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Hello and welcome back ladies. If you are new to my channel, welcome and
thanks for joining us. If you’re one of my wonderful subscribers,
thank you so much. I love you. I thought I would sit down and answer some
of the most common questions that I’ve been asked since we started our adoption journey. Some people have messaged me these questions,
some people just said them to me. And since I have gotten these multiple times,
I thought I would put out a few cute, little short snippet videos so that you ladies can
know the answers to these common questions that you might have been afraid to ask, but
that I can tell you. It’s a weird intro to a video. Anyway, if you have further questions that
you want me to answer, leave them down below. I promise I will take no offense; no offense
at all. And then if you stick around to the end of
it, I’ll show you a really cute baby item I have because cute baby things are adorable. Let’s get started. So, the first question that I got a bunch
was, “Why don’t you guys foster?” So, I looked into fostering rather extensively. I know my education is still pretty weak in
this area, but there’s a few things about fostering that I don’t think a lot of people
know. First off; you really don’t get a lot of infant’s
that are put up for adoption through the foster system. The idea of foster to adopt is you open up
your home to a foster child and then you have them, usually with the goal of reunification. And then maybe those parents decide they don’t
want to parent or that they can’t parent and then that child is placed for adoption. But the family of the birth parents gets rights
to the child before that. I think it is somewhere around only 20% of
infants that get placed in foster homes ever get placed with that person as their adoptive
parent. 25% get reunified with their bio parents,
another 50% get adopted out to someone in the direct family and then the rest of the
time, the foster parents have a chance to adopt them. I was just not in a place right now where
I could take a baby in, care for it for a few months and then have it be placed in a
different home. I just was not willing to do that. I was not willing to welcome in five, six
babies into my house and then have them each be placed back with their parents or with
their bio family. That was just not something that I thought
I was capable of handling. Then if you progress kind of down the age
spectrum, there honestly just isn’t a lot of kids between the age of infant and two
in the foster system. Again, they get snapped up really fast either
by their foster families or their bio families and then children above that age usually have
some sort of trauma at that point. Being in the foster system automatically counts
as a trauma and has psychological repercussions and a lot of those kids are also in sibling
sets. So, not only are you taking on an older child
that might have special needs and will definitely have some sort of trauma, you are also having
to decide whether or not you’re okay with a child that comes as a sibling set. These are just really intimidating things
for me and the husband and we decided at this point in our journey, we are just not ready
to take that on. We really just want some experience parenting
before we take on something as challenging as that. It’s not out of the question. I actually have a weird soft spot in my heart
for like fostering teenagers, which some people think is really intimidating, but I kind of
would like to do that later in life. That’s way down the road, but I just wanted
to answer that question of why we aren’t just fostering. Because it’s not just fostering, you really
have to open up your heart and be ready to then let those kiddos back out of your home
and it is just not something that we are ready for it this time. Okay, I promise you something cute. So, I’m going to show you my favorite outfit
that we’ve gotten so far. I had been really good about not buying anything
and then I kind of let myself buy everything. And then because I started buying things then
other people started buying things. Which is totally fine, but it means I have
quite the accumulation of stuff. And I tried really hard not to buy clothes,
but this is one piece of clothing that I have bought that I liked. But look at it. Look how cute it is. It says, “Rainbow is my favorite color”
and I kind of liked it because it kind of has the allusion to a rainbow baby without
it just saying, “Rainbow baby” and it’s got these cute little side patches that I
thought were adorable and the little feet. I thought that was so cute. I’m sorry it’s my favorite right now. That’s my favorite outfit. If you want to support my channel, go ahead
and hit that “Like” button and of course subscribe if you’re not already subscribed. We are on our adoption and infertility journey
and IVF journey; all at the same time. So, there’s always something going on around
here. But until next time ladies, keep on fighting. [Music]

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