50 thoughts on “Wild Foxes as House Pets?

  1. Those silver foxes are not wild. They are just like dogs. They were rescued from fur farms but not socialized with. If you want a pet fox get it as a pup from a fur farm

  2. This is how they keep dogs in puppy mills. 35lb dog in a 10' by 10' box for it's whole life, just being used to breed babies which are taken away from the mother and sold. If you waste $8000 on this, you are a horrible, selfish person

  3. No one no one should be buying these animals. If you have an ounce of human kindness you will purchase an animal from a farm that is generating cruelty. They are glorified puppy mills with other as the breeding machine… anytime animals are used to make money there is going to be an exponential amount of suffering. And anyone who buys an offspring from the situation is directly responsible for that suffering.

  4. Because people now days do not want to hunt foxs now the Russians are looking for a new way to earn money from them. Please do not think they the Russians love these animals because one million per cent they don't… What's happened in Europe is they are not aloud to hunt them no more. SO PLEASE DO NOT THINK THEY LOVE THESE ANIMALS BECAUSE THEY Don't….Its all about money money money. Now they sell them to greedy yanks…

  5. Nothing wrong with keeping exotic animals, especially domestic born or rescues….
    But we need to stop being silly and know animals are animals…
    And some need a dedication of building almost a mini zoo

    We easily think certain animals are not allowed but a cat or dog is a pet……because we are used to seeing it and take for granted we know their care easily (some other countries I spent long term in, they thought it was a stupid idea because dogs and cats are farm stock lol)

  6. Well, its common thing on fur farms, that somehow borns a puppy with tame behaviour. Even saw one case where only one puppy of 5 was tame. Just like that, without any selection or something. I guess its some kind of genetic thing

  7. Well.. I got mine as a baby.. Like for 800 not 8000.. And tho they can be buggers as pets. Mine is loving being raised with a rottie. A pit.. A cat.. And a ferret. Lol

  8. Wild foxes won't hurt you just get one as a pup..they are $350 just make sure you deal with them through their crazy stage 6months to 1 year and they will be great pets

  9. This is cruel… they are wild animals… You can't TAME a wild animal… sooner or later it was snap and attack. You may as well keep a pet lion or tiger in the house…….

  10. God made the fox as a fox. Leave it in the wild where it's nature and heart is instead as some kinda 'trophy' in the city.! Thumbs down!

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