WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 3 “It’s a war..”

What’s going on… Is this real? .. I can’t believe it… The members look very busy… Jinwoo: Sanitation is first. Clap CLap CLAp CLAP Seunghoon: This is the cat team. Seungyoon: We’re the dog team. Dog (on the left)
Cats (on the right) Seunghoon: Today we’re gonna make Seunghoon: ‘Stir-fried meatballs and vegetables’. Jinwoo: I’m making the ‘tomato hugging a chicken’ Jinwoo: using chicken breast Hello, come out Seunghoon: Getting the good ingredients is the Seunghoon: fun of a cooking survival. Seunghoon: Don’t worry, I’ll be fair Jinwoo: We need spinach too! Seungyoon: This is bok choy not spinach~ Ah… Minho: It has to be filling.. yum yum slurp slurp Seunghoon: If you look like that, Seunghoon: you can never end up with a good product. Seunghoon: You have to think you’ll Seunghoon: feed them full with a warm heart.. Wow~ Some techniques! Meow Ray’s here too Seunghoon: If Bay went there, that’s an approved restaurant. Bay is already there.. Seungyoon: We’re approved! Jinwoo: Bay, come here! I’ll show you what cooking is.. However.. Not expecting anything good I feel bad.. Dog team – Stir fried meatballs and vegetables Cat team – The tomato hugging a chicken! pitapat I’m nervous.. Seunghoon: Which one will the kids think is more good.. Oh..! He ate it!! Bay loves stir fried meatballs and vegetables Aw~ You eat so well Otteu loves stir fried meatballs and vegetables The result is obvious.. Otteu, come try this Jinwoo: He ate it! Otteu ate the tomato! spit-spit I refuse. I’ll enjoy this. Hahaha… Minho: To be honest, we don’t really cook food for them that often, Minho: but it does feel good cause they ate our food… Cooking, success.. Seungyoon: I feel left out sometimes.. Uh… Seungyoon: They’re like that~ Seungyoon: They use me… Episode 4!
A crisis in the Winner family..?

76 thoughts on “WINNER’s Four Pets Everyday | Episode 3 “It’s a war..”

  1. okay, real talk, I looove winner but I feel like my mom's ocd-ass spirit possesses me every time I see their messy-as-hell appartment. WHY ARE THERE CLOTHES NEXT TO THE KITCHEN ISLE? WHY ARE THEY TESTING ME LIKE THAT?!

  2. Мне так нравятся видео где айдолы с животными, честно меня -это умиляет . Ну кто хоть раз не умильнулся.

  3. I’m sorry, this is nothing pets related and I’m a huge fan of Blackpink, but this is the first time I saw Winner’s dorm and it’s so tiny ? They’re successful and have been working for waaaayy longer than Blackpink, yet this is the dorm they live in? This is just unfair 🙁

  4. Can I just go there and organize their things? Like seriously, I want to clean and arrange some of their things. Hahahah. #winnerdorm #winnerfourpets

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