Wild baby rabbits in my yard – update.

okay everyone this is another update on
the baby bunnies are baby rabbits in my garden series it’s been i’m going to assume they were born on
sunday so it’s been four days it’s been two days since my last check
in and I just want to make sure the mom has come back a few times and checked on these guys so I’m going to be pulling I’m going to account i’m going to put
them in here make sure they’re all fat and healthy and then I’m going to take
them back and let him go right back into the den I’ve read that it doesn’t matter if you
touch them that much as long as uh you’re not handling them when the mother
can see them so that she feels threatened by being at her den so I’m
going to go with the flow and see how it goes i’m going to take a look in here
now and get a count on these little bad boys see what we got got quite a few in here actually so
let’s let’s start pulling some of these out. Sorry for the bad camera work so here’s one yeah – this one scared it’s all right three 4, 5 and looks like five guys so we’ve got five
baby bunnies let’s take a look at their bellies yeah they are they all look pretty healthy so let’s get these suckers back in there
warm den one there’s two in the den They certainly like
to cuddle there’s three in the den for and We’ll get a good looking at this guy… Eyes are still closed so they’re not quite seven or eight days old for sure and I
know this wasn’t here Sunday five in the day all right so they’re all five in the
den let’s do a good job of getting these guys recovered and there we go so five rabbits in the
den all healthy all fat they should be fed again tonight looks like mom’s taking care of business
and I guess I’ll check in again on saturday or sunday with you guys both
have their eyes open by then thanks a lot

100 thoughts on “Wild baby rabbits in my yard – update.

  1. Here is the playlist if you're interested in seeing the rabbits from 4 days old until they grew up:

  2. Your scent will stay on the rabbits and the mom will reject them therefore don't touch the babies. Probably ate them the day after??

  3. Why would you do that??? What's the purpose of scaring the shit out of some babies and possibly making their mother reject them from leaving your scent on them.

  4. Y yesterday my cat actually brought in a baby rabbits but it wasn't hurt thankfully so we just let it go but me and my dad wanted to keep it


  6. How did you grow the thyme so nicely? Can I get your idea of maintenance and fertilizers , please? You're such an angel that you allowed them a shelter.

  7. This happed to me but at my aunts there was 4 baby bunnies 3 died cause of my cousins my older cousin ROBBED a baby rabbit and left me with the one that was almost dead me and my little cousins tryed to keep it warm and the one that ROBBED the baby bunny killed it ???? and the other two were digging a hole and the covered the hole may they rest in peace ???

  8. Funny story today I was mowing in my backyard.I hear a squealing noise and I thought it was a bird I look down and see that I almost killed 6 baby bunnies but they were to deep for the mowing blade to reach them and at first i thought they were rats

  9. There was once a rabbits nest that our dogs disturbed. How the mama got into our fenced-in yard was a mystery, but it was sad that we didn’t realize it until our dogs tore it up which kills the bunnies. Since then, any time we’ve found a rabbit nest, we’ve kept it safe from the dogs but accessible to the mom.

  10. I just found babby bunny’s what do I do thier mom died bc my dog went at her but i don’t know what happend they seem healthy but I’m nervous

  11. Ok I’m sorry if u feel like I’m hating or something but your herting there habitat I know that you are just trying to help them but they are so scared so just lea e them with there mom alone plz

  12. Guys I advise you to be careful if this falls into your hand 5 days ago I found baby wild rabbits and they looked as if they were newborns 2 were dead and I luckily brought them back while one sadly died and the other was still alive. I got them home and made a borrow out of cloths and put them in it to rest after feeding them 3 times a day with kitten replacer milk . Sadly after I left my house I failed to keep them in a secure place and my dog got to them and it we all know how it ended I was extremely upset so if you get this chance plz keep away from all over animals

  13. I love bunnies. Just don’t let the hawks near them! A rabbit’s nest in my back yard was raided by them last night. It was not pretty. R.I.P. bunnies! ?

  14. Hey, you know the myth with birds, how if you touch the egg it won't have the mothers scent on it and the mother will abandoned it, the same goes for rabbits except it was proven to be true. You may have killed them simply by touching them.

  15. Please explain to me how this is ok. You are NOT supposed to disturb rabbits in your yard. By you picking them up the mother is frightened. She is probably nearby. This is absolutely NOT ok period. Do NOT just do this for a video. Also, if you really felt the urge to check on then you could’ve just looked at them not picked them up.

  16. My dog found a mom bunny's nest and keeps taking the babies that weren't born not that long ago and one he killed the other three he held in his mouth but my brother put him by a big Bush we had and one escaped the Bush the other is still there with me right now he's sitting on my lap

  17. Your not supposed to touch wild animals because if you do, you leave a scent on them and the momma won't take them anymore and she'll leave them.

  18. Seriously, messing with a natural habitat for Youtube video hits isn't really that cool, you should have left them the fuck alone man

  19. So before i watch your numismatic videos, i am watching your videos long time ago! I watched this about 4 years ago! This is Julian Collects

  20. I love animals more than enyone and I am lokking for a new pet comment if you have some you are giving away for addoption

  21. ?OH MY GAWD!!!! ? ok, so… lay a few twigs and sticks on top of their den area, bc when mom comes to check on them, she’ll re-build the den and pack them back in there, all tight Like that, and they literally won’t move until she comes back again. so if you have sticks all over the place or not in the same pattern as you left them in, you’ll know mama came to feed them and you won’t have to mess with them. If she doesn’t come after 1.5-2 days, you may have to feed them with baby bird bottles.?
    Woah.. ok, I just came out of my hippie tunnel.. lol good luck! They’re lucky to have someone as nice as you looking over them. ?% ?

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