Why Your Aquarium Looks Cloudy | How To Fix Cloudy Aquarium Water

hey y’all welcome back mandy with my
hectic life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today
we’re gonna be discussing some of the reasons why your water in your aquarium
might be a little bit on the cloudy side so the first reason is the most common
reason which is that you have a brand new tank you just set it up and you
didn’t rinse the gravel in the ornaments before putting them in the tank this can
cause a very cloudy looking appearance to the water in your tank but after a
few water changes and running the filter for a while this should clear up and
settle now sometimes even though you did rinse the gravel you may not have rinsed
it thoroughly enough and there could still be residue and dust on the gravel
then when you go to fill up the tank it still ends up looking like a cloudy
murky mess in there once again though few water changes you should be squared
away so you got your newly set up aquarium all squared away and a few
weeks later or a few days later sometimes even a month or so later all
of a sudden your tank has this weird milky look to it this can be sometimes
caused by a bacterial bloom now the bacteria bloom is completely harmless
and it usually clears up after a day or two sometimes during the cycling process
though this can take a little bit longer to clear up but again it’s just the
bacteria and once the bacteria sort of settle and establish and colonize in
your tank this milky appearance should disappear with time now there can be
other issues that could cause that milky cloudy appearance in your tank if you’re
not doing proper gravel vacuuming you could have excess food or debris that
was left in the tank or even decaying plant matter that can also cause that
kind of dirty appearance to your tank water but this again after a few water
changes usually the problem gets resolved now another problem that can
cause cloudiness in the water is overpopulation of fish or over feeding
your fish this can cloud up your aquarium pretty quickly we all do have a
terrible tendency of over feeding our fish and so we just kind of have to be
mindful of how much are your fish gonna actually eat if you’re developing
cloudiness and your water after feeding obviously it’s time to cut back a little
bit on that food this is an easy one to solve because then you just obviously
cut back on how much you’re feeding your fish we’re all guilty at some point in
over feeding our fish it’s fun to watch our fish eat so we like to throw a lot
of food in there because many of the fish that we keep are so small we don’t
realize like how much just a few pellets per fish really is I don’t know how many
times I’ve seen somebody just throw a handful of fish food into a tank that
only has like three or four like two-inch long fish in there they’re not
gonna eat that much food so naturally it’s gonna clog up the aquarium so again
super easy fix just cut back on how much you’re feeding your fish now if it’s a
matter of overcrowding and you have just too many fish in one tank then you might
want to consider rehoming some of those fish maybe getting an additional tank
maybe even upping your filtration and doing extra water changes so I hope this
kind of helps clear up your water situation for you and get you having
crystal-clear water in your aquarium so you can actually look in and enjoy those
fish that you worked so hard for so I hope this kind of helps give you some
ideas and clues as to why your water might be having kind of a milky murky
appearance to it there are other factors such as having extremely hard water that
can sometimes cloud up the tank having really really high phosphorous can cloud
up the tank sometimes but these are the main overall reasons that I have seen as
far as why people’s aquariums tend to get cloudy more often than not so that’s
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13 thoughts on “Why Your Aquarium Looks Cloudy | How To Fix Cloudy Aquarium Water

  1. Hi this was good have you done a vid on algae problems if you havent please do one thanks ! Have a great day everyone

  2. I find certain foods like prawns can cause a mess. I usually recommend taking out uneaten food

  3. So i have the milky cloudiness in my water with 1 turtle in a 175 gallon tank also i have no substrate. Do you think this is bacteria as well?

  4. Setup a new aquarium yesterday and this morning the tank was kinda hazy, checked a lot of channels here in youtube, all of them recommending to add certain chems which im not ok with. then i came across your video but not sure whether to watch coz i only visit verified channels. But thank God i watched your video, now i got some clear insight on the issue. Subscribed.

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