Wildlife Rescue of Injured Bird – We Find While in Nature & Learn How to Care For an Injured Bird

Here we see a Wildlife rescue of an injured bird How to Look After an Injured Bird – We Find
One on Our Walk and Decide We Cannot Leave it
to Die. So I took it
to the Raptor Trust in Millington, NJ Dee and I were out for our evening walk, when we discovered
an injured bird in the road, huddled against the curb, unable to move, and bleeding slightly.
I pick the bird up and move it to the Bushes nearby, unsure what
to do. We walked further down for about another mile
and decided if the bird was still there upon our return, we would bring it home and figure
out how to help, rather than let a cat or other animal attack it
and kill it. So a little while later, the
little bird was still there, so I picked it up and carefully carried the bird home. After sharing our travels on facebook and hearing from a few friends that
have saved animals, we were directed to the Raptor Trust in Morristown, NJ – About 45
mins away. So I turned off the lights in my office, and
let the poor thing rest the night. The very next morning, I drive the 45 mins to Millington,
NJ and brought the English Sparrow to the Sanctuary to hopefully recover. I looked up how to care for an injured
and instructions are: 1. Please use a cardboard box to transport
the bird. Prepare the box by punching holes in the sides and lining it with a soft towel
or t-shirt. DO NOT USE A WIRE BIRD CAGE! 2. Approach the bird with caution. Again,
please see the section called Capturing, Handling and Transporting for special precautions to
use with larger birds and raptors. 3. Secure the bird by throwing a large towel
or blanket over it. Gently but firmly lift the covered bird and lower it into the box.
Close the box securely! 4. Keep the
bird WARM, DARK AND QUIET! Bring it to us
or another licensed rehabilitator for help as soon as possible. Disturb as little
as possible-DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GIVE IT WATER OR FOOD unless instructed to do so by
a licensed rehabilitator. Please do not attempt
to care for the bird yourself.

100 thoughts on “Wildlife Rescue of Injured Bird – We Find While in Nature & Learn How to Care For an Injured Bird

  1. Plz answer…
    Ok so today my grandma heard a big thud on the window. And it was a bird…:( I went outside and tried to pick it up and put it in a box with food. It didn't eat anything and it looked like it couldn't fly! I am so scared it won't survive plzzzz tell me what to do!!!

  2. Hey guys was wondering if u had any tips for me, i recently found a bird in my pond and am attempting to nurse it back to health, it seems to have lost most of the feathers on its back and for some odd reason isnt able to bend its legs. Food choice recommendations would be of great help

  3. my cat has bitten a pigeon in the neck. the bird is kind of dying. it looks like he's choking but he isn't. do you know what to do? he won't eat.

  4. I know this video is old, but I came across a severely injured bird. I work at a park district and I woman came in me informing me that there was an injured bird laying next to our front door. The bird must have been suffering from internal bleeding because a little bit of blood was coming from its beak. We tried calling animal control, local police stations, even local fire stations but nobody would come out. We put it in a box with paper towel underneath, and the bleeding became severely worse. None of us could bring it to the nearest animal hospital (5 miles away) since we were on the clock and couldn't leave the park (we do security). The bird ended up passing away and I was really frustrated that nobody would come to help. I was wondering if anybody here would know how to go about helping a bird that was in that condition if I ever come across another bird in that condition (God forbid). It really hurt me to see one of God's creatures go out like that. Great video man, God bless!

  5. Yeah I found one walking today. I left him in my back garden which he is just sitting there now. It's a morning dove who is missing his/her tail feathers

  6. A racoon was going to eat a bird that just hit my window I scared the racoon away the bird cant fly so I got a huge box put the bird in it it's in the garage for the night with millet I dont know what to feed it help me I own a budgie but not really any other pet so help please I dont want this bird to die

  7. tell me a thing when I was walking around the house I found a bird and she tied up with a rope she is 4 days old I somehow managed to open the tied rope she is injured she is not drinking enough water and not eating much food

  8. I just chased my cat around my area because it had a fledgling blue tit in its mouth I saved it and now I am looking after it.yay me fml

  9. I found a bird that cant fly in my garden i want to save it but my mom wont let me ill put it in a cardboard box in the garden.

  10. Answer back quick plz! I’m with my grandma in Mexico and found a bird with a broken wing and it look like it’s terified what do I do?

  11. I saw a bird but it was standing on the ground when i walked towards it it stayed perfectly still and i was pretty close to it then eventually it tried to fly away but it flew kinda sideways,i felt so bad for it i should’ve helped it

  12. I found a bird yesterday. Today he died. I named him Sakoon which in my local language means survivor of the wild. He had a broken wing and leg.?? I greatly miss him

  13. I have a black bird that flew into the window and it's neck appears to be broken its still alive but I don't know what to do with it I'm 10 years old could someone please give me some tips

  14. My cat hurt a bird this morning and I succesfully cought him and put him in a box with blankets.It can walk but it is missing feathers on his stomach.I think it is a baby but not the super young one.My dad and mom don't want to take him to the vet because they say the vets won't accept him.I don't want him to die.

  15. Today while my dad was mowing the lawn, he found a baby dove that was bleeding from it's wing and we saw that it was injured badly so he took it in so I'm watching videos to see how to take care of the dove.

  16. I was going on my morning walk and I found an injured bird and I put him on a branch and waited but he was very weak.I took him home and I made him drink but that's all I know.?I think he is sleeping now.He is standing on the wooden spoon.I have no bird cage or anything.

  17. I need to know how to calm it down to help its wings.. it. Also apears the tail feathers have ben plucked. What do I do.?
    Can they grow back?

  18. I have just found a pigeon and it’s very lethargic and is breathing very heavily. It’s all in a ball and seems like it possibly is in pain when I try and move it. I have it wrapped up in a towel with some food and water around it but i don’t know if it will last the night.

  19. me encontre una paloma y me siento muy mal porque esta super lastimado su cuello tiene una rasgadura y su espalda tiene un hollo y su pierna esta deslocalizada
    pase ala tienda de mascotas y le compré pet Solution first -aid support

  20. Yes I am taking care of a wood pecker it has a cut throat and it has a little hole in the head I feel really bad????????????

  21. im saving a bird right now but it wont eat it wont drink im so scared i four it by the window of our house it can flap its wings but it wont fly and i think it's leg is broken ??

  22. its tail is broken, its probably in more pain than you think, its tail has been ripped of its body. i found one today, i dont think it will make it, its panting, and throwing its head around, it keeps suddenly flapping around, i think it got poisoned… 🙁

  23. I found a crow with a broken wing wrapped it for 3 weeks removed wrap and the wing still hangs any ideas ? Thanks much awesome community.

  24. My cat injured a bird, brought it into the dinning room (the bird with a huge gash under it's wing) , and it was fluttering around. Told me mum. Said "could we put it back into the wild?". She laughed and said "it's not surviving with that injury". I start freaking out cuz she is basically saying we gotta kill it. So she tries to pick it up with a plastic bag to throw in the bin, but the bird fights back and almost scratched me mum. So she put a box over it and said to wait till me father comes home. I know me dad. He's gonna save it, and bring it back into the wild ?

  25. My cat decided to drag a poor bird in so now I’m nursing it back to health and have no idea where to start

  26. I have a bird in front of me right now I got a basket and made it a bedding because my cat was about to kill it she had it in her mouth and I took it away from her but she/her has 2 little wounds on her/his stomach


  28. I’m actually watching this to save a bird that I found he actually hopped into my helmet when I was riding a bike

  29. I just found one. My cats recent prey. He looked so helpless so I had to help him. Currently in a makeshift cage and am trying to keep him alive

  30. 3 magpies attacked a baby bird in my yard and it's sitting under the yard table. We've gave it water and food and the mum bird keeps on coming back to give it worms.

  31. mmm I wish I could’ve helped a black bird from dieing his talons backwards and I found him under one of my pots idk how it there but I’m guessing it’s a sick joke from some ass hole . But he was beaten so bad that my mom said it was better to kill it and we snapped the neck I didn’t wanna do it but it was the right thing to do.

  32. I just found a bird right now and uploaded it to my YouTube ,do you know what I can do to help it please I need advice

  33. I have a dying bird in my room coz it got attacked by my cat i will give a update tommorrow if it makes it or not ?

    It died after in the night ?R.I.P

  34. I came to conclusion that people & organisations like PETA should stop imitating as if they love animals.

    Contact everyone I can , there's no bird doctor in my city . Peta doctors are on leave & their ambulance driver too in my region . The nearest hospital for bird is too far .

    The bird , I'm trying to save broke his both legs. Need urgent help on how to save him

  35. im in the same situation right now had the bird inn for a few hrs "found it just outside my door not sure what type of bird either it is small and black and i think it might have been a car or it just did fly into something , i try it the way you did for now and hope it is okay tomorowe ,, must say it did ruin the last days of my vacation and in Norway i bet i have to pay the vet bill , but it is okay if i se it fly again

  36. Poor little thing 🙁 I hope he gets better. I found 3 baby birds 10 days ago and we raised them because all the rescues for birds near us (from 20 minutes up to 2 hours away) were full (because of all the baby birds being born lately) and the mom was not seem (we had a big storm the night before) and now we are letting them go tomorrow. They can fly and eat and everything and I'm excited to see them venture off

  37. My parents just brought a bird which was injured and they are planning to eat it? sounds rude right?
    It's leg is fractured or something but if we try we can save it.. But this idea didn't seem much interesting to them and all of them are ready to serve it on their plates… They are not even letting me to help it with its leg instead they are saying it anyways it will die it's just a bird
    I don't understand why people just only care about themselves coz something which is small also has the right to live it's own life.. That line made me really sick and I can't even look at that helpless creature bcoz I can't do nothing for him ? which makes me feel helpless ?
    This people are just pathetic

  38. I failed to save a bird's life a stray cat has attacked on her and her peak and throat was bleeding i cleaned it up and gave some water he drink some water but he was like can't breathe properly and i tried everything but he slowly died in my hands ??

  39. I’m currently in back yard and there is a beautiful blue bird just laying in the grass, either injured or sick but looks very fatigued and like it doesn’t have much time left.. What should I do?

  40. My dog bit a bird that was in the yard. The wing was already injured it couldn’t fly away from her. I was able to get my dog to drop it of her mouth. I feel so bad for the bird idk what to do. It’s under my car hiding. And now I’m here trying to see how I can help the bird.


  42. Found one today helping the poor thing out it would make me so happy to eventually see him well and fly off into the distance fingers crossed

  43. i found a robin stuck in a fence me and my mom got it out but its neck is broken so new im on youtube trying to see if theres a way to save it or if it will just die :((((

  44. Thank you for your kindness, we need a lot more people like this in the world. I was glad to see the disclaimer talking about how to properly care for an injured wild bird because too many kids find wild species and try to keep them! The right thing to do is immediately take the bird to a wildlife rehabilitator, especially one that specializes in birds. I'm actually in high school studying to work at the waterfowl rescue center near my home and have actually gotten to go see some of the animals and take a couple classes there.

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