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So crowded PD: Hello Seungyoon: Oops! Why’s the camera.. Wow..! OMG Minho: It’s Animal Farm! Jinwoo: Is this actually Animal Farm? Yes, we are~ PD: Hello Hello~ 7 males and 1 female Seunghoon: Report! Seunghoon: I’m Ottu, born on May 5th, 2015! Seunghoon’s dog Ottu Oh~ Seungyoon’s cat!? Seungyoon: Uh.. I’m raising myself. Seungyoon’s peron – Seungyoon My position’s like an assistant owner and assistant butler In the arms of the real butler In a cluster.. Muah First, this is Ray! Jinwoo’s cat 1 – Ray Ray’s partner! Show them your face, huh? Jinwoo’s cat 2 – Bay That moment.. Johnny, are you upset? I think so.. lol So cute Are you laughing? Picking up an angry cat LOL Johnny~ Minho: This is Johnny. She’s a Munchkin~ muah Minho: But, her legs are long.. So, Minho: I don’t think she’s a pure-bred sneers lol Minho: This is the only female in our animal kingdom! Minho’s cat – Johnny Seunghoon: We’ve been living with them for 2 years now. When the butlers are talking.. Seunghoon: These.. Even if they mess up the couches.. Seunghoon: haha my baby hehehe.. Seungyoon: We got them when they were young Seungyoon: and we watched them grow up, Seungyoon: They, sometimes do bad things, Seungyoon: but we won’t dislike them… Seungyoon: I really feel like they’re my babies.. All of a sudden.. What is going on here? Jinwoo suddenly takes medication..? What happened? Episode 2!
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  1. Omg look at the chairs and the couch. I had a cat before but he wasn’t that bad of course it’s different with four but I think they could’ve gotten them a specialized scratching place for cats

  2. Am I the only one who wants to fly to S.Korea just to clean these boys' place up? Seriously. My OCD kicked in hard when I saw this video. Haha. Gotta love boys who love pets tho. But I sympathize with Jinwoo. I am a dog lover myself and we have about 16 dogs at home last time I counted but I am allergic to them so yeah, it's hell.

  3. You guys are hilarious! Name your female cat Johnny and confuse the masses! Lol! I love your tactics. Thanks for the breath of fresh air. The political climate in the US is far from sunny. Even the campaign ads on YouTube are being manipulated by those who track and monitor the online behavior of internet users. There's no more privacy for any of us because we're all under surveillance. Take care. ❤️??

  4. lo que recomiendo a ellos los que tienen gatos que busquen así como donde ellos fueron desarrollando hay unas con una casita Si ya saben para que no le están alineando los muebles

  5. Minho naming his girl cat Johnny, is the same energy as Yoongi naming his boy dog Holly and Sehun naming his boy dog Vivi LAMAKSK

  6. Happy Birthday today Haute! You and my Mom have the same bday! Have a great day and tell your Dad we love you both! ???

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