Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat!?

each year about 3.4 million cats are
taken in by shelters and of those 3.4 million almost eight hundred and forty
thousand are euthanized now sadly because of superstitious beliefs and the
stigma attached the majority of cats euthanized our black cats
there are many black cats out there that are majestic beautiful creatures just
ready and waiting to be adopted there are actually some cultures that believe
that black cats bring good luck to a home so let’s put an end to
superstitious beliefs about black cats and give them a chance you never know it
might be the sweetest cat you’ll ever own i’m annie from my hectic life pets
and thank you for watching

11 thoughts on “Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat!?

  1. My black cat, named Nox and nicknamed by my daughter as Derp, probably has the best personality of any cat we have ever had. Great video

  2. This was a shock to me until my co worker told me about it. She always rescues black cats. I rescued a black dog ?

  3. Wow…it super sucks to be a black cat. Terrible to hear fur color causing such bad results. Black cats matter!

  4. Full view and like #19 from me!

    A nice touch, using the slightly ashen look for a video of this kind. Very clever indeed!

    I wasn't sure which of your videos here to watch today, but here is a strange coincidence: Just today at work I overheard two people talking, one of whom made the exact remark that black cats taken to shelters are often euthanized on account of superstitious beliefs. It's silly though — it's almost like a racism thing, making silly assumptions about a cat on account of its color.

    Strangely too, many, many years ago at work there was a sign posted that a co-worker was looking for homes for a litter of kittens. Only two were left, one grey and one tan. I'd always had a thing for grey cats, so I told her to bring in the grey one. The next morning, she showed up with the tan one, explaining that her husband given away the grey one before she'd gotten home. I was really disappointed but took the tan one anyway. That cat, later named Colby Jack, turned out to be the sweetest, gentlest, and most friendly cat I've ever had. He could give you a massage simply by laying on your back, so loud was his purr! He even had his own "human" pillow in my bed, and insisted on that pillow being right next to my own! I had that cat for 16 years — 16 years of great memories I would have missed out on had I not taken him because of his color!

    Thank you for sharing, My Hectic Life Pets. I hope your Tuesday is fantastic!

  5. I'm soo happy I have a black cat and I love him like my cat make me laugh and he goes along with my another cat like he so clumsy especially because he play my my other cat which is a boy too

  6. People just have poor taste I guess. Black cats rock! How could one not like them. I also have realised that black cats tend to be the most friendly. They have a really good reputation in my books.

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