Why You Should NOT Toilet Train Your Cat

It was funny. I was actually on YouTube,
and in the UK blogs, now, I can’t tell you if this
is the truth all through all of YouTube land, but in
the ones I was watching, instead of calling it a rant,
they would call it a waffle. Now, we’re going to have
a bloody good waffle. So get ready, get set. Strap yourselves in. We’re going to have a waffling
good time and catify the world! Come on, you. First of all, look at this here. Not bad, huh? Look at that right there. Kind of prototypical,
but it’s coming. Keep your eyes, your
ears peeled for this one. Anyhow, today I want to
talk about this concept of the raw cat. And how does that become a rant? Very easily. I don’t want to see
a cat in a sweater. I do not want to see
a cat doing something that if a cat could
speak English, they’d be like, hell no. What is the raw cat? It’s the concept that
they use all the time when trying to
explain to you guys what it is to be pretty much
a wild animal in a home. Like I’ve always said, they
wake up in the morning, they go hunt, catch, kill, eat. Groom, sleep. Rinse, repeat. Let’s do it again. And of course in the meantime,
there’s snuggles, there’s love, there’s a little
bit of quiet time. But there’s always that raw cat. There’s always that cat who
goes, I need to get up high and survey my territory. I have to get in the
bush and hunt my prey. It really galls me that we still
sell cat clothes in pet stores. That we still think it’s
OK to sell little tutus. And I just think
that if we’re going to encourage them to be their
best cat self within our four walls, we have to thank
them for doing stuff for us in the first place. Case in point, this
litterbox, the ones that are self cleaning so you
never have to look at litter. We clearly have a hangup
about what cats do. I don’t think that you should
scrub out your litterboxes and bleach them, and make
them smell crystal sanitized clean to the human nose. You’ve heard me talk about what
I think about toilet training cats. It’s just– the
cat would be going, you want me to go on the toilet? Do you know the
massive favor that I’m doing for you by going into
a box in the first place? I mean out there I could
go in like every 10 feet, marking everything in sight, and
pooping and peeing everywhere. And I’ve been doing it in a box. I love clicker
training for cats. You know I love positive
reinforcement, offering, conditioning, you know
I love all that stuff. And it keeps cats’
mind and body occupied. But then we take it a
step farther, you know? Once we get to the point where
cats are performing tricks for humans, where we charge
admission for cats to, I don’t know, juggle. I don’t know. It’s just so demeaning
to the animal. And if you see something
going on where you go, ugh, follow that
thought for a second. Animals deserve the same amount
of dignity that humans do. I mean, at the end of the day,
there are 90+ million cats in homes in the United
States for a reason. We love them. And we don’t love them
because they act like dogs, and we don’t love them because
they act like children. I hope that we have
them in our homes because they act like
cats, and we respect that. My hope is this,
folks, is that when a cat walks in a room
all regal and lovely, you just take that
second, and you go, man, that is one gorgeous animal. I don’t need to put
a hat on that animal. I don’t need to hide
this animal’s litterbox underneath a floorboard
in the garage. I don’t need to declaw this cat. I don’t need to make
this cat who he’s not. He’s gorgeous just
the way he is. And I’m telling you, in
terms of the work that I do helping people understand
their cats to help correct behavior problems,
this is ground zero. You are who you are,
and likewise, your cat is who your cat is. Now, if you know
me, you know I’m all about the challenge line. I’m all about making your cat
the best version of themselves that you can make them. But that doesn’t mean
making them more human. And that is the period
on that sentence. I know we’ve got plenty
more to say about this, and we can talk about it more
in our upcoming Google Hangouts. You can also leave me comments
in the comments section below here, and let’s just–
let’s be nice about it, but let’s remember–
what would the cat do? I’m off to go and enroll
my cat into law school, because that cat had
better start paying the bills around here, man. You know how much
that cat costs? Until next time. All light, all love,
and all mojo to you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Why You Should NOT Toilet Train Your Cat

  1. Thank you Jackson, It boggles me that, someone humiliates their cat, dressing it up all stupid, then wonder why it craps in their shoe. I had my girl for 18 years and never denied her the affection and love she sought, even in the middle of the night, because I knew these days without her would come. I never wanted to feel that I left love on the table. I don't feel that. But being without her still breaks me sometimes. . .if I let myself think on it too long.

  2. My cat is allergic to clay litter, if he can't or won't use corn, wheat, grass litter imma train him to use the toilet.

  3. I agree 100% Jackson. Our furry friends are companions and not here to be entertainers for out pleasure

  4. After reading your opinions of declawing cats I wonder how you feel about declawing being mutilation compared to spaying and neutering. Many people neuter because male cats will spray the house marking their territory and making the house smell unbearable. They also to do this to their dogs. It is an inconvenience to humans to be around that smell and some people are even allergic to it. My point being it is a greater mutilation to remove one's reproductive parts then it is to declawed cat because you don't want to have to pay thousands of dollars repairing broken furniture. Take removing the dew claws off a dog for example. Yes it is a discomfort but they get over it. I know this isn't an extremely socially acceptable opinion but if it's an indoor cat and you care for it well it doesn't need its claws. I have never witnessed a cat struggle or be unhappy without its claws. We as people have done far worse things to animals. I do still laugh a bit thinking of all of you who are against declawing a cat when all the people I've met with the same opinion have neutered or spayed their cat because, for the same reason, INCONVENIENCE.

  5. Our cat uses the toilet, not because we want him to be human, but because it's cleaner and less smelly. It's the best thing ever. Don't however mention that to the manager of a pet store. They DO NOT want other customers doing the same. Or they lose litter sales.

  6. My cat loves the toilet every morning I walk in there and find him sitting on the toilet with his cup of coffee and his morning paper and the radio on the news and he told me to tell you to shut the hell up Jackson you nor no one will take my toilet away

  7. Okay so it's okay to teach dogs tricks but not cats…. Okay Jackson and I swear I just watched a video of you teaching a cat how to do tricks… ??

  8. My cat never pooped in the litter box always on the floor. So I covered the floor in wrapping paper and she uses the litter box, I tried removing the paper but she just pooped on the floor again. Super confused I also hate paper floors.

  9. I dress my cat up for a photo and then take it right off, he gets praise and treats from it. I take my cat for walks all Spring, Summer and Fall so he can be an Outdoor cat without actually being loose. There's always a give and take. I get a cute picture for a Christmas card, as he is the only thing on our Christmas card, and he gets to be himself 99% of the time. It's not that we're disrespecting him, he gets the window open whenever he wants it open and so many other things. He was a barn cat at one point, he was living the life of starving for his next meal. If he didn't come to us when he did he would have been dead. He came to us after being injured. He can take being dressed up for a few minutes, he even has his own Facebook Page. I love his natural state but seeing my baby in a cowboy hat is just adorable. He doesn't even wear a collar around the house. Training a cat to do tricks though is just like training them to stay back or not to jump on the counter. If they want to do it and get rewarded, just like a dog or a rat even, they're fine with doing it. If it's demeaning for a cat to do it then why is it okay for a dog or a rat to do it? Training a cat to do basic commands is hard enough. I trained my cat to jump up and stay, which both took years. I also taught him how to go to the bathroom in a litter box, which before that we had to take him outside to go to the bathroom. Basically, it's not as demeaning to them as you might think. If they do it then they're not upset that they have to do. Don't forget that they don't think like we do.

  10. Out of curiosity do you get kickbacks from kitty litter companies? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to encourage a behavior which to some people would consider a godsend. wouldn’t want your endorsers to drop you

  11. 3:34 ….. the colourful ball the three cats are playing with.. THEY’RE JUST LIKE MY CATS!But the lose it in less than 1 day

  12. Hi, Jackson. I'm British. We use the word waffle to describe when someone is either writing or saying a lot of words to not say much.

  13. I saw the episode of "My Cat from Hell" where the owner was toilet training her cat and I was like…"Nononono…" Not good. If you have a cat, expect a litter box to come with it.

  14. I learned a lot of the things from cat mojo thank u for these awesome cat tips I have a cat
    with anxiety how can I help her be calm and happy

  15. Don't fucking de-claw your cat, jesus christ. That's horrendously cruel, it's like surgically removing a human's fingernails against their will. Just trim the tips regularly so they're not so sharp, it's not that fucking hard. It's literally easier than trimming your own nails because there's less you have to chop.

  16. Wow, the reasson is "your taking your cats dignity away" some cats learn things by theirselves like my elder cat Farofas and my 2 Yr cat Lion that learned to open doors and windows, heck Lion pees on a drain because he WANTS to, he is happy to use the drain so, is it really all about dignity? Cats can learn to do stuff on their own they dont care about dignity, they do what they want, training a cat is teaching it to do something, but a cat only does that if it WANTS to.

  17. I would only put a sweater/puffer jacket on my cat in extreme cold and I’m heading up north. But as soon as we’re in more warmer area I’ll take it off.

  18. my cat has been using the toilet for almost 5 years now, its better for the environment, its cleaner, it took me 1 week and the cat has no problem at all – I love it.

  19. Fun fact! Hello, I'm a total cat person. I've been looking up videos to help me better train my cats. I saw this video and got curious 'cause I was looking into toilet training my cats. So, a little background! I have quite a few cats and have had cats my entire life! Cats hate the smell of their business, that's why they bury it. I have two litter boxes that get full quite quickly especially during Maine winters. My cats often go to the bathroom outside, in the woods and around the same area as my two dogs.
    But going on to more interesting facts. Quite a lot of wild cats actually go to the bathroom in or around running water. This helps hide or totally get rid of their scent, which helps quite a bit! A good example of this is Bob Cat. Bob Cats, if domesticated, will use toilets. They don't have to be trained at all, the naturally use the toilet. So, training small house cats to use toilets isn't really that big of an issue or stretch.
    Also, another fun fact, cats often go to the bathroom with their trusted human because they feel safe. They are, again, with their trusted human behind a closed door, and to them that is perfect!

  20. I'm still unclear about why not to train them to use the toilet. You have an opinion with little explanation. Then talked about a few related topics. I'm planning to train my cat to use the toilet, and was looking for a major reason not to, if there was one. So basically, you don't like it. Was there a bigger reason than that?


    #Confused.com ?‍♀️

  22. My cat named Waffles used to do a rather effective job of peeing directly into the bathroom sink drain. I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the bathroom and saw Waffles looking at me like I had burst in on him using the bathroom….which I guess I had….when we moved into the house from the apartment he stopped because our new bathroom sinks don’t have attached countertops, I assume.

  23. I wholeheartedly agree with you Jackson. I love my babies just the way they are. I was watching them the other day, and said to myself " How happy I was that these two beautiful living breathing creatures accept me and love me.". I thank them everyday for there companionship. My life would not be the same without my fur babies.

  24. I've recently adopted a kitten (10 weeks old). My family is usually there at home, so he's never alone usually (except for when we're out for dinner, walks, movies, etc.). He loves me and my family very much. He eats well, plays well, litters in the correct place, but is sometimes kinda needy (he sometimes scratches the door or starts mewing when he's left alone in the room when we're out or sleeping). Is this normal behavior? Do I need to adopt another kitten for him as a companion? Or will he be able to live a happy life as the only cat? If two cats become a little too much to handle for us, them my Mom would return them both 🙁 . Any advice would be much appreciated. thanks!

  25. There's nothing wrong with toilet training your cat/s or wanting to. Does this guy think that they will no longer be cats anymore if they learn how to or that we will treat them any less like our feline companions? Seriously wtf. Just because you have a cat, doesn't mean you should have to be forced into dealing with litter for the remainder of its life. Plus it will save a ton of money in the long run.
    I don't exactly agree with clothing cats either, except if it's one of those hairless kind, throw a sweater on them during the winter.

  26. I just love Jackson, I respect his views, but,I have 20 litter -boxes to clean .I wish I could train my cats to use the toilet, Jackson or no Jackson. …….

  27. My cat is 14 years old and he used to always go in the litter box. But something has changed and I can’t pin point it. He will not go in the box anymore, he always goes in the bathroom tho! Which is helpful because it’s not all over the house. He poops in the tub and he pee’s on the floor right in front of the tub…. any ideas what I can do??
    I’ve been thinking of trying to toilet train him since he’s going in the bathroom as it is.

  28. cats are not actually wild, all animals in 'human care' have been conditioned and selectively bred over centuries. look at the comments. cat's are fairly tidy creatures, if they figure out there is a place where the mess disappears, thats an advantage for them.

  29. Translate that to human: every Indians should wear rug and never wear suit bc that’s their “history” and “nature”. Simply speaking, you are a racist

  30. My rule is not to do anything the animal doesn’t want to do like how come animals don’t like to be picked up or pet in certain places

  31. "we should show them the same respect as humans", right after cats performing tricks for money. Are you forgetting the cirque du soleil with all the performers? People pay to see them. Are we treating those people with no respect? No, we're admiring them and their skill!

  32. Yea, im still gotta potty train my cat. Its NOT undignified. Its way cheaper, and quite frankly, it helps with the smell. And if you live in a strict apartment complex like i do, and management can smell the litter box, you can get evicted. And since i work all day, im not home 24/7 to clean out the poop 5 times a day. Now, i agree about not dressing cats up, cuz 99 out of 100 cats dont like that.

  33. Jackson Galaxy You understood and explained about cat’s nature just perfectly fine. But … why don’t you think the same standards about yourself?
    What for did you need tattoos all over your body? Why you didn’t let yourself have a clean human body as you were born and meant to be??!!!

  34. for all the hype i am beginning to think this guy is talking out his hind end. so much of what he says is contrary to the 65+ yrs of experience that i have had with cats & he contradicts himself at times too.

    as to the title of this vid which he really didn't spend much time on, we had two cats (brothers) who taught themselves to use our toilette – talk about a shock when we saw that! but there really is a good reason not to let them use the toilette & to ALWAYS keep the lid down on a toilette when there is a cat in the house. one of the above brothers broke his leg in 3 places when the lid fell on him & fortunately we were home to hear it happen cuz my brother wasn't so fortunate & his cat drowned in the toilette (we're not sure but we suspect the lid knocked him unconscious when it fell). if u HAVE to let ur cat use it either remove the lid or somehow tie it up so it cannot fall on them ever. those toilettes can be a death trap for our babies!

    love ur kitties for who they are & they will love you in return with fierce devotion.

  35. My co-worker rescues cats. She has nine and works full time. Right now, she's away, and I'm taking care of them. She has 4 litterboxes and it's… it's tough to clean all of them. One is self cleaning. But like I said, she found all these cats on the streets (not all at once) and like… what was she supposed to do? They needed help. She spends pretty much all her paychecks taking care of them.

  36. So, what’s wrong with toilet training ? I don’t understand why a litter box is more “ natural” for a cat ?

  37. Did you know theres a professional cat trainer down in florida in the city he throws shows on a stage he also trains cats to save people from fires but its usually just for the show and yes he did train them to juggle.

  38. Water authorities say that we shouldn't put animal poo into the toilet because of the risk of parasites such as toxoplasmosis getting into the rivers, harming water creatures.

  39. Well my cat actually enjoys clothes….she whines at the drawer with the clothes until I put them on her. She likes the compliments and attention she receives from it. If she didn’t like it, I wouldn’t do it. All animals are different.

  40. If you get a cat when it is new born it has to be taught to go in a box .. tell me how to teach my kitten to stop pissing I'm the bathroom sink… Considering toilet training her because of her interest in it. Cats are not just animals. They are family. And you always try to do good things for the ones you love.

  41. My lovely cat has ALWAYS used the litter box and I'm so grateful for that 🙂 When he poos I can smell it in my room coming from the bathroom, and I dont mind it at all – I LOVE him to bits just the way he is <3

  42. My Denali who is a tabby is now afraid of the copter wand toy that I play with Denali and he runs and hides.

  43. Declawing is cruel. Just clip the ends of the claws every few weeks. It's not painful, cruel, and it doesn't give them discomfort. It just makes the claws less sharp. I don't mind them scratching blankets that I lay over furniture. It doesn't hurt the actual chair, just the blanket. And it gives a nice "this is a cat home" vibe.

  44. You are a very kind person who loves animals. I really appreciate that, we need more people like you in the world!!

  45. I'm Catlady Redd here in Muncie Indiana and I agree with you one hundred percent! Just let them be CATS!! Don't degrade and embarrass them!

  46. I love this video!

    Felines are naturally amazing creatures, and deserve to be themselves as much as possible. As long as it doesn’t interfere with their health and safety.

    Also, I agree with you about litter boxes. Their scent helps them to stay connected with the things that belong to them. So, overly sanitizing their boxes doesn’t help with their familiarity to the box.

    Finally, I don’t believe cats should have to climb a toilet every time they go to the restroom (especially as they age). And there is the risk of them falling into the toilet as well. Also, by making them use a toilet instead of a box, you are basically stripping away their instincts to cover up their scent.

  47. Would cats not potty in hole or in water? I don’t think we should have cats be unnatural, but if a toilet could be natural, then it would be fine. Cat clothes; not fine.

  48. My cat learned how to use my toilet all by himself, just by watching me do my thing on it. He's healthy mentally and physically, as he's free to go outside whenever he pleases. He returns to eat, cuddle, sleep and use the toilet every day. The only thing that I don't do is to dress him up like a human, with the exception of a Santa hat for that yearly Christmas, family photo.

  49. Hi Jackson ? my name is Kathryn I 1yary old ? do you think all cats should be neutered or spade my ? is a boy

  50. I like cats as they are. But my husband gets mad at me because my cats play fetch. We also have play games on tablets. they come when called. But i like cats to furry fun.

  51. Been toilet training our cat. Doing that has helped us understand how often he poops or pees and what times a day 🙂

  52. This guy is annoying af speaking out of his ass. He wishes he was as smart as a cat. But got dumb down by smelling cat litter, those brain parasites are getting to you man lol

  53. My cat is bathtub trained. In other words, he goes to the potty in the bathtub. I didn't intend it, but let me tell you… Now that he's in the habit of doing that, I am so glad he does.
    It's actually the easiest cleanup in the world. I pick up the solid with a bit of tp and flush it down the toilet. The liquid washes down the drain with the shower on for a minute. Then I wipe down the tub with a Lysol wipe daily like I would do anyway.
    I know it's weird, but it's his habit so who am I to complain? For not going in the litter pan, he picked the BEST spot in the whole apt to do his business. Thank you kitty.

  54. I personally wouldn’t put clothes on my pets unless they wanted to and SHOWED me they want to try it, for example: I used to have this one kitten and she would always try to put my little siblings small shoes on and she would walk around and she would always try to put a scarf over her body and she would steal my sweaters and try to put them on, and she REALLY tried.

    So one day I found these cute little fluffy striped socks that were meant for human babies, I decided “why not?” Because my kitten would always try to steal everyone’s clothes, so why not give her some of her own? I bought two pairs.

    I showed her the socks first and as usual she stole them and ran, when I got her I put them on her four paws.

    She just looks at me, then the socks, then at me, and then the socks, with this cute expression that said “I GET TO KEEP THESE??? THEY’RE MINE???”

    I swear I could see her smiling. She then proceeded to strut, yes- STRUT around the house showing everyone her paws, and she wouldn’t let me take them off to wash them either, but I still cleaned them every Saturday anyway.

    Like I said, unless the animal SHOWS me they want to try wearing clothes then I’ll get them their own, if they don’t want it then they don’t need it.

  55. I considered teaching my kitten to use the toilet but after watching several vids of owners failing, I decided to just use wood pellet litter, and so far I’m super happy with it. I literally only have to scoop poop once, max twice a day and the rest I just shake the litterbox. I only switch/clean the tray once a week now. also the vacuuming for clay litter was such a pain, and despite what the litter advertises, it still smelt unnatural. if anyone is considering wood litter, do it. no training involved and yet it makes a huge difference. Plus I do sleep better knowing its better for the environment too.

  56. Does anyone know how to train a cat to smoke? She'll put the cigarette in her mouth – but, geeks out when i try to light it…

  57. My cat uses his Litter Robot in the garage which has a cat door to the house. One thing about the Litter Robot is it smells MORE than a conventional box with a hood on it. So glad it is in the garage and my cat doesn't seem to mind.

  58. I has heard some siberian forrestcats has learned them self to using the toilet even the owners didn't wanted learn them it.

  59. I've known cats (darn never one of mine) who use the toilet themselves, by choice, no training. Also I'd rather put a shirt on the cat after spaying that one of those horrible cones. It also kept the other cats from grooming her incision. I used a xs dog t-shirt, sleeves cut out and reversed so the longer back covered her tummy. Worked pretty darn well and she didn't mind at all.

  60. Back when I was 17 (I'm 46 now, so.. long time ago), my cat, butterscotch, had shocked us all, when, he essentially just imitated me on the toilet, and squatted in, and dropped a couple kids off at the pool. He would always follow me in, rub on my legs while I was using the facilities, and make sure I was ok, because that's what he decided he was to me; a protector. Of course, he also showed us all why we didn't want him using the toilet, because he unraveled an entire roll of TP onto the floor.

    Jackson Galaxy is right on the money here. A cat should be a cat. The cats I have now, Ridley and Boots are companions for me, and me for them. They are not for my amusement, despite the fact that when we play, they offer me endless amusement. They are not cutesy little accessories that I can treat as a Barbie Doll and dress up, and I won't even put a collar of them. They wake me up every morning, I get dressed, play with the cats for about 30 minutes, feed and water them before I have to leave, and they take it from that point. If they decide they want to use the toilet, I won't stop them, but I will not attempt to train them. Training cats to do things of that nature can be like nailing a cube of Jell-O to the wall.

  61. I have never trained a cat to use a toilet; however, I d have cats that have started using the toilet all on their own.

  62. Gonna be honest I'm not following the argument here. I mean, I get the whole concept of letting a cat be a cat, but what has that got to do with a toilet? Using a toilet isn't natural to anyone. Its been proven by science that toilets aren't even designed to allow a human to shit normally. The cat will probably have an easier time using it than we do. So why are we arguing against its usage? I don't think it should be forced to use it, but I'm not seeing what harm it does either.

  63. Can't understand the critics here. I m totally with Jackson. Cats are often laughed at their "wierd" behaviours or titled as evil because they don't act humanly, well they aren't humans. They don't make you poo in litter boxes so we shouldn't make them uses toilets.

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