somebody said her name and she started to dance and YG family started to hype her up and Min Ho was close to Lee Hi so his face was also on screen, he was so supportive his face expression was like “YAS, lil sister show them” even in such small thing he was so genuinely happy himself, it’s like he is not just feeling a need to be caring but he himself carries that feature to be amazed by women existence and to appreciate women in different forms. I don’t know how to explain it properly. I think he really appreciate women, and even when he sexualizes woman image like in Body song or Full House it feels like he is really amazed by their beauty, like he is expressing his feelings towards muses which inspires him. So Song Min Ho can be a perfect brother, son, and boyfriend, father and even perfect owner of a pet too lol It’s just clear from his personality and behavior

  8. mino with johnny is just like me with my cat.. damn so cute.. also calling the other cat "pig" and giving a little slap omg

  9. I swear the 1 dog is like jin the black hairless cat is like jungkook and the other hairless cat is like jimin…. and the furry cat is yoongi . I mean common

  10. My cat is girl and i called her baekhyun.. so jonny to minho's girl cat sounds okay for me lol
    Are they do not talk about thr broken glass? Hemm

  11. I'm still curious why is Minho's cat a girl yet he named her Johnny? Johnny is actually scary. Just like a typical girl on her period, being disturbed while eating?

  12. Scary scene if looks could kill. The cat saying, "Hey, dude don't mess with me". Glad the dog smart enough to walk away. Among the pets you can tell it's the Orange cat that runs the house.

  13. Is anyone else disturbed with how the cats just broke the glass? That's irresponsible of the members, to just leave things around with pets on the loose. I wanna go and do a full through cleaning in their house

  14. Honestly this Animal Drama is way better than the James Charles and Tati’s drama
    Like this is the type of tea I can sip on all day ?❤️

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