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  1. No one attack me! I live in the Caribbean.

    But I thought bears only ate fish and attack when people get in their territory, worst near their cubs. I had no idea they hunt humans!?

  2. This was great but i don't think he was taking into account the filmmaking aspect in The Grey, about making them actually look like monsters through the eyes of the men, that was the point.

  3. who else Is late but love animals so much !

    and this is best channel ever if this is blue you'll be Riçh Too

  4. everyones going „oh they‘re movies like what do you expect“; this video isn‘t even about „oh everything in movies about animals is incorrect“, this video is supposed to be educational and entertaining, so whats everyone mad about? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  5. waitaminute… isn't that supposed to be a GREAT WHITE shark in The Shallows, not tiger…? how come the producer didn't correct him..?
    i do agree on the thigh not getting bit clean off tho… but, hey… It's Blake Lively's THIGH..it could star in its own movie n I'd watch it. ?

    this guy have NEVER seen Jaws…WTF..???

  6. I think the shark in jaws is meant to be a sort of murder with human traits. Similar to jason voorhees, or michael meyers, freddy krueger or chucky or ghostface. It's basically meant to be a pseudo-slasher movie.

  7. Hmmm for a wildlife expert you would think he would know the difference between a Beagle and a Basset Hound in the first clip?

  8. Show this guy the movie Aliens, and I bet you he will go… Now I've worked with a lot of Xenomorphs before and I can tell you, there is no way Newt would be alive at this at this stage of the movie!

  9. You ever accidentally slightly elbow a cat while grabbing a taco? That cat would randomly assault me all night. Animals DO have vengeance.

  10. 22:20 this is actually false, as seen by lions, those with darker manes are actually far healthier and/or stronger than others due to the fact that a dark mane in Africa is very difficult due to its attraction of heat. It is suggested that this is why we evolved to be more threatened by darker animals.

  11. The alpha wolf in The Grey scene by the fire was an animatronic, not cgi. Also he mentions wolves as only being 100 lbs. if I’m not mistaken, male grey wolves and be upwards of 150lbs but then again, I’m no animal expert.

  12. Him: White sharks would never attack you
    Also him: except when they’re provoked or mistake you for food in dark water

    Literally the two reasons we believe white sharks attack ??

  13. There's a lot of debunked "dominance" and "alpha" talk regarding wolves here. The harm is that it perpetuates myths that people apply to their own domesticated canines and in doing so genuinely harm their relationship and their dog psychologically.

  14. I love this guy's analysis, he did a great job. However, I just wanted to say that while "The Grey's" setting is pretty ridiculous, I've always viewed that film as more of a symbolic art house piece than a "based on a true story" like the Revenant. If you haven't seen it you should check it out!

  15. Why does every single person who studies wildlife have the same grey/green button up shirts with short sleeves.. Is it a Steve Irwin thing?

  16. As awesome as animal experts are today I feel like we can only live in the shadow of Steve Irwin but I'll be damned if Galante isn't also badass

  17. I always thought that constrictors killed by causing a heart attack in their prey for the most part, and that the suffocation was secondary.

  18. i always hat it when movies villainize animals, animals will always be honest in giving you warning of their intentions. They also don't get obsessed with things like humans do ?

  19. Anybody else sad he didn't watch long enough to see that they were trying to depict a Great White in The Shallows, not a tiger shark?

  20. I appreciate EVERYTHING said about Wolves. I've been studying and highly interested in them since high school. Hollywood is Hollywood though. I don't ever expect total accuracy. But with the Wolf, they're STILL making it something evil. Realistically this still causes a predjudice towards them. Yes, our common sense tells us this isn't real. But, people still leave with the IMPRESSION regardless.

    Wolves maintain the animal ecology. It creates a balance for all. They're getting wiped out for farming. Which is why in some areas deer are just walking around in people's front yard. No natural predators (hunters aren't predators). I could go on and on. But just really was happy to hear him speak on it AND the history of Wolves. Bravo!!!!

  21. "Toilet paper roll of a shark" "just flopping it's head back and forth like Pacman just hungryhungry hipposing" this man is pure gold. One of the most entertaining and informative videos aswell. Love that he doesn't take these too seriously and understands that this is Hollywood!

  22. This guy has never seen a real life shark attack video, ever. Theres footage of sharks attacking surfers through waves. Theres footage of a women in clear blue water swimming of her boat and a shark comes in and bites her leg. It holds on to here whilst she tries to swim away, eventually some people grab her and pull, the shark holds on to her leg bites down and takes it.

    What kind of expert is this that he is arguing with real life shark behaviors recorded on video?

  23. I know he’s never seen it but he missed the point of Jaws.The whole question of Jaws is why is this Great White behaving like this?

  24. In The Grey when Liam Neeson is surrounded by 5 or 6 of the wolves because he is in their den, Is there any realistic way a person in that situation would survive? I know that if they never entered the wolves den area they had a remote possibility of survival, but at that point in the movie, could you survive that scenario?

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