Wild Rabbit Trap In The Forest And Build Stone House For It

Wild Rabbit Trap In The Forest And Build Stone House For It

100 thoughts on “Wild Rabbit Trap In The Forest And Build Stone House For It

  1. White rabbits are not camouflage at all they are easy to hunt so they cant be found in wildlife, they are just in snowy areas, this all bullshit please unsubscribe this channel and dislike this video (thank you).

  2. I think we all know it’s not a wild rabbit I think it was just his idea of a rabbit trap and a small rabbit enclosure cause let’s be honest do you really think he would wait around all day for one rabbit?

  3. every one whose sayin "it would just escape " would it really want to if it was fed food and water or would it rather struggle to find food. BUSTED

  4. isnt it strange how people these ays are back slouched and on a device (not hatin i do it to ) and he is living life to the fullest creating building

  5. Lol rabbits in the wild can jump across that fence with so much ease anytime of the day. That being said, that is obviously NOT a wild one. Nice try tho.

  6. wild rabbits are not big and not that colour and easy to escape and don't hold them by the ears cause that can make them deaf and lead to brain damage

  7. Maybe he bought the rabbit because there is no rabbits in the jungle. The trap I can believe and the house he was probably just bored. Great now does that answer your questions, Or maybe ya'll can keep fighting over a rabbit that is none of your business to even worry about. hmm?

  8. We know this isn't a wild rabbit for many obvious reasons but another thing this would not keep a rabbit in no way in hell. Rabbits chew and they burrow and they can definitely jump that high, especially if the house is so high they could use that as leverage. Nice design but not well thought through. Bigger stones or logs would work, not patch work gate that the rabbit can literally squeeze through, glad there was no serious animal cruelty in this but I imagine this is a pet or I hope so. As the guy lives somewhere with decent internet and is able to afford a great quality camera. Not to shit on his parade because I love these videos even if some are kinda ridiculous (swimming pools) but anyway this would not be here with a wild rabbit would never get close to it or it would have killed itself or chewed it's way out of that trap.

  9. I mean grate Idea but if u were actually going to keep a rabbit it would need to be a LOT more secure like the bunno could just hop through the gaps in the gate or get on top of the hut and jump out

  10. Initially I thought like everyone else. I have heaps of those rabbits and I know they would ran through that fence ASAP. However I believe it’s the concept that’s the point. Catch em and breed em. Good job

  11. Why is everyone complaining. Its not that easy you go try building homes for animals with no proper tools or help. Just remember he has to go collect the materials first, then cut them if needed, dig holes and get tools to put things together with. Pluss who said he was going to keep this bunny in the enclosure, anyway I have all respect for this guy and his hard work and kindness. ❤️?

  12. Thanks for the video! My daughter loves watching your videos and getting ideas. Such a cute bunny ? too! I can tell you love ? him.

  13. Guys, relax about it not being a wild rabbit. The purpose of the video is to show how to make/use the trap, so yes, a bunny "actor" is a lot easier/faster than hoping for a wild one to eventually show.

  14. Что бля я вахере что это за хер да лучше бы пожарил бы и съел бы чем хуйней страдать

  15. **SCAM ALERT** Yes, the rabbit was farmed, however, that's not why people are upset. Parts of the grass were actually delivered, overnight, from Kerry, Ireland, at the peak of growing season. That, in and of it's self, as it was previously paraphrased, was an absolute and complete waste of resources, considering the other options for materials. The entire video were filmed at night, and, all the lighting used is not inconsistent with what you find at American Football Stadium, European MotoGP Colosseum, or a fine Latin Soccer Areana. They only used Canadian diesel generators with choice Arabian Oil to maximize the efficiency in exploiting the opportunity optimize power to continue shining lights, during filming. This house was originally designed for the Awesome African Moneky that was relocated from the animal trap featured in the series' other video. You insted might note or could scribe, your choice, how the Asian Robbit (that's a robot rabbit) and Isrealie RobAsiamanaton seem very life like, however, it's you, who need to, like; enjoy a laugh, finish a breath of fresh air, get a life, if your wasting yours reading about some of the negative comments that are not even funny. I'll tell you what, however, I'll make a deal with you instead, and, tell you how and why for the price of when in exchange for huna. Listen up, beacuse if you learn how to maximize your own time , then, you won't be wasting mine, beacuse someone has to write this crap. You may not think twice about "taking a shit", however, when you spray **HAWT* liquid excrament from your adgitated dissintary portal and the corn kernals compete to cause more pain than the peanut chunks beacuse they sound like a hail storm that falls when mother nature fights with with father time beacuse jack frost woudn't chill out, and grout the hut up. 0min:34sec/23feb19

  16. Guys Plz Dont Comment Negative.. See The Art, Creativity, Intelligence nd Hard Work Of Him..Beautiful???? ??

  17. So many comments about the wabbit 😀 He never said it was a wild rabbit, It's a wild rabbit trap & he was demonstrating with the domesticated bunny wabbit.

  18. I see now, the concept is to demonstrate how to catch a rabbit and build a house for it 🙂 I love your videos! Thank you for sharing.

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