WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 5 “The maundy of tears…”

The house is quiet… Winner, where are you guys..? They are… working to buy the pets’ food… However.. The pets don’t know this and they’re sleeping.. Vroom~ I got a good feeling.. Gets up- His tail starts to wag. Oh… He’s here! Seunghoon: Look how energetic Otteu is, Seunghoon: Look at him acting all cute cause I’m here. Minho: This is Johnny’s favorite position. I brought snacks~ Seunghoon: Is it good? It’s good isn’t it?? Yeah~ It’s good Then.. Seunghoon~ There’s a piece of art. Seunghoon: Let’s see what Otteu drew this time~ That’s my baby Seunghoon: It kinda looks like the Chinese character for person.. person Seunghoon: Rock paper scissors, loser cleans Otteu’s poop.. Minho: What.. Why do I have to participate? LOL Seunghoon: We have to show them that we are a true family Rock paper scissors! Minho, thank you in advance. Uh, don’t wag your tail Reflecting upon himself.. But.. Wagging his tail The poop patiently waits for Minho.. And.. Minho says bye… All the members are taking a break I got a signal! Aiming.. aiming completely failed.. What!! …. UHHHHHHHH Seunghoon! Seunghoon: You don’t have to show me this, just clean it. Seunghoon: Just clean it yourself.. So annoying!! Minho: What is this! I don’t know.. Seunghoon: Minho, our ancestors used to say that even Seunghoon: dog poop was rare if it was to be used for medicine. Seunghoon: I hope it becomes a good nutrient. Bye~ Minho: The location seems to be around here all the time too. It sticks so well.. Ugh… It’s not my foot, so..^^ Hahaha… Those kids.. I’m gonna go wash it off. Minho: Do you think this will train Otteu? Minho: I stepped on his poop and I was mad but.. Minho: While I’m being mad at him, Seunghoon’s next to Minho: him saying “aww you did a good job~”, Minho: So, Otteu might mistake it and be like “Oh, did I do a good job?” Minho: And then it repeats.. Ugh~ So mean. Seunghoon: Ugh.. the poop.. It became one with the floor. Is the floor important right now? Minho: It’s on my foot right now.. Seunghoon: I said Otteu is my son but, Seunghon: I raised Minho since he was a trainee too.. Seunghoon: I’m very attached to Minho~ Showing affection Minho: It is annoying.. But Otteu didn’t do it on purpose so.. Stick it there! Behave well from now on, okay? Dad’s smile Right now, this situation, what is this.. Otteu… You… Episode 6!
This is what you call a girl’s jealousy…

100 thoughts on “WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 5 “The maundy of tears…”

  1. As he stepped on the poop i burst out laughing ???. Same feels when i stepped on our 1month old puppies poop ?

  2. When Minho walked in the room, I just KNEW he was gonna step on the poop. I GOT TEARS IN MY EYES FROM HOW HARD I LAUGHED

  3. Winner and their pets always amuse me.. i am not really know winner personaly, but now i want to know more (and perhaps become a fan)

  4. Soy fans de winner
    No habré iniciado con ellos pero estaré hasta el final con ellos 🙂

  5. I just noticed that the music is from undertale…
    Btw if ur wondering what song..

  6. You guys should know that this dorm was filmed on May 2017, right after their very first comeback after losing a member and 1 year HIATUS.
    And four big ass men living one dorm wi4th lots clothes, and FOUR PETS, it's bound to be messy.
    Good thing they have finally gained enough money to divide into two dorms. It's a lot better now.
    Watch Omniscient intetferring with Mino and Jinu. You'll see.
    And Jinu's room is really clean, like minimalist style.

  7. Cómo es que termine viendo un video de Mino pisar popo? Yo estaba viendo vídeos de Mamamoo JAJAJAJA

  8. Poor Mino. Hoon should put another potty pad in the spot that O poops, since he goes 1 & 2 in different locations. They are good parents though, so loving to the babies! ?. Sweet of Hoon to wash Mio's foot. ??

  9. Where can I donate to get these boys enough money to but pet food? They work their socks of for their children, I'm soft ?

  10. I know Otteu is adorable, however, it needs potty training. You can use toddler's nappy in the meantime, to avoid unwanted surprises.

    (NOTE: Pet's, after eating, must be brought out or be placed in the designated area to do their business. Wipes keeps them hygeniecally clean as well).

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