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Jinwoo: If I have skin contact with them I get allergic. Jinwoo: So I eat pills, then give them a shower.. dearly brought in.. You’re nice? No. (firm) Seunghoon: If he doesn’t want to, then Jinwoo gets together.. Nooooo Seunghoon: When son doesn’t want to shower then Seunghoon: his father has to go with the son. Jinwoo: Ray likes to bath! Right~? Good boy uhhhhh I told you I’m not!! Seungyoon’s having fun lol hehe Ray’s uncomfortable.. yeah~ I like it Ya-hoo~ (happy Jinwoo) Even Bay.. Seunghoon: Sir, does it feel good~? Seunghoon: This is a fully body aroma massage Jinwoo: All the members like animals so Jinwoo: it’s like raising them together. Minho: Johnny~ Ignored Minho: Johnny has to clip her nails, now. resigning.. Yeah, go ahead hahahahaha Impersonating Johnny Seungyoon.. Seungyoon..
Death note.. Cute You’re done! Go! Cleans herself once.. Cat family, bath done-! My snack.. (fluttered) Seunghoon: All our pets don’t like taking baths, Seunghoon: If we force them to go, it traumatizes them… Seunghoon: So with the power of positivity.. Seunghoon: they walk in themselves! Seungyoon: Then you should’ve done that from Seungyoon: the beginning.. now? lol Seunghoon: (ignores) I’ll prove that with the power of positivity Seunghoon: there’s nothing you can’t do through Otteu. Otteu you don’t need to listen to him Seunghoon: One of this would.. will he.. Seunghoon: nomnomnom.. It’s mine!! Seunghoon: nomnomnom.. It’s mine!! Seungyoon: Walks on four legs himself.. Seungyoon: In Otteu’s sight! Feels bad.. Seunghoon: Otteu, let’s eat chips~ Will he fit that in his mouth! Seunghoon: Don’t eat it!! Seungyoon: Let’s just bring him, bring him!! Seungyoon: I’m just gonna catch and take you Seunghoon: Otteu let’s fly with the power of positivity! A face that has overgone positivity snack.. done Minho: Okay, nurse ready.. Even the nurse.. What is.. this nervousness? Episode 3!
‘Making snacks’
for [Ray, Bay, Otteu, Johnny]
“It is a war..”

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  1. That's so funny… Seeing them battle against their pets to shower them… XD And Seunghonnie!!! What's that leg for(2:13)…?! XD

  2. Guys I just found out why Mino named his cat "Johnny"!!!
    It sounds very very very close to "Jennie" and u all know what's up so…?

  3. Mino has it easy when cutting Munchkin’s nails, my cat would destroy me — can’t do nothing about it but try one at a time when she’s off guard. Ugh, Ivy why did I name you after the villain Poison Ivy?

  4. "If we force them to go, it traumatizes them..
    With the power of positivity
    They walk in themselves "

    I wish my parents were that supportive of me with school but nah 🙂

  5. I was watching animal videos and this one is recommened so I clicked. I relate to them especially the person with the dog. I even play with my pets like that lmao

  6. it’s amazing how jinwoo is allergic to them but takes medicine so he can have his own cat and for the members animals

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