Will Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Gameplay Affect Design Trends? (Direct Reaction)

Animal Crossing New Horizons just had a dedicated
Direct and boy did we learn a lot from that! One thing that stuck out to me is just how
much we can design things ourselves in the game, including terraforming once you unlock
it. This got me thinking what kinds of islands
people might create but more than that what styles will become popular amongst the online
community. I predict that similarly to New Leaf the way
the game was designed will actually change many people’s perspectives of what kind
of islands they like in an interesting way over time. More specifically, since there is a lot more
customization option in New Horizons like placing neighbors’ houses ourselves, redesigning
the terrain, placing furniture around town, placing more of the buildings, moving things
around after the fact, etc. I’m wondering if this will affect what type
of town designs become popular with fans online because of what happened in the last game. New Leaf gave more customization options than
previous games. Instead of just placing trees and patterns
on the ground being able to places bushes, public work projects, and change the designs
of buildings meant that towns started to look even more different from one another. Some even put in crazy amounts of energy to
try to control where neighbors put their houses since they wouldn’t spawn in the same places. Or they hacked it, I don’t know. Over time we saw a rise of two particular
styles of towns: Those that look carefully organized, and those that are made to look
natural and spontaneous. There are other types of course in existence,
but what I’m focused on is the type of towns that would have photos of it shared around
social media because of how much people liked its aesthetic. So, I’m not counting towns that didn’t
get a lot focus put into its design or story-telling towns like the horror ones that were popular
in the Dream Suite since those were more about the experience rather than looking at photos
of it and also not many people actually made a town solely for telling a story through
the Dream Suite, so I won’t be talking about those. I feel that I personally noticed more towns
that felt very controlled closer to when New Leaf came out. There was a lot of cutesy, pink towns with
colorful public works projects and neighbors’ houses being lined up nicely. Later on, I noticed more of the “natural
forest type towns.” These towns weren’t organic at all, they
still take quite a bit of planning, but they’re made to look as if there were natural elements
at play. Houses were more scattered, weeds were allowed
to grow, mushrooms were abound, one of their characters would be kept in a tent, more artificial
looking PWPs were avoided, and normally it would be raining in pictures or in the Dream
Suite. Towns were also hacked into order to place
things where you normally couldn’t. There was still a range of styles in this
genre, but these were all staples. Looking through sites like tumblr, the cutesy
organized towns and the woodsy ones dominated in popularity to the point that some users
got annoyed that every town seemed to be one or the other. But, I do think that I remember the natural
types not being such a big movement right after the game came out. It felt more like a reaction to the more inorganic
ones, that while they could choose to make their towns neat and tidy, they were going
to create something to look even more “natural” than towns did in past games. Having it be easy to make towns be exactly
how you want them to look meant that having them look natural oftentimes took more work,
making them more highly regarded to some people. More recently, we’ve seen the two styles
converge more and most towns online seem to be a combination of the two styles. If anything, it’s more difficult now to
find the purely cute and organized towns. The trend seems to have moved in the more
“natural” direction. Since in New Horizons we are now able to terraform
and customize our towns like never before, I wonder if something similar will happen. Once you unlock the features to change your
town’s terrain, you’ll be able to create the town you’ve always envisioned. But because of how easy it is to change things
ourselves, I’m thinking that as time passes towns that appear relatively more natural
will be more sought after. Some people online have already started planning
out what they want their towns to look like by drawing maps or ideas for sections of their
towns. I’ve noticed that the majority of them seem
very organized, with houses being lined up nicely, areas being clearly divided, rivers
that are fairly straight or at least look purposeful, and so on. I predict that a lot of towns will look like
this when we start unlocking the features, but after a while people in the community
will try to make towns that appear less planned, such as having the rivers borders bend in
less artificial-looking ways and have the placement of things seem more random. Of course, this won’t be the case for everybody,
but as a general trend this is what I predict. I want to make it clear though that there’s
no bad way to design your town. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m
saying that people should or shouldn’t follow what’s currently popular, but I do think
it’s interesting to see the trends in the community. In fact, I mostly played New Leaf in the first
couple of years after it came out, and after getting inspired from what I saw on social
media I made my town, well, cute and organized, and I’ve kept it this way ever since. Some people, myself included, have felt a
bit worried about whether we’ll be able to think of creative towns. But hopefully we’ll be able to get over
our fears and just have fun designing them. I’ll also throw out there that of course
there have been other types of towns that are popular online, but I wanted to focus
on the two main dominant ones on social media. Besides this, I figure I’ll share a few
of my other thoughts on the Direct quickly. I was surprised by how much won’t be available
to use on launch day. Nintendo Online, most holidays, and save backups. But, I’d much rather wait and have a good
product in the end than either have them rush things or push back the whole game, so I’m
okay with how things will turn out. I am very curious though about how the holidays
will be considering we didn’t see anything of what they’re like. I’ve mentioned before that I like Toy Day
in New Leaf because of the gameplay outside of the day of the holiday itself, and I’m
hoping we’ll see more holidays like this since they have more replay value to me. By having them released throughout the year
I suppose that this means I’ll be less likely to be spoiled on what they’re like, so I
might actually like waiting on them. Like everyone else, I was really blown away
by how beautiful the museum looks. Related to that, I originally worried that
since we have to unlock the museum I might forget to donate the bugs and fish that I
capture for the first time before I get it. But, since it’s confirmed that you can place
them outside I’ll be able to keep them to the side until I get the museum. Plus, we can check what we’ve already donated! The lighting in the houses and having the
main room once it’s fully expanded still keep its windows make them look even cuter! I felt inspired to make a comfy looking living
room after watching the Direct. Overall it was nice seeing towns that are
further along than what we’ve previously seen. The same happened with New Leaf, where the
first couple of videos showed nearly barren towns so it was to be expected, but seeing
more decorated towns made me excited for all of the possibilities in store for us. If you haven’t already, try watching the
Direct in Japanese. Unless if you did originally, then watch it
in English. Just watch it in a language that you haven’t
yet. Because some of the footage where there is
text is a bit different. Since they have to change the language in
game and then try to take footage again, some things aren’t able to be exactly the same. While the changes aren’t groundbreaking
it’s fun trying to spot what’s different. It’s a bit early, but this Direct made me
start to think about how they’ll be able to push the next Animal Crossing game even
further considering how much they’re doing now. I suppose the changes show that they wanted
to follow some of the current trends in video games and also try to appeal to some new demographics,
so I guess that’s how the next game might go as well. Now for something only I care about, I realized
that the boxes from the Animal Crossing booth were designed after the ones you get in the
tent. Originally I thought they just put on the
leaf and the other three symbols to make it seem like something that’d be in game, but
now I see that it’s specific. The morning after the direct had aired at
11 pm, I heard some of my high school students joke about how the nickname for it is “atsumori”
in Japanese like the gag a Japanese news station does as I explained in my Japanese reactions
and memes video. So it seems like things are really starting
to pick up for the game now they’ve moved into the advertising phase. All in all I was happy with what we saw in
the Direct. There’s still a lot of things we don’t
know about the game, so I think I’ll have to wait until I have it in my hands to make
a verdict on some of the functions and keep quiet for now. I will say I’m starting to get a bit nervous
as the game gets closer to release, in part because the pre-orders for the Animal Crossing
Switch aren’t open yet for me and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to secure one. But hopefully everything will go as planned
and in less than a month I’ll be joining the island getaway package. If you enjoyed this video, you might want
to check out WilbosWorld’s video on how the dream suite might function in New Horizons. He brings up some interesting ideas and illustrates
them in a way that makes them easy to picture. I also wanted to say thank you to all my subscribers
since I am now at over 1,000. Wow! I never thought that I would reach a thousand
in a year, or ever really. As well, thank you all for the likes and comments,
I like to see what you all think. Feel free to follow me on social media like
tumblr and Twitter, I post things like the recent choco eggs that were released . See
you next time!

28 thoughts on “Will Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Gameplay Affect Design Trends? (Direct Reaction)

  1. Why not both? I and somme friends made Plans for our Islands. I think I will make a section where most of the buildings are (like in the Trailers). At the other side of want to have wilde growing trees and bushes with a pond and tents.

  2. I never spent any time in AC tumblr fandom, but my favorite towns to visit via dream suite were always the ones with wacky themes, followed by the super organized ones. I didn't evem know "intentionally disorganized" was a trend, but maybe it became more popular after I lapsed in playing. I'll be pleased with myself this time if I actually manage to see my town plan through to fruition lol, I had a lot of plans last time but despite playing for years my town was never finished.

  3. Toyday is actually on the day of the holiday in the southern parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. It's called Sinterklaas. The rest of the Netherlands celebrates it on December 5th. It's a holiday where kids get toys and sweets 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to see what types of island/town designs emerge from all of these new customization options we have. I love that they showed fully decorated islands in this direct, it really made the showcase so much better. Awesome video, and thank you for mentioning my video!

  5. Been planning on having three main 'areas' – Built up town (not sure how built up vs more suburban I'm planning on going with that), orchardy area with perhaps a quary as well (assuming we can move rocks), and a more natural – since it became apparent that most towns at the start would have a central area surrounded on both sides by rivers. Suspension or log bridges, undecided yet, mostly dirt paths, with the overall area those regions take up being partially dependent on initial rivers. Yeah I can change things later but even with the ability to change things around a bit I still want to work with the starting layout rather than completely terraform it.

  6. The sheer amount of customisation in this game makes me think there’s going to be so much variety in town design, I can’t wait to see what people end up making!

  7. this is a really interesting topic! my new leaf town is fairly “natural” but moreso from lack of effort than careful planning to make it look like that. i hope in new horizons that since it’ll be easier to customize your island, i’ll be able to truly organize my town and make it look super cool! i just never had the patience to do it in new leaf, setting down patterns seemed super tedious

  8. It's gonna be really interesting to see what trends emerge once the game is actually out. Personally I always prefer a more natural and wild looking town. But I also feel those are super hard to get to look just right. It's just so hard to intentionally make stuff look unintentional!

  9. Apparently in a French article it says that before the museum is built you can donate to Tom Nook, here's a link to where I found it: https://www.belltreeforums.com/showthread.php?476920-French-article-provides-new-info-on-donating-fish-bugs

  10. I have a couple ideas, like making a island on top of a montain where each level of terrain has its own flora. So many possibilities, and so many dick islands…

  11. I want to make organized town with classic pastel aesthetic, but there aslo will be deep forest and haunted house inside there👻

  12. Damn.. Too soon to think about the next animal crossing. I'd hope hands would look like hands, and you as one player should be allowed to own more than one home.. You should be able to see the environment from many angles, like to view the back of buildings and stuff & if they keep this island stuff going you should be able to design/decorate multiple islands.. They should also really consider bringing back rude villagers because right now I still dont think they made those snooty and cranky villagers mean enough…😌💭 (Kyogoku San hire me. I got ideas.)

  13. I really like the natural towns, but j have no idea if that's what I want as my town. Fortunately I can always change it, unfortunately I don't know if I'll have enough time

  14. Personally, I am definitely already making plans to have my island be organized, but also have places where its more natural and not so controlled! I love the idea of having different areas of the island carry a different theme/feeling, instead of having the whole island look the same.

  15. me im gonna let people that move in be random and i will build around them im curious how my island will look with this rout

  16. I already have ideas in mind of what I want my island to look like in the more populated areas etc..only big problem to me, we haven't seen any bushes in this game!! Like none at all! I really hope that Leif is one of the travelling merchants and he sells bushes because otherwise its going to look pretty bare on my island, even though I love the idea of sticking stuff outside, there's a limited amount I actually want to put outside.

  17. I’m so lacking in creativity. the internet is going to be full of the most amazing creations while my island is just a potato!

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